Cutting Your Blanket Scarf (Basics, Boots & Scarf)

A rainy, cool day in Colorado?! Time to bust out the rainboots and a blanket scarf 🙂  I feel like a total blogger cliche in this outfit, but it is comfy and cozy and practical for a rainy day with temps in the 40’s, so I get why it’s one of the most seen combos on instagram.

I won these Hunter boots in a giveaway last year and I like them, but I actually think I like my version from Target a bit more (I don’t see the Target ones I have online right now, but they have some super cute ones). The calf is wider on those and a bit shorter, which is perfect for me since I’m only 5’2″. I kind of feel like these are a name-brand-makes-them-cool boot. And maybe if I lived in a rainier climate where I’d wear them out these would hold up better? I’m not sure. The point is that I’m not sure love is the word I’d use to describe them…does that mean they go to the donate/sell pile???

Anyhow, a small celebration today – these are some of my prepregnancy jeans! They were a much looser fit before Brynn came along, but hey, they’re not maternity and they’re on and they’re buttoned, so yay for the little things!! 🙂

I’ve seen a lot of women post and comment that they have a hard time wearing the blanket scarves because they’re so overwhelmingly big. I totally agree. Last year, I took a risk and cut all of my blanket scarves in half. I laid them out and cut from corner to corner (make 2 triangles). On all of mine the plaid was lined up perfectly along the diagonal, so I could use that as a guide to keep my cut straight(ish). This has made it so much easier to wear, but still gives the look of a blanket scarf. I haven’t had any issues with fraying on the cut edge. Plus, I got to give my other halves to my sister, so it’s a BOGO deal!! I highly recommend it. Let me know if you have questions about how I did it.

hunter boots + blanket scarf 3

hunter boots + blanket scarf 7
hunter boots + blanket scarf 1



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    1. A blogger cliche – you crack me up!! I agree about the hunter boots, I keep trying them on thinking I’ll magically like them, but they just feel a bit to bulky and heavy for me. But they sure look cute on others. You’re so brave for cutting your scarves in half! But what a deal for your sister! 🙂

      1. If only I had a Starbucks, I’d be in full blogger mode 🙂 I’m glad I’m not alone on the boots!! The hard part is that if I follow my wardrobe-love rule I have to get rid of them, but who gets rid of Hunters?!?! Guess I still have some work to do mentally 🙂

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