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Fall Capsule: Week 1 Outfits

Last week I shared my Capsule-ish Wardrobe for fall…and then promptly added four more items (good thing I put the -ish at the end 🙂). They haven’t arrived yet, so I can’t say they’re all keepers, but I just wanted to get my confession out there. I found the same Madewell jeans I have in my capsule in a smaller size on Poshmark, so I’m hoping those are a better fit and I can sell the larger size (so that barely counts, right?!). I also ordered the Nisolo Chelsea boots using my 5 For 5 credit for the year. Finally, I bought myself a pair of the Everlane denim in Bone and a pair of taupe suede Birkenstocks after my friend, Andrea, made them look so good and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

Each week I will do my best to continue to show you how I’m making my capsule items work for me. While the photos aren’t the most professional and styled (hello, they’re taken by my kids after a full day of teaching), my hope is that they show you how much really is possible with a small wardrobe so that if you’re considering taking the leap into trying capsules, it seems less intimidating.

This week’s post is short a few outfits. Monday we spent the entire day at the pool for Labor Day and then Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well, so I came home from work and went straight to bed until Wednesday morning. Here’s a look at the outfits I did manage to get photos of. I also got a great suggestion to show what I wear when I get home from school, so I’m doing my best to remember to snap a quick photo of my #momstyle each day after work.


everlane wide leg crop pants

style notes // I am still getting the hang of how to style the wide leg pants to be most flattering on my figure. Being short, what is supposed to be a crop length, ends up being almost full length on me, so I went with heels today. I am debating if I need to take up the hem to get the cropped effect. I also think that I need to tuck in my tops to show the full high waist, which will elongate my lower body and help the wide legs not make me look wide.

the items // Everlane wide leg crop pants /  striped tee c/o Tapered Collection / Moheda Betty clogs / watch c/o JORD / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (this is the Camille and is back in stock in a darker wood bead and ivory bead – get 10% off with code PAIGE10) (c/o)

#momstyle / After work, I changed into Birkenstocks and swapped tees. I knew I was in charge of grilling our dinner while my husband took the others on a car ride and dropped off Max at soccer practice. I wasn’t too worried about the pants, so I kept those on, but I changed into a tee that already has a small grease stain and is reserved for home wear only. (That white spot in the middle is just from a dirty mirror ;))


corrine collection pocket dress

style notes // This dress was a favorite from my summer wardrobe, but it’s so comfy that I want to carry it into fall. Since it still feels like summer temperature-wise, I held off on the layering until I need to. I wore my clogs to add some height and make my legs look longer since the midi style can cut them off. Plus, I like the brown tone to warm up the cool gray color.

the items // Corrine dress from IMBY c/o / Moheda Betty clogs / watch c/o JORD / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)

#momstyle I shared a photo on my Instagram stories, but forgot to take one on my actual phone. After school I swapped clogs for flip flops and took of the necklace for the rest of the day.


style notes // Not much to made note of here. This is about as simple as it gets. I did do a small front tuck to add just a touch of styling to the outfit. These are two items that are still hanging around in my closet until the temperatures cool off for good. We juggled two soccer games and a football game in the morning, then I tried to get a jumpstart on some chores during the afternoon. We spent the evening eating take-n-back pizza, drinking sangria, and watching college football while the kids played. It was a pretty great day.

the items // DIY cutoff shorts / linen tank top (c/o) Everlane  / Birkenstocks


style notes // I’m totally repeating this outfit from a month or so ago. On their own, the joggers and tank aren’t much, but to make it look more pulled together I added the chambray top tied around my waist.  Today was pure #momstyle. I was at the grocery store by 6:15 a.m., laundry, food prep, cleaning, errands, momming. With Saturday being busy, Sunday felt like a total whirlwind.

the items // joggers old from Walmart / tank top c/o Everlane / chambray shirt secondhand Madewell (similar ethically made option) / Birkenstocks

Since I shared my new fall additions today, I’m curious what you’ve added or what is on your wishlist for your fall wardrobe?

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    1. I love your outfits!! Nicely done :).. Seeing as I’m preggers into next spring, lots of J. Crew casual pants have been on my eye on Poshmark.. Comfort is key! ?

