Chambray, White Skinnies, Utility Jacket

I switched out the lens I was using on my camera and wow! What a difference in my photos! I’m researching and experimenting and I appreciate you patience as I learn how to blog.

I posted a couple of weeks ago here about how much I love chambray and white jeans with a few ways to style. There’s not too much different here except it was cold and rainy, so I added the utility jacket layer. Such a simple, classic look that is easily one of my top 3 faves.

simple casual maternity style
Accessories from Compliment and Rocksbox.

chambray and white


Pregnancy update – I had my 28 week appointment and besides the scale, everything went well! Even though I’ve done this 3 times already and I always lose the weight, it’s really hard at this point to see that scale creep up and see it in my clothes and photos. I guess that’s where having a few items and outfits that make you feel good are always important – pregnancy or not.

Do you have an easy go-to outfit you always feel good in?


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