Fall 10×10: Outfits 5-7

After taking Friday and Saturday off of the 10×10 Fall Challenge to rock some athleisure style for a Teacher Inservice Day and kids’ sporting events, I’m back to share the next three outfits. Just a quick refresher, I chose 8 clothing items and left myself 2 ‘wild card’ slots open to change up my footwear, which is my favorite way to approach these mini capsule challenges.


style notes //

Today we celebrated my oldest son’s 10th birthday! We had our families over for tacos, gifts, and cake, so I decided to choose some items from my 10×10. Jeans were the obvious choice because white pants + tacos + 4 kids just doesn’t equal a good outcome. I started the afternoon layering the nearly identical colors of my T Top and cardigan.

Getting the wide cut arms of the T Top to lay flat and relatively comfortably under the cardigan did require some pulling and adjusting. I probably wouldn’t choose these layers for a full day. The cardigan didn’t last long once all of the family arrived and the house seemed to heat up 10 degrees. I love the idea of multiple layers in the same color family, but the cut of the T Top isn’t the easiest as an under layer.

the items // 

Umber T Top (c/o Jamie and the Jones) / Old Navy sweater / Madewell jeans (bought secondhand via Poshmark) / shoes (giveaway prize from Birdies) / necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – use code PAIGE10 for 10% off)

grade // 7


style notes //

This cardigan has ended up being a 10×10 warrior! This is the fourth time I’ve worn it in my first six outfits.Today I wore the cardigan as a pop of color over my black skinny jeans and striped tee. I tied the color in by adding my cognac clogs and beaded necklace.

Red lipstick always feels a little like I’m trying too hard. I love it on everyone else, but have never felt I pulled it off effortlessly. This ‘pumpkin’ color I’ve been wearing just seems to pair so well with it that I’ve been going out on a limb and trying it more often.

I did have to spend about half the day without the cardigan as I’m still having some over-heating problems in my classroom. While I don’t mind that look, I prefer the cardigan to add some volume to the skinny jeans and fitted tee.

the items // 

Striped tee (c/o Tapered Collection – size up) / Jeans (c/o Mott and Bow) / Old Navy sweater / Lotta From Stockholm clogs / necklace (c/o Natalie Borton – use code PAIGE10 for 10% off)

grade //  9.5


style notes //

In an effort to create a more casual look with this black pencil dress, I paired it with my uber-casual Birks. The contrast of the form fitting dress and clunkier shoe makes me feel more comfortable for work as opposed to pairing it with any shoe that has a heel. I have some oxfords and sneakers that are fun options too, but I decided to take advantage of our warm weather while it lasts and save those for later in the fall.

the items //

Brass pencil dress (limited sizes in Navy still available, love this cashmere LBD) / Birkenstock’s 

grade // 8.5

Into the home stretch!! How is everyone doing with their 10×10. Leave a comment so we can go check out your Instagram or blog if you’re documenting the challenge. Also, check out #fall10x10 on Instagram for a look at the huge number of ladies who are participating.

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    1. I resisted and told myself, “I will not buy that perfect umber-toned cardigan,” just like I told myself, “I will not eat that cookie.”

      I have terrible self-control.

      I feel like each of your looks has a totally different vibe. I’m so impressed with how you’ve worked your items into so many different formulations! (Is it because you’re a math teacher?)

      1. Krystal,
        I’m right there with you! I tried so hard to resist, but after a week of obsessing I just went for it. I’m so glad I did, I LOVE this sweater!

        And thank you 😉

    1. I can’t believe your pumpkin colors match so well! Yes, that is my big struggle with the T Top, it’s hard to layer over! You make it look easy though.

      Also, I love the red lipstick on you!!

      1. Andrea,
        The layering wasn’t the worst, but not the most comfortable thing I’ve worn and who has time for that?! And thank you…it always feels just a little harsh, but I’m trying.


    1. I do love that cardigan.

      How does the T work as a layer over a more fitted long sleeve top? be interested to see that.

      I think the shoes from outfit 5 would look adorable with the dress from 7

      1. Rachel,
        Stay tuned…that’s one of my last looks. I think (hope) it’s going to work great! At least in my mind it does 😉


    1. I just love your Monday outfit – didn’t see it on Instagram, so came to comment on it here! Stripes and the cognac – wow! Also love the black dress with Birks, I would never have thought of that pairing, but as you say, it works well for your job environment…

      1. Thanks, Catherine! I’m still a little uncertain of how to best pull of Birks with something more ‘dressy’, but I’m trying, so I appreciate the feedback.

        I hope you’re having a great week!

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