How to Cut Your Blanket Scarf In Half

One of the most common complaints about blanket scarves is that they’re just so much. There is a lot of material going on there and it can make them very hard to tie and wear comfortably. Last winter I had a couple of blanket scarves, but I never wore them because I always felt like they were swallowing me up. So, one day I took my least favorite one and decided to try cutting it in half to see 1) if it worked and 2) if it made the scarf more comfortable. When I tried on my half scarf it was literally like a weight was lifted while wearing it…my neck felt free!! Right away I chopped the rest of my collection in half and shared with my sister.

One of my most popular blog posts is an old one where I mention cutting my scarves. I decided to keep this scarf I bought over Christmas, but it needed to be cut, so I thought I’d update with a few more pictures for a tutorial.


The scarf is uncomfortable because it’s so full and long and really bunchy around my neck. I really don’t think I’d ever make it though a day wearing it, especially inside.

full blanket scarf 3

How to Cut Your Blanket Scarf:
  1. Lay your scarf out flat and smooth as much as possible.

blanket scarf before cut

2. With my plaid scarves, the corners of the checks lined up perfectly, so I did not fold it. Because this scarf has a more abstract pattern I folded it along the diagonal and cut the folded edge. Use good sewing scissors to make a nice, clean cut. The first cut still makes me nervous, but I promise it’s worth it!cutting blanket scarf 2

3. You should have two triangles when you are finished. When I wear my blanket scarves I would fold along the diagonal to make a triangle, so I’ve basically just taken the second layer away.cut blanket scarf 2 4. And that’s it! I don’t do anything to the cut edge. Notice the other edges of your scarf have a bit of a fray, so it fits right in. The cut edge is also usually the one near my neck, so it’s a bit bunched and tucked under so the cut isn’t seen. All of the scarves I cut last year have held up just fine without any reinforcement on that cut side.

I immediately feel so much more comfortable with the lighter weight scarf.
blanket scarf after cut 3

Before and After:

Here is a good look at the difference in the bulk and weight. Notice how much less “poofy” it is and there is much less around my neck which makes it more wearable all day long.cutting blanket scarf before and after



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    1. You are so clever! I am the weird person that doesn’t leave my scarves on inside unless I’m cold. It feels to fussy to me… Cute scarf BTW..

      1. I am not really a huge scarf person – I love them on others, but there’s something that I feel weird about. Maybe it’s the way it kind of messes with my hair. I also usually wear them when an outfit feels boring, so I keep it on all day as part of my outfit instead of function, which isn’t always comfortable. I’d imagine at some point I’ll give up trying to make them work for me 🙂

    1. Wow! This is amazing! I am going to do this as soon as I find a pair of scissor that is sharp enough. All I have are kitchen shears right now. Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. Jennifer, I’m so glad it helped! Let me know how it goes. I really notice a gigantic difference and I hope you do too.

        Thanks for reading,

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