Fall 10×10: Outfits 8 – 10 (and a few Bonus Looks)

Another 10×10 challenge is in the books and I think it was my favorite one yet. I’m pretty sure I say that every time, but I mean it! I’ve had so much fun getting creative with old and new items in my wardrobe. Even more so, I’ve loved checking out all my fellow #10x10friends. I highly recommend you go to the hashtag and give it a scroll. Thanks again to Lee (from Style Bee) and Caroline (from Unfancy) for hostessing another round.

I’ll be back in a few days with a wrap up and some takeaways, but until then, here are my last few outfits. Plus, I am sharing a few combinations that were part of my original brainstorm session, but that didn’t fit into the 10 days.

Outfit 8 | Wednesday

style notes //

I cheated today. You may remember that the very first day of the 10×10 we got snow and our foreseeable weather forecast showed cooler weather. Well, this week temperatures have consistently been in the mid-70s. I had originally planned to wear my jeans with the cashmere sweater and I could have made it work today. But, it also seemed silly to waste a chance to wear one of my favorite new tops. So, I’ll save the jeans and sweater outfit for a cooler day.

I did throw on my cardigan for the cool morning and it surprised me how much I liked this color combination. Another 10×10 win because I’m sure I never would have thought to pair these two together if I had my whole closet to choose from.

I love this outfit. It’s a great reminder that a well-made piece can make the most basic outfit feel like something more.

the items //

Two Fold top (purchased from Garmentory with $20 off code – get your code here)   /   Old Navy cardigan   /   Madewell jeans via Poshmark   /   Lotta From Stockholm clogs   /   Gap belt   /   Necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)

grade // 10

Outfit 9 | Thursday

style notes //

I had a feeling this outfit would be a challenge to get right. The wide leg crops seem to pair best with a more fitted top, but I wanted to experiment with these two items together. I also have these wide leg pants in black, so I want to find multiple ways to wear them so they can be an easy regular item in my rotation.

Untucked the outfit as a whole looked frumpy. The slight tuck and addition of a belt adds some shape to my waistline and also shows off the easy drape of the top. I started off with my clogs because I think adding height helps me pull of the wide leg crops better. But, the closely matched colors on top and bottom seemed to chop up the look too much. So, I took a more casual route and chose my light color Birks. I like keeping the light colors next to each other in the outfit.

A more structured boxy top would likely be too much with the wide leg pant. This top is so fluid in contrast to the pants that it worked better than I expected.

the items //

Umber T Top c/o Jamie and the Jones   /   Everlane wide leg crops   /  Birkenstock’s   /   Gap belt

grade // 9.5

Outfit 10 | Friday

style notes //

Easy cheesy lemon squeezy. It’s near impossible to mess up jeans and a striped tee, which is perfect for a Friday outfit at the tail end of a style challenge. If I were looking to upstyle this outfit a bit I would have added my clogs and maybe some cute earrings. But for today, simple and comfortable was what I needed. I tell ya, sometimes this parenting gig just takes it all out of me.

the items //

Striped tee c/o Tapered Collection   /    Madewell jeans via Poshmark   /    Birkenstock’s

grade // 9

Bonus Looks

And a few outfits that didn’t make it into the 10 day span, but that you will most likely see later.

Outfit 11 (Brass Pencil Dress + Jamie and the Jones T Top)

Outfit 12 (T Top + Striped Tee + Jeans)

Outfit 13 (Wide Leg Crops + Cardigan)


Now, back to my regular wardrobe. I have a feeling it’s going to be a little overwhelming at first. Hello, decision fatigue. The conclusion of these challenges always reminds me how much I love my wardrobe and some of the clothes I’ve missed wearing. And that’s a good thing to remember.

As I work on my wrap up post, are there any questions I can answer about my 10×10 experience (current or past) I can try to answer for you?

Have a great weekend!

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    1. Those three bonus looks are so creative! They may have just pushed me over the edge in deciding whether to order the T Top. I LOVE how you styled it!!!

      1. Marie,
        Thank you so much! I just saw an email that a few of the ‘fall’ colors are on sale for 15% off thru Friday. The code is FALLINGFORCOLOR if that helps 🙂

    1. Love your top from Wednesday! I’m also loving those bonus looks you didn’t wear. Can’t wait to see them again!

      1. Heather,
        I was surprised that the few looks I didn’t prioritize ended up being some of my favorites! I will definitely be wearing them soon.
        Thanks so much,

    1. Woo-hoo! Congrats on making it through the ten days (I’m on my last day today – definitely dropping my blazer at the dry cleaners on the way home)!

      I actually think Outfit 8 and your first two Bonus Outfits are my favorites! I really like the umber tee over the black dress!

      I do have a question – do you usually find yourself incorporating 10×10 looks into your regular wardrobe once a challenge is over, or do you tend to go back to the same choices you previously made?

      1. Krystal,
        I totally slacked on my comments and didn’t get a chance to answer your question. I’m so sorry! I do usually find some ‘tricks’ in a 10×10 that I end up liking and using with my full wardrobe. Like layering a long cardigan over a dress or wearing a dress over pants. Those are 2 things I learned in prior 10x10s that I still use to help me switch things up. But if I find an outfit combo I love I will definitely wear it again!

        How did your 10×10 end up?


    1. Paige, I’m not a fan of the wide legged pants trend but you’ve got two great looks here with them! I’m loving the rust colors you have going on also!

      1. Dawn,
        It’s definitely a trend that people seem to love or dislike and I find it’s pretty hard to pull off. Thanks so much for the compliment, I really appreciate that!

    1. Love the bonus looks, the J&J tee looks so well as a top layer and that colour is beautiful on you..

      1. Rachel,
        Thanks so much! I think the boxiness of the J+J is a perfect balance for the fitted dress…I can’t wait to wear that combination in real life!
        I hope you’re having a good week,

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