Brass Clothing: Ponte Pants Review (and more)

It’s not often that I do an official review of particular pieces, but I thought the Brass Ponte Pants deserved a post of their own. Plus, I have a few other additions to share (and a $25 discount off your first Brass order at the end).

I have added a few new Brass items over the past few months as part of The Brass Edit that I invested in at the end of 2016 and I’ll share all of them here, but I wanted to focus most on the Ponte Pants as I think they’re the biggest wardrobe game-changer I’ve found in a long time. These are all investment pieces that are made and designed to have a long career in your closet. I have always prided myself on being a budget shopper, but that landed me with a closet jam-packed full of clothes I just ‘kinda’ liked. I now see the value in buying fewer, better made items. They feel better to wear, they hold their shape, and they are designed to last forever. It can be hard to pay $$$ for something I can find for $, but I’m focusing more on cost per wear and longevity these days. Plus, if I don’t love it, it doesn’t stay.

The Ponte Pants have been around for over a year now, and the reviews have been stellar. If I’m honest, I just couldn’t imagine what all the hype was about. Weren’t they just going to be glorified leggings? I have had ponte pants before and the extra thickness was nice, but it was nothing to go too crazy about.

I decided to try the Ponte Pants as my first selection from The Brass Edit and as soon as I put them on, it was love. Here are the details:

  • The pants not only have a high waistband, but it’s also a very thick elastic, so rolling and falling down is never an issue. The high waist creates a smoother look and holds in my mom belly.
  • The fabric is a super high quality ponte knit. So, although they have stretch and a snug fit like leggings, they feel totally different to wear. They feel supportive and not too revealing. And, oh my gosh, so flattering.
  • There are back pockets to make them feel more ‘pant-like’ and less ‘legging-like’.
  • They hold their shape and do not get saggy in the butt or knees. I have worn mine a handful of times without washing and they fit just as well as they did the first time I tried them on.

I am 5’2”, around 135 lbs., and size 6 and I ordered the small based on customer reviews on the website (the Brass size suggests a medium for size 6, which probable would have worked well too). Fresh out of the packaging, the super thick waistband felt like it may be too tight, but after the first stretch to get them on, it was a perfect fit. Mine do fit very snug as you can see in the photos. From what I have read, if I had sized up to a medium they would be less body-hugging, which may be more comfortable depending on your style.

Lengthwise they fall right at my ankle. If I’m wearing flats or clogs I wear the as-is, but with ankle boots I rolled them under about 2 inches for a more cropped look. They stay rolled under (or up) all day with no readjustments needed. I have not decided if I’ll have them hemmed, but for now I like the versatility.


It is suggested to machine wash and air dry. I have read reviews of women whose pants were accidentally machine dried and came out just fine, though a few felt they were a bit shorter after. I have not washed mine yet, so I will update on how they hold their shape.


I broke these in by including them in my Winter 10×10 Closet Remix in January, but they have been an almost weekly wardrobe choice since then. Here are a few of the ways I wore the Ponte Pants.

Look 1: The ponte pants worn under a silk dress and cropped crew (see below). Tassel necklace from Natalie Borton (10% discount here) and Sam Edelman Petty boots ($80).

brass ponte pants reviewLook 2: The slim cut pants pair perfectly with a longline cardigan, which also provides coverage for the more snug fit. Paired with the same Natalie Borton necklace and boots.
brass ponte pants

Look 3: Balancing the tight fitting bottoms with an oversized, boxy sweater (T sweater from Jamie and the Jonesand adding warm tones with the cognac boots.brass ponte pants jamie + the jones t sweater

Look 4: A silk dressed tucked into the high waist as a top and cognac/wood details added with this Natalie Borton necklace (10% discount here) and the boots, yet again.brass ponte pants natalie borton necklace

Look 5: Another dress tucked in and layered with a chunky knit cardigan. Necklace from Natalie Borton (10% discount here)

brass ponte pants natalie borton necklace

Look 6: A more business casual look with the cropped crew (see below), blazer (H&M from Poshmark) and heels (Zara from Ebay) for work.

brass ponte pants for work

Other Brass additions

While I’m at it, here’s a look at my other Brass Edit selections that are available.

The Cropped Crew

I selected this cropped crew sweater to add variety to my sweater choices. I love the cropped length to layer over dresses (especially maxi dresses like you see here), but also over the newer high waisted pants that are becoming more popular.

Quick Review
  • I love this color. I was nervous that the Dune would wash me out, especially in winter, but the color seems to work better than other similar neutrals I’ve tried before.
  • It is extremely soft and comfortable.
  • The 100% cotton resists pilling
  • I get nervous about snags with the looser knit. In fact, I have gotten a snag almost every time I’ve worn it, but have been able to thread them back through.

