The Most Exciting Giveaway: Jamie + the Jones Heavy Weight T Sweater

I honestly can say I’ve never been so excited to do a giveaway. My Jamie + the Jones T Sweater is by far my favorite thing to wear. And now I get to share that with one of you! (Details at the end of the post.) The giveaway is happening over on Instagram, but I wanted to be sure everyone got a chance to enter.

I bought my T Sweater last October after a full year of pining after it. It was a big investment and it took a while to convince myself to take the plunge. It was a sweaty palms, heart racing type of purchase. The hard part was that after hitting the “Submit Order” button, I still had to wait over two months to get it. It was honestly kind of tough and I found myself getting impatient at time (hello, instant gratification problems).

On Christmas Eve when that box arrived I had convinced myself that I had better open the best damn sweater on the planet.

And I did.

The moment I saw it, I loved it. The moment I tried it on, I was obsessed.

And I have a feeling you’ll be the same way.

Slow fashion takes time. The fabric is handwoven at a Mill in Chicago using yarn that is custom spun in North Carolina. Then, it heads to Nashville to be sewn in the J + J Studio. There is something about knowing about each step of making my clothes and the love and care that was put into creating them. It truly just feels different.

The Jamie and the Jones Heavy Weight T Sweater is available for pre-order in both Natural and Black now. They have a pre-determined quantity that they will sell to ensure that all orders will arrive by Christmas. Yes, it’s an investment. And yes, it’s totally worth it. I wrote this post all about it, in fact.

To Enter:

  • Follow Jamie and the Jones on Instagram.
  • Follow yours truly on Instagram.
  • Find the Giveaway Post (it will be the one with J+J Sweater) and answer the question.
One crazy lucky winner will be selected at random next Sunday, October 15. They will receive a Natural Heavy Weight T Sweater pre-order (sweater will arrive by Christmas)

Side Notes: I have the T Sweater in size Medium. I’ve washed it a just a few times and it’s holding up great. The nubby texture is perfect for hiding small spots and stains, so I’m not too nervous wearing it.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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    1. Live the sweater. I’ve been pining for it for a while. How warm is it in the winter and how does it do under jackets?

      1. Pri,
        As for warmth…this sweater is the best. It honestly feels like wearing a blanket, it’s so cozy and when it’s really chilly the heaviness of the heavy weight is so welcomed. I have worn it under my larger wool jacket with no trouble, but it would feel a little stuffed under a more fitted denim jacket if it were an in between day. I also really only have to wear my coat to and from work, so I don’t mind if it feels a little awkward under the arms, but if I had to wear it a large portion of the day it may bug me more.

        I hope that helps!

    1. Would love to enter drawing as I’m a regular follower of yours…… am disappointed though when I’m only able to be eligible for giveaways via twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I purposely choose not to follow social media and I won’t change that just for a giveaway, it honestly makes me feel that my loyal following doesn’t matter….
      Bloggers like yourself I would think would want to be fully inclusive…. part of my simplifying includes not being forced to join social media to be considered important….
      I feel bloggers, sellers, and anyone else who exclude non social media outlets are the real losers here… shall probably reevaluate my blog followings again as well. 🙁

      Thank you

      1. Susan,
        I totally understand. In fact, I’d love for you to enter. Maybe I could comment on your behalf. I’ll be doing a random number generator to select the winner, so I can just add your name in a comment on the post as your entry. I completely understand staying off of social media as a way of keeping things simple, in fact I admire it.

        I never want anyone to feel excluded. And of course, I totally value and appreciate my followers and readers. It can be hard to find ways to count entries and fairly pick a winner when more than one platform is included, which is why I kept it to Instagram.

        The question posed to enter is “What is your favorite J+J color?” If you’d like me to enter on your behalf, leave me a comment here to let me know! I’d be happy to.
        I appreciate your feedback,

        1. Thank you Paige, I really appreciate you taking time to respond, I really enjoy your real life aspect of getting dressed for everyday life. I have been drooling over the t sweater for a year now and still haven’t taken the plunge.. I really appreciate you going the extra mile. As for my favorite J+J color…it would have to be umber..hands down the best.
          Thank you again for taking time to respond
          Very excited about the give away

    1. Fingers crossed! Had to enter on my personal account since we still have not shared with anyone we know that we are running a blog, thus no one to tag! I’ve been wanting to try some of J+J’s items but it hasn’t been in the budget yet. *so hopeful!*

    1. Considering the fact that you have some international readers, will this giveaway be open to us?

      1. Rosabella,
        Great news! It IS open to international readers!

        Thanks for asking,

    1. This is seriously the best giveaway I’ve ever seen. I would love to see photos of how the winner styles it!

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