Fall 10×10: Week One

The first week of a 10×10 Style Challenge always seems the most obvious, the most safe. I always look back and realized I was careful with my outfits in an attempt to not ‘waste’ any looks. The second week seems to be when I stretch out of my comfort zone and find new ways to pair and style my items.

I tweaked the ‘rules’ just a bit this time and selected only eight clothing items (with my faux leather jacket being an option on cold mornings), but I am not limiting my footwear. This little adjustment makes the challenge a lot more enjoyable, which is something I’ve learned from my previous experience.

Here’s a look at the first five looks from the Style Bee 10×10 (see the items I selected here). I am feeling that these outfits are pretty spot on my style (which identifying has been an ongoing journey). I like the color palette, simplicity, and basic looks I’ve created here, which is a result of building my 10×10 out of items I love wearing and feel good in.

Look 1:

I wore this to a Teacher Professional Development Day (which really means a day of classes/meetings), so it’s more casual than a typical school day. I love that adding the clogs helps pull together the simple jeans and tee outfit and gives it a more ‘styled’ look.


Look 2:

There is nothing too extraordinary about this outfit, but I really like it. I like the boxier fit of the top (and the stripes, of course) (similar) paired with a wide leg trouser jean. I will definitely wear this combination again, but will play with adding different accessories (neckerchief or an unexpected layer underneath?) to upstyle the outfit.

Look 3:

I had originally added the Everlane white blouse as a layer over my black silk dress (as seen in the photo collage above), but I took it off at the last minute. The top has half length sleeves and the long sleeves of the dress don’t stay rolled up, so I only liked the layered look with the jacket on. I wasn’t sure I’d want to wear a jacket all day, so I decided not to go for this look today, but I’m going to keep it in the back of my mind for a colder day. Below is what I actually wore (and I did end up taking my jacket off before 1st period was even over).

Look 4:

This simple combination of black crop pants and a sweatshirt is another playing-it-safe look, but I totally don’t mind it. This is another outfit that makes a great starting point to experiment with more styling ideas.

fall-10x10-look-6_1 fall-10x10-look-6_3

Look 5:

This outfit combines two of my favorite fall additions, the clogs and the white top. Any time I wear these items I feel a little more pulled together, a little more effortless, and a lot cooler than I really am. And when I wear them both at once?? Forgetaboutit.



It’s Homecoming Week at the school where I teach, which means a week of dressing for the theme days. I’ll be taking the week off of the 10×10, but I’ll be back next week with five more outfits from these eight items.

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    1. I love your looks! You are right, the first week it IS easy to play it safe, I am excited to see what you come up with when you resume.

      Smart choice about the shoes. I find the things I’ve learned from 10x10s are always from experimenting with different layers of clothing. You can’t exactly do the same thing with shoes.

      Those black pants are cute! And you look like 1million bucks with that Everlane top on, great choice!

    1. I’m doing the StyleBee10x10 and love finding other bloggers and websites in the process – including yours!

      I’m on day 5…and just now starting to stretch out of my “usuals” (partly due to not planning laundry so well…and partly due to the fact that normally I don’t mind wearing the exact same outfit a couple times a week). Thank you for the inspiration as I stretch out a bit!

      1. Thanks, Dana! How did you like the 10×10 – I always find it surprises me how many looks I can create with a few well-planned items. Thanks for saying hi! 🙂

        1. Had fun with the 10×10! Learned that I love wearing a couple things I’d been too “shy” to wear previously (a beautiful wrap and PF Fliers), created a short wish list of what I was most missing and bought the first two items (black winter coat, simple black dress), and am starting to play with how to define/create my style beyond “neutral-wearing minimalist” :). Now playing with phrases such as: androgynous yet subtly femme, comfortable yet thoughtful, classic with a subtle edge.

          Thanks for the extra inspiration!

          1. Dana,
            I love your expanded style vocabulary. I think next time I do a small challenge like this I should include items that are outside my ‘norm’ to push my boundries. It’s safe to say I’ve found my comfort zone style, but it’s interesting to hear how including some of your lesser worn items helped push you out of yours. I need that! Thank YOU for the inspiration 🙂

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