Fall 10×10 Wrap Up

I am so glad I decided to participate in the most recent round of the 10×10 Style Challenge hosted by Lee (of Style Bee) and Caroline (of Unfancy). Last week was a little hectic, so I wasn’t quite ready to pull a post together that showed all of my outfits from the challenge, so here I am…just a few days late.

As a refresher, here are the 8 items I chose this time around. I tried to step out of my comfort zone and pick items I struggle to style or that are a little more ‘bold’ than I would normally include. Read more about the items and my goals for the Fall 10×10 here.

Over the course of two work weeks I wore eleven of these outfits from the eight items (plus one ‘cheat’ top when it was just too hot for my cashmere sweater). I also threw in three bonus outfits that I didn’t fit into the challenge, but I will definitely wear soon.


  1. A brainstorming session with a small group of items in your wardrobe can go a long way. 

I think the most valuable part of the challenge is sitting down with a small group of items and creating outfits with them. I always start the 10×10 off this way and create a quick list of ideas on my phone. It never ceases to amaze me how many outfit s I can create using just a small stack of clothes. Having a limited number of items is where I start to get creative with new combinations and ways to wear things. Even if I didn’t wear the items for 10 consecutive days, realizing how much I can do with what I already own is very powerful (especially when I’m getting the itch to shop).

2. No ones is actually paying that much attention to what you’re wearing. Or at least how often you’re wearing it.

I have always chosen very simple, neutral items for these challenges because I didn’t want people to notice I was wearing the same thing over and over. Why that is even an issue, who knows? This round I tried to not worry about that so much and I chose items that are a little more ‘noticeable’ either in shape or color. And you know what? No one noticed.

It got me thinking about if I could remember what my coworkers wore recently. And while I always notice when someone is dressed in an outfit I like, I really never remember it day to day. It may seem silly, but this is a huge revelation. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been concerned about wearing items too often. Starting my capsule and investing in higher quality items that I wanted to wear all the time helped some, but it was always a voice in the back of my head when I was planning outfits. I honestly don’t think it needs to be anymore.

3. Set aside time to practice with items you’re not as comfortable wearing/styling.

Prior to this challenge I did take some time to try on a few outfits that I was unsure of. I took photos and sent them to my friend, Andrea, who helped me see what was/wasn’t working. It was much easier to take that time on a Sunday afternoon rather than trying to figure it out at 6 a.m. on a Wednesday.

4. Embrace your ‘theme’.

I clearly had a color scheme going on here and I loved it! So, if you find you are drawn to certain colors, patterns, or shapes and your wardrobe reflects that. Own it. Embrace it. Love that you have found what you love.

5. Less is more.

I know I’ve said it a million times, but it’s SO true. My mornings were so much easier with fewer options to chose from. I’m going to take this opportunity to look back through my entire wardrobe and see if there’s anything I don’t love as much as everything else. It’s a constant process to keep my wardrobe small and full of what I love. I was so happy with all of my outfits in this challenge it is a great time to go back in and find, by comparison, clothing I don’t want to wear as much.

6. Maybe a shopping break is in order?

I noticed that during the challenge I took a break from online browsing and it was very refreshing. While I currently shop and buy just a fraction of what I used to, it still is good to keep myself in check sometimes. Over the past couple of years my wardrobe has really evolved and it’s in a great place. I think I need to take some time to appreciate that rather than always searching for the next thing. Plus, any time away from my screen can’t be bad right?


10×10 or not, these women make the most of their lean wardrobes and I always admire how they keep it real.

Andrea  / Style goals. I love that she knows and embraces her style and just rocks it!

Jaana / I always love her fun, spunky style, which totally matches her personality.

Karin / What a great takeaway message from the challenge.

Lo / She just elevates her basics to perfection.

Allison / Her subtle styling is so good.

And over 2000 more at the Instagram #fall10x10


This was tough, because I really was so happy with how all of the outfits from the challenge turned out. But, if I had to pick three outfits to wear again right away, it would be these three.

What do you think…what was your favorite of the challenge?

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    1. Thanks for the shoutout Paige! And it’s impossible to pick a favorite of yours, I loved them all. The color scheme made everything flow and work so beautifully together! 5 Stars!

    1. I definitely concur on your revelation about noticing what others are wearing! I’ll notice outfit choices for a few stylish coworkers, but not always and not every day.

      I also think that since you added two umber pieces in your ten items (the color that stands out most among your choices), it makes it even less noticeable that items are being repeated.

      1. I have definitely noticed that a cute outfit will catch my attention, but if they wore the same cute outfit or a part of it a few days or week later I really am not sure I’d catch on. It was so nice to realize that because it’s something I’ve ALWAYS thought about when getting dressed.

        And I hadn’t thought about the similar colors making it harder to recognize the repeats, but that totally makes sense.

        I hope you’re having a great week,

    1. Thank you for the shout out! I’ve loved seeing all your outfits. I’m definitely feeling like a shopping break is in order for me, too. Seeing how far 10 items stretch is a good reminder of how much I already have!

      1. Lo,
        It’s so eye-opening every time I get back to my full closet. I am thinking I’ll do a mini purge and then work on focusing on other things until we get through the holidays.

        Thanks for following along,

    1. Very cute. I love your burnt orange tops. I have a knit cardigan in that color, but it was way too out here to wear it for this 10×10. I don’t know what your style looked like before, but I love it now. Very classic.

      1. Shelbi,
        Thanks so much, I appreciate it! I hope you’re weather cools off and you all can get into ‘fall mode’ out there 🙂

        Have a great week,

    1. Paige, you have looked so fantastic this whole 10 X 10!! Really clean and styled, yet not fussy, and I LOVE the touches of amber color you chose. Such an inspiration. One question (2, really :): What size did you get in the Old Navy cardigan??? And also which size in the amber T-top??? I think the lengths/proportions are very flattering. I love your posts so much. If it’s not too much trouble, it would be great if you could share sizes as often as possible, since internet ordering can be so tough. Thanks for all your great pictures, and for sharing your capsule journey. I did check out some of the other capsules for whom you provided links, and it is such a great exercise in creativity and abstemiousness. Of all of them, though, I honestly liked your capsule and the way your wore things the very best. Congrats and thanks again!

      1. Holly,
        Thank you for the suggestion – I will definitely add sizing info into my posts from here on out. It is so helpful and always something I look for in reviews and from others who have the item!

        I got the small and medium in the cardigan and ended up keeping the medium. It had a bit more room in the sleeves for wearing long sleeves underneath. I have a small in the T Top. I am 5’2″ and super small chested, so I don’t have to worry about that when figuring in the length.

        FYI – a few of the ‘fall’ J+J colors are 15% off through Friday with code FALLINGFORCOLOR. They also are throwing in a coupon for 20% or more off any future order.

        I appreciate your kind words, it really means so much that you find something of value here.

        I hope you’re having a great week,

        1. Thanks so much, Paige! The size information is sooo helpful, and I really appreciate it.
          Have an awesome rest of the week and weekend!

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