Hi! I’m Paige.  I am a thirty-something wife and mom to four kiddos, Max(9), Miles(8), Liv(4), and Brynn (1). I also work full-time. This is my 14th year as a high school Math teacher, which I love.

A couple of years ago I was totally overwhelmed and uninspired by my huge wardrobe. I decided it was time to pull in the reigns on my shopping habit and I thought following the structure and rules of a capsule wardrobe would help. I’ve never looked back. Over time, my approach to capsule wardrobes has changed based on what I needed at any time, but the idea is still the same, less is more.

I am totally hooked on my small wardrobe of items I love wearing. Here I share the different ways I mix-and-match my capsule wardrobe and a little bit of my journey into being a more conscious, ethical consumer.

What started as a capsule wardrobe experiment has turned into so much more. I now crave a slower, simpler life and am constantly working toward that goal.

In my free time you can find me doing all things mom (making lots of food, cleaning up lots of food, running kids to their activities, and trying to raise good humans). I also have recently decided after 11 years our house needed an update, so I’ve been busy painting, purging, and redecorating, so I’m obsessed with pinterest. I enjoy my early morning workouts, being out in the Colorado sunshine, and  relaxing with some mindless TV (Bravo anyone?)

Thanks for following along and feel free to contact me anytime!






    1. Yay, a blogger I can relate to! I’m also a busy mom with a limited budget… Love this capsule idea and can’t wait to follow along and pick up some pointers on the way 🙂

      1. Thank you, Christin! I am excited to try something new and hopefully pare down my wardrobe and simplify things a bit along the way. Pregnancy and postpartum style is tough, but I think the limited options make for a perfect transition. xoxo

    1. I found you through Instagram! I’m a mom of four too! After being a stay at home mom for 15 years and running a very small photography business, I am now finishing up my teaching credential/masters to teach middle school. We have a lot in common. I love style and making it work on a budget! I hope to start a teacher blog/insta very soon. Your family is beautiful and you are too 🙂

      1. Nice to “meet” you, Lindsay! Thank you for your kind words, it truly means a lot. What are you going to teach? I love the budget shopping, but I’ve recently realized how many clothing items I “settle” for because I’m getting a great deal. Thinking maybe it’s time to spend a bit more on higher quality pieces I love? But, I do love finding those deals, so it will be a hard habit to break!

    1. I feel
      The same a lot of days with bargain shopping. I’m always questioning if i’m buying it because it’s cheap or do I love it! I like to switch clothes out every couple years, so I think paying more for basics that will last years is worth it, but then I can still switch out my bargain clothes for newer trends without feeling guilty.
      As far as teaching i’m hoping maybe 6th grade ELA/Social Studies. Probably will come down to wherever a job opportunity comes up! It’s inspiring to see other moms like you who teach and have four kids of their own! I’m hoping to start a blog and insta teacher/style account. My personal user name on insta is lindsbw if you want to look me up 🙂 okay I’ll stop blabbering now 😉

      1. I am definitely guilty of buying because it’s cheap. I am pretty good about only buying what I like, but I’ve definitely noticed a difference between clothes I like and LOVE now that I’m putting more thought into it. It’s a hard habit to break. And, IG is the worst – I have bought so much that wasn’t totally “me” because it looked so cute on someone else. I’m still tempted all of the time.

        And good luck with the teaching! My hubby is a SS teacher 🙂

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