      1. B,
        Thanks so much! Comfort is so critical in pregnancy. I’m not sure if you knew this, but my oldest, oldest posts here are from my 3rd trimester of pregnancy! That’s when I started the blog! 🙂
        Congratulations on your little bundle,

    1. Such great outfits, Paige! You look really stylish, crisp and so pulled-together in all of the pictures. Inspired by you, I went through most of my closet this weekend (never made it to the drawers :/ ) and came up with two great piles of things to donate. I’m a bit disappointed in myself because I just couldn’t seem to part with as many pieces as I had hoped but it was a START. I can tell that this is going to be a more gradual process than I had hoped, but it already feels better to have purged SOME. I really do aspire to be as pared down and pure as you are because you make it look very freeing and elegant. 🙂 Ah well, tiny steps. Also, I love the pieces you’ve ordered! They seem like they’ll fit really seamlessly into your mix. One thing: would you mind please sharing the sizes of the pieces that you wear and order? It would be so helpful, because internet-shopping can feel a bit scary. Thanks so much, and have an awesome week! xoxox

      1. Holly,
        Absolutely! I will share sizes, especially once I try them on and can better speak to the fit.

        A small start is a start. I have an idea. What if you took a bunch of the items that are ‘maybes’ and put them in a box and put them away for a while. I used to sell a lot on poshmark, which eased the pain of purging. If I made money for an item it was easier to part with, plus I had a window of time when I had it listed that I could still change my mind if I wanted. I often found that the items I packed away I ended up not missing as much as I thought and then was more willing to purge a month or 2 into the season.

        You have a great week, too!!

        1. That sounds like a really good idea. I will give it a try. Thanks, Paige! xox

          1. I don’t even know if what I posted made sense! 🙂 Basically, packing things away was a bit of a security blanket for me and made the transition much easier. And I usually found that I didn’t miss the clothes and when I went back through them I questioned what I was so hesitant about in the first place! Keep me updated!

    1. I love that Corinne dress! And the way you paired it with the clogs is so good! I think you may be right about the wide legged pants. I have that same problem with pants like that, I almost always have to tailor them to get them to a perfect crop.

      Karin | truncationblog.com

      1. Karin,
        Thank you! I need to pin them up to see if it makes much of a difference. Or, do I just need to embrace my shortness and pretend that’s how they’re supposed to be? I believe the Kamm pants aren’t necessarily a true crop, so I need to stalk pics of those styled on regular people!

        1. Hint hint: I’ve used double sided (fashion tape–you can get it at drugstores) to temporarily hem pants!

          1. Ophelia,
            Great tip! Maybe I’ll try that so I can ‘test drive’ the shorter length before committing. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your great post! I have a pair of cropped wide-leg jeans that are barely high waters. I am enjoying wearing them with flat shoes and embracing my shortness. Do you have any flat shoes with a platform? I found that unexpectedly flattering!

      1. Thanks for the input – I will give it a try. I’ve generally tried to wear them with a bit of a heel, but I love what you said about just embracing my shortness!! Brainstorming ideas for next week….

    1. Thanks Paige! I love reading what you have to say and thanks for sharing your non-work OOTD.

      1. Dawn,
        Thank you! And my non-work isn’t always thought out or pulled together, but I’ve been trying to keep it a step above sweats and workout gear! 🙂

    1. Love the mom style pictures. Thanks for being so relatable and realistic in your posts!

    1. Oh, you’re so good. I can’t deal with the crazy heat we’ve been having to create my wardrobe for fall yet. Those Indian Summers here in California get me everytime. Just found your blog by the way. Loving it and happy to find more moms who are into capsules.
      xo, Shelbi | Urban Girl’s Closet

    1. Oh, you’re so good. I can’t deal with the crazy heat we’ve been having to create my wardrobe for fall yet. Those Indian Summers here in California get me everytime. Just found your blog by the way. Loving it and happy to find more moms who are into capsules.
      xo, Shelbi

      1. Hi Shelbi,
        The high fall temps are so crazy!! We had 90s all week here, so I keep having to break my capsule. I just like to get it put together because I find it helps me resist all the fall shopping craze! 🙂

        Nice to ‘meet’ you, thanks for saying hi! Love your blog!!

    1. I am thinking about getting the high low pullover from brass! It looks like a great piece. Wear it and post about it soon so I can know what you think 🙂 I am loving your style as always and looking forward to fall outfits!

      1. Madison,
        I will post as soon as the darn weather realizes we can move on to fall :)! The sweater is so lightweight and feels great, so I’m excited to put it to good use. I’ll keep you posted! Definitely size up if you choose to get it. I went with a large and I almost feel I could have gotten XL for a slouchier fit.

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