Capsule Goals Revisited

As I finalize my winter capsule, I find it’s really helpful if I keep reminding myself what my goals for the capsule are.

What’s the point of all of this anyway?

So here it is (in no particular order):

  1. To find my style. Because it’s lost. Honestly. I think I’m getting warmer, but for a while there I was way off base. I was dressing the way other people liked best. I was dressing the way my instagram feed said was most popular. I was dressing to get the most likes per picture. And the outfits were nice. I liked them just fine, but it just wasn’t me. I’ve posted about that numerous times, but it’s always a good reminder, because my brain still goes there when I’m getting dressed. Will they like it? And you know what, people aren’t liking it. I don’t get nearly the likes on my Instagram posts or visits to my blog that I used to, but it’s ok. Because I like it. And that is one of my main goals – to figure out what I really like, what my personal style is. On a side note: sorry about the crazy overuse of the word like here! 😉
  2. To look effortless, classic, casual, and pulled together.  I decided to chose a few adjectives to help me hone in on my goal and select the right pieces for my wardrobe. I asked myself if each piece could be described using these words. That was a great way to help me make some decisions about what stayed and what wasn’t working for me. I don’t just want to look effortless, classic, and stylish…I want to be those things too. I think dressing the part will help me get there.
  3. To use what I have. I’m not going to claim to be a minimalist, which I think sometimes the capsule wardrobe idea gets mixed up with. Walk into my house and you’ll know it’s not true. But I am trying to use what I already own and reduce the impulse purchases I make. I’m trying to be a more responsible consumer by wasting less. I have found that the more I purge, the more I want to purge. And the less I have, the less I need (and want). I needed to break my over-shopping habit and so far, it’s working.
  4. To simplify. You guys, my life is nuts. Having four kids (or any number kids, for that matter) is nuts. And I really just wanted something to be neat and simple and organized. So, my little tiny corner of the world, my closet, was the easiest place to tackle that. And I love it.

On an unrelated, but kind of related note…one of my favorite brands Brass clothing has the most amazing dresses. See mine here, here, and here. The dress just feels sooo good to put on. I keep describing it like butter, but I don’t think that’s the word. But, you know what I mean, right?!  They are releasing their new t-shirt line next week and I am so excited (you bet they’re going into my winter capsule for layering). They look gorgeous and I have a feeling they will have the perfect drape-factor. You know, when you do a little front tuck it and it falls just perfectly?

 Sign up here to be the first to find out about their new releases and see the rest of their gorgeous line. You won’t regret it. Once you sign up you’ll get a referral link to pass along. If you get 5 friends to sign up you’ll get a free tee!!

I love that it’s a small company, run by women, trying to do right by the fashion world, and making other women feel amazing!

This….this is my goal! Beautiful pieces that feel so great to wear. And a closet that is so pretty to look at.Brass_Tees1


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    1. Your reasons resonate with me so much. I feel like I’m in such a binge/purge with my closet sometimes. I love following your journey. You’re inspiring me!

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