Fall Capsule: Week 14 Work Outfits

I was clearly into my solids this week. Maybe it’s because this week had school we had Ugly Sweater Day and Flannel Friday, so I kept my other outfits simple?!

I spent time this week looking back at my fall wardrobe and outfits and planning winter. I have a few items I didn’t wear or only wore once, so I need to think about why and if it’s time for a purge.

Here’s a look at what I wore this week.


style notes

It seems like I have a Monday uniform. Straight leg pants and an easy sweater. It’s a perfect combination when I’m tired and lacking motivation, (which is just about every Monday morning). It’s a look I feel like ‘me’ in, is easy to pick from my closet, and is comfortable for work.

Because the sweater and black denim are so simple, I wore shoes with some detail and a necklace to pull the look together.

the items

Sweater (Brass Clothing) // size large // This sweater is one of my favorites, that I somehow keep forgetting about. The quality is so great. On final sale now in black and gray.

Jeans (Everlane Modern Boyfriend) // size 27 / sized down for a more straight leg fit

Shoes (Nisolo) / true to size

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton) / get 10% off with code PAIGE10

grade // 9.5


style notes

This dress was one of my favorites from summer. Because of the super soft sweatshirt material I figured it would be perfect for fall. However, I’ve struggled to find the right layering piece. I first tried my longline cardigan, but there was too much fabric going on. My T Sweater is too boxy and wide, which made me look wide. And I have another more fitted cropped sweater, but it made the dress bunch around my waist.

Finally, I decided to knot this cardigan to get just the right fit. It’s thin enough that it doesn’t add too much bulk and I could knot it at just he perfect length to accentuate my waist and create some shape. I also love the warm and cool tones mixed together.

I don’t think I’ll wear this again over winter as it’s getting too cold, but it will be perfect for spring.

the items

Dress (Corinne c/o IMBY) / size medium / IMBY is closing it’s doors and is offering a choose your own sale to clear inventory. Definitely worth a look as sizes are going fast.

Cardigan (Old Navy) / size medium / currently sold out in this color

Clogs (Lotta From Stockholm) / run a tad big

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton) / get 10% off with code PAIGE10

grade // 9


style notes

This outfit mimics a look I wore in the Fall 10×10 with a different sweater. Through a lot of trial and error I have found that cropped and fitted tops work best with these pants. In this case, the monochromatic palette also keeps the outfit from looking chopped up, which has been a big challenge for me.

the items

Sweater (Brass Clothing) / size medium / runs small / no longer made, but I love this new version

Pants (Everlane) / size 6 / do get big as they stretch out

Boots (old Forever 21, ethical option)

grade // 8.5


style notes

It’s Flannel Friday at school! Flannel shirts are one of those “IG made me do it” items that a few years ago I stocked up on, but never loved wearing. They were so cute on everyone else, but I never loved them on myself. However, we always have a Flannel Friday right before finals week, so I hung on to this one.

I tried to make it a little more ‘me’ by tucking it in and pairing it with my favorite boots and I actually like it! It feels festive and perfect for casual Friday this time of year.

the items

Flannel (old from Old Navy)

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark) / true to size

Boots (Nisolo) / run a little narrow / fit great without socks, but feel snug width-wise with socks

grade // 9

A few deals from my favorite brands:

Brass Closet Kit: The Kit includes a gift card for 1 dress, 1 top, and 1 bottom. Plus a closet cleanout bag, cashmere/wool blend wrap, and canvas bag. It’s an investment at $288, but just the three items would cost more than that. Last year I did a similar kit from them, which I used to add both sweaters I wore this week plus my black turtleneck, ponte pants, and two dresses. I found it was a great way to add some quality pieces to my wardrobe that have become some of my favorite staples. They also are offering free shipping this weekend.

Nisolo Bundle:  For $35 you receive $50 gift cards to 5 different brands that can be used any time during 2018 (or earlier to buy other gifts).

If you missed it above, IMBY is closing it’s doors and offering a choose your own discount on remaining inventory.

Everlane is offering free 2-day shipping through 12/20 at 9 am PST. Plus, they just restocked the $100 cashmere.

