2015 Recap: Hits and Misses

One of my favorite things about this time of year is thinking back to all that has happened. I’m always looking back at old calendars and old pictures anyway, so it’s right up my alley to look back and think about some of my favorite and not-so-favorite moments of the year. You may have seen everyone posting their “Best Nine” on Instagram, which you can get at this website. Here’s what mine looked like:

stylethislife 2015 best nine

This collage is based on my most liked IG posts of 2015.I was a little surprised at the outfit with the striped top with royal blue accessories, but when I looked back, that was the first time my baby bump really showed in an outfit pic!

I’m going to be honest here, it disappoints me that the Hunter boots got more likes than the posts about Brynn being named, me heading out to the hospital to have her, or some photos of our kids together (like the Christmas pics, which weren’t anywhere near the top 9). My account was created about outfits, so I kind of get it, but those are some pretty major life events (no matter who you are). Winning Hunter boots is very exciting, but not top nine-worthy (at least not in the same year a baby was born, in my opinion).

I wanted to share with you my choices for favorites from the year (outfits and personal in chronological order). And…..while we’re at it, maybe some of my flops from 2015 🙂

My Favorites:

Things I loved in 2015:

  • A healthy, uneventful pregnancy (see more of my pregnancy and miscarriage history here)
  • Dressing my bump (the best accessory)
  • Welcoming Brynn Eloise into our family (most about that here and here)
  • Committing to the capsule and cleaning my closet (and starting a blog about it)
  • The return of bootcut jeans (hello slimming!)
  • Realizing that I love simple, plain outfits (and that I want to learn how to better style them).

My Not-So-Favorites:

Flops of 2015:

  • My overstuff, overwhelming, uninspiring closet (though it did push me to try a capsule, so yay!)
  • Matchy-matchy scarf and shoes (I just don’t like it)
  • Converse and a blouse (It looks so cute on others, but I just didn’t pull it off. It’s kind of a hip, cool look that I don’t have mastered.)
  • Denim vest (Again, super cute every time I see them on someone else, but I cringe at this outfit.)
  • My non-maternity dress summer wardrobe (Denim jeans and plain tank tops. Blah.)
  • Post-partum weight (I tried to get away with wearing a lot of old clothes instead of adding new items in a bigger size, which led to some ill-fitting clothes. That just looks and feels yuck.)
  • If you want to see more of my least favorite outfits I’ve ever put together, check out this post.

What’s even better is that there’s a whole fresh new year ahead of us!! Not only do I love to look back at the year, but I love thinking about new goals and challenges for myself. A New Year’s post will be coming soon 😉

Tell me, what are some of your hits and misses from 2015?

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    1. Love love love! Your top 9 are definitely the best! I’ve said it before but I love your style. You look so put together & stylish but attainable, real life clothing.

      1. Bonnie,
        Thank you so much! Your kind words mean more than you know. I hope this little blog can be a place real women can find inspiration.
        Happy New Year!

    1. This is great! I love watching your style evolve, you have a natural ability for styling!

      PS – You’re totally inspiring me to do something similar! 🙂

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