A Mid-Capsule Confession

I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t resist the amazing post-holiday sales. I have to confess…I shopped. And that’s not really the bad part because I think you should always have an eye open for deals on items you are needing to replace, upgrade, or for a future capsule. So, for me, the shopping part isn’t so bad..that’s just being a smart consumer. I am more focusing on getting away from shopping just to shop and buying just because it’s a great deal. So, as long as I’m buying things after carefully considering if it’s a necessity and not getting sucked into the “but it’s only $9” or “it looked so cute on so-and-so” mindset I think I’m sticking to my capsule goals.

I did buy two items over break (one shown here) for my spring capsule, but the confession is that I also shopped for items to add into my capsule now. The typical rule of the capsule is that you choose your items and you wear only those items for the season. I thought I would try something a little different and do a quick video post showing what I bought and why.

Given the huge commercialism of the holidays and post-holiday sales I am honestly very proud of myself that I didn’t give in to anything more than is shown here. My inbox, my instagram feed, and my computer and TV screens were filled with sale ads and I saw tons of cute stuff, but I resisted adding anything I didn’t feel I needed. I survived my first major sale season of no-shopping with these few little dings.

I will also add that I have worn the black jogger pants 3 times already since receiving them 5 days ago! Now, that’s what a capsule is all about 🙂

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    1. Girl — I love it. You still made smart purchases and those leggings and joggers look like items you will wear a ton! I’m all about using the capsule as a guide — not hard and fast rules. Yay you for allowing yourself the freedom to buy a few things on sale!! No shame in that. 🙂

      1. Oh my gosh, I used that credit card to pay my medical bill from having Brynn and for Christmas and we racked up a ton of rewards on double/triple points! Gotta love free shopping 🙂 I do kind of struggle with the idea of buying less and choosing well because I don’t think their stuff is obviously the highest quality, so it seems a bit contradictory. But, while I’m still experimenting with style and trying to figure it out, it’s perfect!

    1. Love all the items you purchased. I also love how much thought you put into it all. I struggle with shopping just to shop & Instagram & blogs provide so much temptation!

      1. Bonnie,
        Thank you so much! I’m trying. 🙂 There’s definitely always room for improvement, but compared to how I normally would have shopped during November and December I’d call it a huge change for me. Some days the temptation of IG takes all I have to resist and other days all of the “stuff” doesn’t appeal to me at all. I think a big part was how much I got rid of and how freeing it felt. I really don’t want to go back to that. ever.

        I appreciate you comment so much!

    1. I love your honesty Paige! I agree, all the screens in my life (and even people on the street) constantly make me feel like I ‘need’ this and that. It’s an ongoing struggle. Thankfully the urge almost always passes!

      1. Thanks, my friend! I may have been a bit sucked into the sales, but I did put much more thought into the purchases and I bought items I know I’ll wear. Such a huge change from how I used to approach holiday sale season 🙂

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