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    1. Happy Friday, Paige! I always get so excited and happy to read your missives every time you post. Great outfits this week, each and every one of them. The one you’re wearing today with the flannel and jeans and boots is especially cute and flattering. Also, I really like the way you’ve been styling your wide leg pants every time. It’s a style I would be clueless as to how to wear, and you’ve given me great ideas. Thanks for your constant inspiration!
      Have an awesome weekend.

      1. Holly,
        You are always so kind…thank you! I haven’t been into the plaid flannels, so I was surprised how much I liked it once I tucked it in.

        The wide legs have definitely been a learning curve, but I love that looking back at photos has helped me see what works and doesn’t work and I’m so glad to hear you’ve gotten some ideas.

        Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

    1. I just ordered the everlane cropped pants because they are so cute on you and I’ve been wanting to try a wide leg pants. I love how you’ve been styling them and they are so different than anything I own now. Have you figured out how to wear them with flats? Have you tried them with sneakers? I wear sneakers a lot, even with dresses and skirts. You are an inspiration, love your style!

      1. Gena,
        I can’t wait to hear how you like them. I definitely think they have a bit of a learning curve. However, I will say I almost always feel like they look cuter in person than in photos.

        How tall are you? I’m only 5’2″ so I think that makes the flats harder to style. But I’ve worn them with my d’Orsay oxfords and sandals and liked it. I did try them once with sneakers, but I only had the Bone pair then and my sneakers were white, so it was a bit off. You reminded me that I should try it again now that I have black. Maybe this week?!

        Keep me posted!

    1. We had an ugly sweater day and a flannel day (renamed, lumberjack day) as well–these must be universal high school theme days! haha! Any day I can dress in flannel, I’m happy! Love how you styled those cropped wide leg pants!

      When do you switch to a winter wardrobe (or do you switch)? The weather has REALLY turned here, so I made the swap from fall the winter this week…I needed some sweaters and my cords!!

      1. Ophelia,
        I love when there are theme dress days at school and I am just told what to wear 🙂 We just started doing the Ugly Sweater and Flannel Friday a few years ago, but the kids love it.

        I do a very small switch over for winter. I usually pack up some of my fall items that were for the warmer days and pull out a couple of heavyweight sweaters if I haven’t already. I used to keep everything out, but I found it makes spring more fun if I’ve let some items ‘rest’ a bit instead of trying to layer them in winter.

        We’ve had a mild winter so far, but I know the cold is coming!
        Have a great weekend,

    1. Hi there! Is your Brass sweater a medium or large? I think in a different post you listed it as large? Interested in getting it and I think we’re the same size. Thank you in advance <3 Love your style!

      1. Hi D! You are so right…thank you for catching that. My tan sweater is medium, but yes the gray is large – it definitely runs small (or true to size if you want it very fitted). I’m 5’2″ and about 135, size 6. I hope that helps.

        Thanks again!

        1. Thank YOU for your help! May pull the trigger with free shipping this weekend 😉 Have a great one!

    1. I love the Friday outfit. One of the biggest things I struggle with – because 80% of the time I reach for my black Aldo boots – is how to make it look good with a shorter jean. I have the Everlane high waist jean but it falls short on me because while I’m petite I have really long legs. So the boot and jean hit at the same spot and just look weird. Those jeans end up in the only in spring/summer capsule. You’ve made it work. Please send advice!

      1. Andrea,
        I do a larger cuff when I wear my Chelsea boots so that my jeans fall just above the boots. I think it’s a little easier to pull of with skinny jeans, but I prefer my straight-legs, so that’s what I’ve come up with. If I don’t cuff them enough, I notice the hems of my jeans get caught in my boots and I don’t like how that looks, so I adjust to make them shorter.

        I hope that helps!

    1. Just wanted to say thank you for mentioning the Nisolo bundle!! I thought no way could that be real $250 of gift cards for $35….but I’ve just had the most fun determining it IS real. Bought some gifts and marked a few items on my wish list to buy after the holidays. That was probably the best deal I’ve ever seen! {now, can you buy more than one???} 😉

      1. Andrea,
        Isn’t it a crazy deal?! I kept checking into it before I posted because I was was sure I couldn’t be reading it right!! 🙂

        Glad you took advantage!
        Have a great week,

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