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Finding personal style

Has anyone else out there every felt like they’ve totally lost (or maybe never even found) their personal style? Not too long ago I was scrolling way back through the almost two years of my outfit posts on Instagram and I just could not believe some of the outfits I wore! Not in a 80’s or 90’s it’s so outdated way, but in a that is so not me way.

Here are some examples of outfits that totally made me cringe. I notice the pink heels show up quite a bit – I’ve already gotten rid of those as part of my big closet cleanout 🙂

And, it’s not even that I don’t like these outfits – I love the print mixing and tulle skirts and bright colors, but you know what? They just aren’t my style. I posted quite a bit here about how and why I think I lost my style (if that’s possible?). I found so much wonderful inspiration from my Instagram community and friends and I think I started copying too much instead of being true to myself. Again, these are super fun outfits and ones I would totally “like” on friends, but they just aren’t me.

So, once your style is lost, how can you find it? Or, if you were never sure what your personal style was in the first place how can you get started discovering it?

What catches your eye?

Honestly, I’d run, not walk to pinterest. Do you have a style inspiration board? If not, create one. If you do, start browsing back at what pins you’ve collected over the years. We typically pin what catches our eye. Take a look back, I would be willing to bet you see a trend there. Maybe you always pin cute jeans and simple shirts? Or maybe it’s dresses and great accessories? Or maybe every pin seems to have some version of the color pink? These would all be great starters when building a wardrobe.

Look at what you already have.

Take a look in your closet. Are there a few colors that show up repeatedly? Or a print that you seem to have every version of? Or a particular style top you have a ton of? These are probably items you’re comfortable wearing or drawn to. If you do find some trends in your closet, do you notice any items that are the complete opposite? And if so, are those items you don’t tend to feel comfortable wearing? Seeing the obvious difference is a great way to build a wardrobe based on what you love and weed out the items that just aren’t you.

Pretend you won a wardrobe makeover.

Create a fabulous, pretend wardrobe! I used polyvore recently to create an inspiration capsule of non-maternity clothes. To make it a little less daunting I chose Old Navy as my search criteria because I knew it was a price point and style I’m comfortable with. I made a pretend capsule wardrobe by “favorite”ing items there. And you know what, there was a definite style that became evident as I chose my pretend wardrobe.

Give it a try!  You could do the same thing with a J.Crew catalog or LOFT webpage or even go old-school and cut pictures out of magazines. Play pretend shopping spree. Then, look for some consistencies in the items you chose and take it back to your closet to start discovering your true personal style.

What I’ve Learned About My Style

For me it’s simple style – lots of neutral colors, stripes, simple lines, and comfortable layers. And do you know what? As I go back through instagram to some of my very favorite outfits I find those exact same characteristics. Those were the outfits I felt most comfortable and confident in and isn’t that what matters? In some of my least favorite outfits I very clearly remember not feeling totally confident in them – like I was trying too hard or that people would wonder why I was wearing that. That’s got to be a red flag that the outfit does not fit into your personal style.

Here are some of my favorites from my “style diary”.

Not that you shouldn’t take risks in your wardrobe – that’s definitely part of the fun, but if something doesn’t “feel” right, you’re not going to feel good wearing it and that just makes the day blah (and no one wants that!).

A big part of why I started this blog was because I want to re-discover my style. I also want to stop buying items I love on other people and make sure I’m buying items I love on me. I also hate to admit this, but I think I started dressing for the “likes” – by that I mean what kind of outfits would my followers like? It kind of seems that my more simple outfits, the ones that are more my style don’t get as much #instalove, and you know what that’s ok.

So, that’s where the capsule wardrobe comes in. By really planning and limiting what I’m going to wear, I think it will make it much more clear what I truly love. In the end, my goal is to have a closet of items that I feel good in, that I want to wear, and that when I look back I won’t cringe :).

What trends do you notice as you scan through your pinterest style boards?

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    1. Hi,
      I saw first your instagram page, and now I’m discovering your blog. I’m new to the capsule wardrobe world, and within all the articles that I’ve been reading to inspire or guide me, I have to say that yours is the most inspirational! I reckon I’ll hang around quite a lot 😉 just wanted to thank you for that.

      1. Aurora, Oh my gosh! Thank you! You’re kind comments mean so much to me. I hope this can be a blog to appeal to real women with real budgets and real bodies. Are you currently doing a capsule or working on building one? I love it so far! I appreciate you reading along and taking time to comment. Paige

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