Capsule Wardrobe Lessons | Too Much of A Good Thing

I’m less than a month into my summer capsule and only a full week into summer break and I have a wardrobe problem. As I reached for a quick outfit this morning it became clear what my first capsule wardrobe lesson was.

Do you notice something here? Hint, hint…not the glasses, shorts, or shoes.

It’s the tank tops. I bought five, yes five, of the exact same Old Navy tank top in different colors! I know this is a common piece of shopping advice – if you find something you like, buy it in every color. For some who are looking for a uniform approach to their wardrobe that is excellent advice, but that’s not what I’m going for.

I do like the fit of these tanks, and the price was definitely right, and I adore the colors. However, I’m working with only two pair of shorts (both denim), so I can already foresee that every day I’m going to reach for a denim pair of shorts and one of these tanks. This is already the second time this week I’ve worn this combo.

Summer is always a bit tricky style-wise since I don’t work. I usually do sort of adopt a uniform for the summer – there was the summer of jogging skirts and workout tanks, the summer of maxi skirts and tanks (last time I was pregnant),  before kids it was usually sundresses day in and day out. I always dress super casual and usually I’m wearing something that’s comfortable for chasing around the kids.

The problem is that this approach just doesn’t work for the side of me that loves to put together outfits. Last summer I did a little better – I usually wore denim cutoffs, but a had variety in my tank tops. Some days, just throwing on something easy is just what we need, but I don’t want my summer wardrobe to feel like a broken record and I think that’s what I did buy buying too many of these exact same tanks.

I should have looked for more prints, different cuts, and varying texture to spice up my denim shorts and tank top routine. I do have some of those aspects in my other items, but I didn’t include enough of those items. I can say that I think if I weren’t limited to the maternity department I wouldn’t have been as likely to make this mistake. Either way, I’m glad to have learned this lesson early and I will make a conscious effort not to repeat it as I build my future capsules.

So, for the next 5 weeks, I’ll be doing my best to add variety with accessories and see how creative I can get with the limited items I have. It’s great motivation for me to not let things get too boring around here!

What’s you’re shopping style – do you find something you love and but it in every color or do you prefer variety?


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