Capsule Stats (Shirt Dress & Longline Cardigan)

I have finished 6 weeks of wearing my first official capsule wardrobe and have about 6 more to go. The nice thing about the capsule wardrobe is that the small scale makes it really easy to keep track of what’s being worn, what items I reach for over and over, and what items I keep passing up. Not only that, I can think about why I keep passing them up, because it’s not that my closet is so full I just forget I have them.

I thought I would post a half-time review of my capsule stats. I took a look back to see how many items haven’t even made an appearance yet and how many I’ve only worn once in the past 6 weeks.

Primary Capsule

Of the 37 items I selected to be my primary capsule (what I wear to work and a lot of the weekend), there are 10 items I haven’t worn at all and 6 more that I’ve only worn once! I have documented 24 outfits on the blog, but there are about 6 more that I posted on Instagram from the weekends, when I don’t publish a blog post.

Casual Friday

You may remember that I had 5 shirts set aside for our casual Friday/spirit days. I didn’t include these in my primary capsule as I only wear them when I wear our school colors, so that would be 6 outfits now). Of the 5 shirts, I have 2 I haven’t worn at all and 1 more that I’ve only worn once.

Weekend Wear

I also had 6 items that I save for comfy weekend wear – sweatpants and sweatshirts and a striped tee that’s seen better days. This is what I wear on errands or around the house on weekends. I have 1 item I haven’t worn yet and 1 item I’ve only worn once.

I find the 10 items from my primary capsule that I haven’t worn at all most interesting. In all honesty, 3 items I haven’t worn because they are pants that still don’t fit :/, but I’m left wondering about why I keep passing up the others. One is a white long sleeve tee, which I think just makes me nervous – the chances I’m going to keep a white tee clean all day are slim to none. I also haven’t worn my blazer or denim jacket yet, which I’ll chalk up to a warm October, so I’ve avoided layering until the weather requires it. I also haven’t worn 3 of the sweaters, again mostly due to warm weather. And finally, a print blouse and my graphic tee haven’t made appearances, I’m not sure why.

So, overall, of my 48 total pieces hanging in my closet, I have only worn 35 of them for the past 43 days! And I have gotten dressed every single day 🙂 I am starting to put together a list for my winter capsule, and I think I’m prepared to be a little more strict with my numbers now that I know how much is possible with so little hanging in my closet.

And to finish, would you just look at this cuteness that followed me downstairs this morning? She wants to show you all her stuffed horse. 🙂
_brass and cardi

brass and cardi 2

brass and cardi 1

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