Bumpstyle Box Review

Oh, maternity clothing…

We pregnant gals can’t live with it and (most of us) can’t live without it. I know with my first baby I held off as long as I could, but as soon as I put on those maternity jeans with the super stretch panel I realized I’d been missing out. It was so freeing to not be squeezing into jeans and using a rubber band to hold them up! Since then, I’ve welcomed maternity clothes into my wardrobe much sooner with each subsequent pregnancy.

They are so darn comfy, but finding a good fit and cute styles can be tricky. And both cute and a decent fit at the same time – almost impossible and so frustrating! It can be easy to find plain tanks and tees, but what if you want a little excitement in your wardrobe? That’s where Bumpstyle Box comes in – they do the hard part for you! I was so excited to receive a box and share what was inside.

Here’s how it works – you go to their webpage and start by filling out a questionnaire about your specific measurements, what price range you’re looking for (average is $75-100 items, but there is a larger range you can choose from), and what style clothing you like (do you like showing off the bump, got legs to die for, are you in desperate need of jeans?). My goal was to find pieces that were cute and flattering (duh), and that I could think of a million ways to wear. Self confidence is a tricky thing during pregnancy and having clothes that you feel great in helps in a major way.

First off, I opened the package to find the cutest card and handwritten note from Hannah, my stylist. She even complimented my hair and added how she noticed I liked stripes so she made sure to add some in my box!

bumpstyle box

I received four items in my box – a tank top, a convertible maxi skirt/dress, a blazer, and a tank dress. Your box could include dresses, skirts, jeans, accessories, maternity undergarments, just let them know what you need!

I am going to show you how these items could be styled for both work and weekend to get the most mileage out of your Bumpstyle Box pieces.

First, the tank. I love the yellow color as it easily coordinates with colors I wear regularly and adds a great pop to an all neutral outfit. The flowy style will be comfortable and cool a summer third trimester.

For a weekend look, I went with a slight boho vibe and wore distressed skinnies, strappy sandals, and beaded bracelets. There’s something about summer that makes me love the boho look and I need to do a whole different post to ask for tips how to pull it off.
yellow tank weekend


yellow tank weekend 2

For a work look, I paired the yellow with white and navy for a classic pairing. I almost always wear layers to work because my class can be cold, so I’m not sure how the jean jacket looks with the longer hem in the back of the tank. I need to get on pinterest for some inspiration.yellow tank work

yellow tank work 2

Next is the maxi skirt/dress piece. I love having the option to wear it either way. For weekend, I wore it as a simple strapless dress with sandals and a fedora. For real, this is the ultimate in maternity comfort. The dress is super soft and nothing is constricting or tight and it just feels so good to let my big ole’ bump be free!

maxi dress 1

For work, I switched it into a maxi skirt, which is another maternity wardrobe staple. Add a simple tee and jean jacket for a clean, simple style. I like that the colored tiers add some interest, but are still super versatile.

maxi skirt work

Stay tuned, I’ll show off my other two items in a few days!

So, what do I do now? I have five days to decide what I want to keep. After that, I am going to pack up the item(s) that didn’t work for me, put them right back in the box, stick on the label that was included in my shipment, and send them back for free!

I can choose to receive this box as a one time only thing, or as a monthly subscription. Mother’s Day is right around the corner – I think this is an AMAZING gift for those mamas-to-be on Mother’s Day. I have been so happy with the customer service, the personalization, the quality of the items, and best of all how easy it makes maternity shopping. Thanks Bumpstyle Box for giving me the opportunity to share this with my readers!

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      1. It is totally like Stitch Fix (which I’ve never tried, but I have friends that love it)! I typically love shopping, so I haven’t felt the need for a service like that, but the stores that carry maternity are so limited that it’s harder to find places to shop, so this was great!

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