Burgundy tee & black skinnies

After a full day on my feet in heels yesterday with some new blisters along the top of my toes where the open-toe rubbed (hello 3.5 months without wearing any regular shoes!), I decided to go back to my comfy sandals while I still can. Since it’s still in the upper 80’s around here I’m sticking with my more lightweight pieces, but I love that the burgundy color that is so popular right now makes this tee feel current and like a great fall transition piece (especially paired with leopard). These are some of my fave maternity (yes, still) black skinnies from Loft. Add a few bracelets from Love Andrea’s Closet and call it complete. At the last second running out the door I added a leopard tassel necklace that I think pulls the outfit together even more, but I don’t have time to redo pics today, so check it out on Instagram. 🙂
burgundy and black skinnies 3

It felt good being back in front of the class yesterday – I do love my job and that helps ease the transition out of maternity leave. Brynn had a decent day – she did eat her bottles and took some cat naps – but she was one hungry and clingy baby last night. And I didn’t mind a bit. Each day will get a little bit easier, so I’m glad the hardest day is behind us and we can figure out our new normal and get into a routine.burgundy and black skinnies 4

Hope you’re all having a great start to your week and enjoying your last official day of summer!



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