Ethical Brand Feature: Vetta Capsule

30 outfits out of 5 items?! Now that’s a capsule wardrobers dream. Well, that’s exactly what Vetta has done (three times!). Since beginning in 2016, Vetta has designed three versions of their five piece mini capsules and shows how to create 30 outfits with those five items. The Original Capsule is sleek with feminine details, the Romantic Capsule is floral and flowy, and the Classic Capsule is a hybrid of the two.

I recently received the Wrap Top as a gift from Cara, the founder of Vetta. And like a kid with a new toy, I immediately started trying to figure out all the ways it could be worn. Each order comes with a newspaper showing all of the pieces of the capsule and instructions on all the ways to wear them, so I wanted to take you inside my try-on session as I experimented with my new top.

Wrap in Back

I first tried the Wrap top on in reverse because I just knew I’d love the surprise detail in the back. I used the snap to keep it more modest and tied the bow right in the center, but it could also be pulled further to the side. I loved that with the snap closed, I could wear a normal bra and don’t have to worry about the top being too low cut, which makes me think I could wear the top this way to work.

The top isn’t truly cropped, but I am more comfortable wearing it with high-waisted bottoms to ensure I don’t unintentionally flash any midsection. I would keep accessories to a minimum and allow the gorgeous back to make the statement.

Low Wrap in Back

Next, I undid the snap to open up the back even further. The V is low enough that I would have to get creative with my bra or go without (one benefit of being extremely small-chested). I think this would be a perfect way to make the Wrap Top work for a date night or night out on the town.

I loved this look, but it felt a little sexier and more exposed (showing off those college tattoos) than I usually dress, even though my front is completely covered. I know that’s mostly in my head, so I’d love to challenge myself to change up the styling to tone it down a bit and get out of my self-imposed wardrobe limitations (but that’s for another blog post).


Here I pulled up even more of the fabric and kind of tucked it under before doing the tie off to the side. This would work with the wrap in either front or back. I’m not one to wear crop tops (hello, 4 kids), but with these high-waisted jeans I may just consider it (again, with the self-imposed wardrobe limitations). I would also be interested to see how this works with a layer underneath?

Wrap in Front

This is probably the most obvious way to wear the top, as a classic wrap top. I think this top offers a lot of great opportunity for working with contrast…the blousy look and feel to balance out fitted bottoms, the flowy fabric with something more structured, the feminine romantic details with more masculine bottoms.

I would wear this look with a delicate necklace and sleek shoes for work. Or pair it with a pencil skirt to give the illusion of a wrap dress. It would also work with boyfriend jeans and sneakers for a playful, yet styled weekend look. I think you’ll be seeing variations of all of these in coming weeks, especially once school starts back up.

I also quickly experimented with wearing the Vetta Wrap Top over my maxi dress and was happy to see that it gives me another alternative for styling my dress to look like a skirt.


The top has three closures. A button on the inside to hold the bottom layer of the wrap in place, a tie from both sides, plus a small snap at the v-neck to keep things more secure or loosen them up a bit. The sleeves are loose and hit at the elbow for a flattering fit. There is a tag on the inside, but the top is designed to be worn with the wrap in either the front of back.

The newspaper showed a few other options (which can also be seen here) including a low cut front wrap and more cropped options. The wrap top also comes in a black and white stripe print.

Fit and Fabric

I ordered a size small based on the size charts and the fact that I’m very small-chested. The top is 100% Tencel, which I love not only because it’s made from sustainable natural wood fibers, but it drapes beautifully and feels great to wear. It’s fluid and moves well and doesn’t wrinkle too easily. The top is machine washable and a quick iron takes care of any wrinkles.

More About Vetta

Vetta started in 2016 as a Kickstarter project and has skyrocketed from there. The designs and thought behind each mini capsule truly amaze me and I love learning more about the inspiration behind small businesses. Cara has been making her own clothes since she was a child and had been strictly committed to buying fair fashion since 2012. Last year, when the timing felt right, she and her best friend, Vanessa, took the plunge and started Vetta.

My dream is for VETTA to be a part of changing the fashion industry for the better, and helping women build a thoughtful wardrobe they love.            ~Cara Bartlett, Founder of VETTA

All of the fabric used to sew Vetta’s designs are deadstock (meaning leftovers from larger manufacturers that are saved from the landfill) or sustainable and eco-friendly. And best of all, all Vetta pieces are sewn in a family owned factory in NYC. As I learn more and more about fast fashion and it’s impact on our world, I am grateful for brands like Vetta for prioritizing fair and sustainable fashion practices.

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    1. I have this top too, and while I love the versatility of it in theory, I’m not quite sure it fits into my everyday. I tend to travel with a crossbody bag, but it doesn’t take much movement for it to pop the snap open on the shirt, which ends up being more revealing than I want (has this been an issue for you?). I also found that the fabric in the waist area doesn’t seem to line up on mine either, so one of the wrap-ties ends up poochy when I tie it closed. Maybe I just ended up with a lemon because yours looks great on you!

      1. Krystal,
        I’ve only worn the top around the house for a few hours, so I haven’t had the issue with the snap, but I could totally see how a crossbody back would make that a problem. Another girl on IG commented the same thing and Cara told her to email for help, so maybe they have a solution? I will definitely consider a small safety pin when I wear the top…especially to teach…I don’t need any unfortunate incidents 🙂

      1. Hi Krystal, please email us at and we can fix that snap issue for you! One batch we made had dainty snaps (so that they were discreet), but we later replaced them with sturdier snaps. We’re happy to help with any styling questions you have as well! Warmly, Cara (co-founder of VETTA)

    1. I recently bought the Vetta jumpsuit during their moving sale. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, but I love that it is two pieces, so I have the opportunity to wear each piece with something else as well. The pant are super wide which I thought might not work me being 5’5 and petite, but somehow it does. I love the idea of wearing 5 pieces in so many different ways (and I really like that they show you how – because I tend to get stuck getting creative and a visual helper is always good).

      1. I had my eye on that item, but I was concerned the pants would be too much on my 5’2″ frame, but maybe I was wrong? I loved the idea of a 2-piece ‘jumpsuit’ for endless options, but also for going to the bathroom 🙂
        I love Vetta’s whole concept and can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. Looks so good on you! I definitely want to add more VETTA pieces to my wardrobe post-baby. Cara and I are actually friends from Pepperdine—she’s the best!

      1. Oh, that’s so awesome!! I saw she’s considering the culottes again for fall, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that happens!

    1. You look gorgeous Paige!! Thanks for doing this review of the wrap top. So glad you like it!! I loved seeing how you styled it. I hadn’t thought of putting it over a maxi dress – so cute!

      Co-founder of VETTA

      1. Cara,
        Thank YOU so much! I love the top and I am so excited to try new ways to style and layer it.


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