I ordered the medium and was surprised at how snug it was. I have a few oversized sweaters, so I was okay with that, but I expected a bit more room. You may consider sizing up if you’re looking for a looser, cropped fit.

The length falls right below my belly button, so it’s definitely cropped, but not uncomfortably so for my shorter height.

Styling Ideas

Above I wore the cropped crew as a layer under a blazer and as a layer over a dress and the ponte pants. Here are a few other looks.

Look 1: Cropped crew over the Brass Tank Maxi to make the dress a year-round wardrobe option.

brass tank maxi dress and cropped crew sweater

Look 2: The cropped crew as a stand alone top with skinny jeans (AG Jeans from Thred Up).

Look 3: The cropped crew as a layer under another sweater paired with straight-leg jeans and ankle boots. This is where the more fitted sizing comes in handy in creating a lot of styling options out of one piece.brass cropped crew sweater dune and longline cardigan outfit

The Slim Turtleneck

This was an unexpected addition, but I felt in love with the styling of the Slim Turtleneck in an newsletter email from Brass. I don’t have any plain black, classic tops or sweaters and decided this would be the perfect addition.

Quick Review
  • This is a classic piece that I can’t imagine ever going out of style.
  • The lightweight knit will be easy to stand alone, but also layer underneath other sweaters or jackets.

I ordered a medium because I wanted the slim look without it being too body hugging and the fit is perfect.

Some of the reviews felt the sweater was too short, but it comes below my hip bones and feels perfect for wearing tucked or untucked. I am short though, so a longer torso may have more problems.

Styling Ideas

This sweater is only two weeks old in my wardrobe, so I only have worn it twice. Both times I have used it as the top to a very simple look with subtle statements.

Look 1: A sleek outfit with the Ponte Pants and Slim Turtleneck. I added fun leopard print oxfords (old from Poshmark) and my go-to Natalie Borton necklace to tie the look together.
brass ponte pants and slim turtleneck outfitLook 2: Another all black look, but here I let the wide leg pants (gift) and clogs (Lotta From Stockholm) make the statement. This was a day I wasn’t feeling well, so I went for simplicity and comfort.

The Tank Maxi

I have had the Brass Tank Maxi dress for almost a year now and I love it! I have a size medium and it fits perfect, though I did have to shorten it about 5 inches. I attempted to hem it myself, but wasn’t successful. I took out the seam and have left is as a raw edge because I just haven’t gotten around to taking it to the alterations place (bad, I know), but it’s not fraying. It was a piece I wanted for a long time, but waited until I was done nursing/pumping to buy.

Quick Review:
  • The material is a knit, which makes it a casual option.
  • The gathered waist is very flattering and adds some great detail.
  • It is wash and wear, which I love.
  • The smooth top makes layering for colder weather or different styles easy.
  • I love the pockets.

Look 1: The tank maxi can definitely stand on its own for an easy warm weather outfit.

Look 2: To change the look and add more coverage I have added tanks and tees knotted at the waist.

Look 3: As the temperatures get even colder a denim or other cropped style jacket is an easy layer over the maxi dress. Or a shorter sweater (like above).

I am so excited to be able to share more about one of my favorite small, ethical brands (run by women) with you! It feels good to be investing in quality pieces that are responsibly made and I know will be a big part of my wardrobe for a long time. It feels I’m finally settling into my personal style.
After I posted I learned about a $25 discount (if it’s your first purchase) at this link.

Note: I did purchase all of these Brass items myself, so this is not a sponsored post. However, I have posted some affiliate links, which means if you go check out these items, love them, and decide to purchase an item I may receive a small commission.

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    1. Thanks for this great review! I recently purchased the Ponte myself and just loved them. I’m 5’1 and have been rolling then under. I don’t think I’ll get them hemmed. I’m so glad I discovered Brass. I can’t wait to invest in more of their pieces. Did you get your maxi dress hemmed? How is the quality of it? Would you recommend it?

      1. Jillian,
        Aren’t they great pants! I was so surprised by how much I love them. I just added more about the maxi dress – I don’t even know why I left it out. But yes, I did shorten it – it was about 5″ too long (I got a medium). It is a thinner knit, but the top is double layered and it has a side zipper to get a nice fit along the top and not stretch out. It’s also super flattering and easy to style different ways. It’s definitely a more casual dress. I love how easy it is to throw on and feel great.

    1. Thank you for this review! I think the ponte pants are going on my wishlist to think about buying. I’m curious about the tank maxi and if you got it hemmed.

      1. Teresa,
        I just added a bit more about the tank maxi – I don’t know why I left it out! 🙂 Yes, I did have to have the tank maxi (I got a medium) shortened by about 5″. I tried to hem it myself, but didn’t do a great job with the stretchy knit, so right now it’s just the raw edge since I’ve been a slacker about taking it in for alternations. Horrible, I know!!

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