Fall 10×10: Recap

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday morning, I decided at the last minute to participate in Lee’s Fall Style Bee 10×10 challenge. I’ve done a few of these challenges over the past year, so it’s become easier and easier to select items. I went into my closet and picked eight of my favorite items and committed to create ten outfits (and wear them). I only selected eight items because I decided to alter the rules and not count my shoes this round. In the end, I also added my cognac faux leather jacket for a few cool mornings.

I didn’t have any set goals for this challenge, though I always love to find new ways to wear my items. Sometimes I find a new combination I hadn’t thought of, or I’m able to get creative with layering. I don’t think I can say that happened this round, mainly due to unseasonably warm weather that has not allowed for much layering yet.

I did love the color palette I selected and getting to wear my favorite items (the silk dress and Everlane top) repeatedly (another reminder that I don’t need much…if I have an overfull closet, my favorites get passed up too often).


The challenge was (and always is) a great reminder of how much is possible with a small wardrobe. Since I un-capsuled my wardrobe I have around 70 items in my closet. The past few weeks has been a great reminder that I don’t even need that much, so I was able to identify a few more pieces that don’t fit my style goals and I don’t love wearing. Spending 10 days picking outfits from clothes that I feel great in made it a lot easier to see those unloved items much more clearly. My hope is to soon do a post to share my core wardrobe (un-capsuled closet).

My 10 Looks:



Overall, I really enjoyed this 10×10 and I have found that it gets easier every time (see my past experiences here and here). I think the biggest impact was not limiting my footwear. When I only wear two pair of shoes for 10 days, the outfits start to feel redundant. It also makes it easier to create looks for both work and weekend.

Have you tried the mini capsule challenge yet? If you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t taken the plunge yet, I highly recommend the #stylebee10x10 hashtag on Instagram for some great inspiration.

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    1. Enjoyed your recap, Paige! Part of what made doing a 10×10 fun and interesting for me was seeing what others were doing and learning – thank you for sharing!

      My closet is very minimal (likely holds less than a full capsule), and I’m in the process of slowly, thoughtfully adding a few things. Looking forward to seeing what’s in your core wardrobe.

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