Beauty Help (Burgundy skinnies & Longline Cardigan)

Do you ever have one of those days where you are feeling all good about how things are looking as you head out the door and then catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror later in the day and think WHAT THE WHAT happened here?!

That’s been happening more and more lately. And today, when I uploaded my pics was no exception (hence the looking down ;)). Maybe because the summer tan has faded (I always feel like I need more makeup in winter)? And I’m in a weird growing out my hair stage, which isn’t doing my look any favors. Ladies, I need some help!! I’d love to switch up my makeup routine a bit and try for a more polished look.

I kind of do the capsule thing with my makeup, I realized. I keep the bare minimum and I don’t buy new product until I really need it. So, I have 1 eyeshadow pallet (Urban Decay Naked), 1 mascara, 1 BB foundation/lotion, and 1 bronzer/blush pallet. Makeup is not my strong suit, so I’d love your recommendations:

Who are your favorite beauty bloggers/youtubers or where do you find great tutorials?
burgundy and beige 1

burgundy and beige 4
burgundy and long cardigan 3

Today’s outfit is similar to one I wore at the start of my capsule, but I added the extra layer because it is cold, cold, cold outside today. I love the burgundy and blush pink color combo – the contrast of dark and light in the same color family is a great way to do the monotone color thing.

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