Fall Capsule: Week 13 Work Outfits

The first half of the week I was recovering from being sick and the second half it was super cold. My only thought when planning outfits was ultimate comfort. And wouldn’t you know…that always seems to winning formula. If I wear my favorite items, the ones that I feel good in, I’m most happy with my outfits. It’s not just about how I look wearing it, but more how I feel wearing it that seems to determine my excitement about outfits these days.


style notes //

After spending a weekend sick, my goal Monday was just to survive the day. I was low on energy and didn’t want to waste any on choosing an outfit, so I stuck with solid black. The cashmere sweatshirt was comforting, the jeans aren’t binding, and my new clogs made me happy.

Speaking of new clogs, these are a recent purchase (which I’m calling an early Christmas gift from my hubby). I love my Lottas with the ankle strap so much, but they always feel a little to ‘dressy’ for running around with the kids on weekends. I don’t love wearing sneakers, so I wanted something a little different for birthday party drop-offs, errands, soccer practices, etc.  After a lot of debate and repeated adding them to my cart and then not hitting purchase, I finally pulled the trigger. I chose the lower heel and more casual style and they’re perfect. I did use the size guide from Lotta (via Amazon) and the fit it perfect.

the items //

Sweater (c/o Everlane) / size medium

Jeans (Everlane) / Modern boyfriend fit, sized down 1 size

Clogs (Lotta From Stockholm) / sized down

Belt (Gap)

grade // 10


style notes //

This is one of two sweaters I have in my closet I hadn’t worn yet this season, so I decided it was time. I love the classic slim turtleneck silhouette and decided to make it a little more playful by tucking it into my high-waisted jeans. A belt felt a little to harsh today, so I left it off and kept my other accessories to a minimum for a sleek, simple look. As always, brown shoes to warm up the black.

the items //

Sweater (Brass Clothing) / size medium / available for $60 on final sale

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark) / true to size – full write up here

Boots (Nisolo) / true to size, but a bit narrow

grade // 10


style notes //

It was cooooold today, so staying warm was the name of the game. Originally, I planned the outfit with my longline cardigan (see below), but felt a little bulky (I seem to keep having that problem with it this fall). I swapped it for a different cardigan that doesn’t pull all of the attention in the outfit.

Although I have a lot of colors going on in this outfit, they are all a soft, warm tone so I don’t think it’s too much or too cluttered looking.

the items //

Sweater (c/o Vetta Capsule) / unfortunately sold out

Shirt (Two Fold Clothing, via Garmentory) / size medium / get $20 off your first order at Garmentory

Pants (c/o Vetta Capsule) / size medium (I’m a 6/28)

Boots (Nisolo)  / true to size, but a bit narrow

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton) / get 10% off your order with code PAIGE10

grade // 9
near miss //


style notes //

After 50 weeks of ownership this sweater is still my favorite. I am just as excited to wear it and I feel just as great in it as I did all last winter and spring. The longer shirt underneath that just shows below the bottom hem, for a bit of color. I love the green and natural colors mixed in to my typical black and cognac palette.

the items //

Sweater (Jamie and the Jones) / Heavyweight version / size medium

Shirt (old Madewell via Poshmark)

Jeans (Everlane) / Modern boyfriend fit, sized down 1 size

Boots (old from Forever 21) / ethically made option

grade // 10+

It’s too hard for me to choose my favorite this week. Monday and Thursday are up there, but I really like Tuesday too. What do you think?

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    1. I’ve had my eye on those clogs as well. I notice you bought the kind with the moveable strap (to wear as a sling-back I suppose). Have you worn them with the strap behind your ankle yet? does it work/is it comfortable? I was thinking of getting this pair so that incase I found the clogs slipping off my feet too much, I could use the heel strap. What’s been your experience so far? thanks

      1. Kim,
        Interesting you ask, I hadn’t even tried the strap and when I did they didn’t fit! I did size down because my 39s have a little more wood heel hanging out the back than I like, so maybe that’s why? I know one of my friends has them and wears her strap when she has to walk a lot, so I’ll have to ask her about sizing. Kind of bummed about it, but luckily I haven’t had any issue with them slipping.

        Have a great weekend!

    1. Personally, I love your Wednesday outfit. I might actually recreate it with items I have!

      1. Erin,
        I LOVE the colors from Wednesday.
        Let me know if you create a similar outfit!
        Have a great weekend,

    1. I’ve been curious about your clogs too. Thanks Kim for asking and Paige for your reply. Your outfits, as always, rock. I purchased the Nisolo Bundle, received an email confirming payment but haven’t received the gift cards. Would you know if they are sending the gift cards electronically or via mail? Thanks!

      1. Dawn,
        I’m sorry for the delay. My assumption was that the gift cards would be sent via email, but I’m not sure if it’s all bundled in one email or separate from each company?

        Did you get yours yet?

    1. Thursday is my vote!! And as always…love seeing the pics you take in your classroom. Yay for trig identities!

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