Fall Capsule: Week 2 Weekend Outfits

Weekends in my world are typically spent cheering my kids on at their activities (3 of the 4 are playing sports this fall), catching up on work around the house, and enjoying some downtime with the family. This weekend was all of those things and then some…like celebrating my sweet girl’s 5th birthday!

My weekend outfits are often a mix of items from my capsule and items from a shelf in my closet dedication to ‘weekend’ gear. My basic tanks, tees, and sweatshirts are available year round and that tends to be what I reach for after work or on weekends. I rely on small styling details to take my basic outfits up a notch. I still struggle with ‘allowing’ myself to wear my nicer, more expensive items from my closet on weekends. This fall, I’m going to work on not saving those items, but enjoy wearing them as much as I can.


style notes // I just got this linen dress back in my closet after a temporary swap with Andrea, and with the warm fall weather I know I’ll get a few more wears out of it. I tend to save this dress for Fridays because it is the same color as our school colors and is perfect for spirit Fridays.

I put my new taupe Birkenstocks to work today and I love the lighter color. This dress seemed to work well with my black Birks, but they felt too ‘heavy’ for a lot of my other dresses, so I’m excited for the lighter option. I threw on a simple necklace and called it good for Friday. This was so easy I just stayed in this outfit all evening until it was time for PJs.

grades //

  • effortless: 9/10 This is a throw is on and go outfit. I dinged it a point because of needing to be ironed.
  • styled: 8/10 I didn’t do anything special to style this outfit but I did feel pulled together.

the items // linen dress c/o Sotela (size 1) / Birkenstocks / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)


style notes // We had a major cool down for the weekend, which was perfect for our busy day. We had back-to-back sporting events for the kids (and my nephew), so our extended family made a day of it. We ended with a party to celebrate Liv’s 5th birthday at out house. I kept my outfit super simple and easy to work layers into, if needed. Though it’s simply jeans and a sweatshirt, the fitted cut of the top and necklace help me feel pulled together. I chose my black Birks because the fields are often wet and muddy and they are easier to clean than the suede.

grades //

  • effortless: 10/10 It doesn’t get much easier than this for a weekend.
  • styled: 8/10 But I still love this outfit.

the items // Madewell jeans via Poshmark (size 29) / gray sweatshirt old from Old Navy (ethical option) / Birkenstocks / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)


style notes // I had expected to be able to wear this on Saturday, but the temperature never got high enough to take off my sweatshirt. Turns out it was a perfect Sunday outfit. I love pairing these high-waist boyfriend style jeans with a simple tee. I have come to rely on tucking my casual tops in to up the styling just a bit.

grades //

  • effortless: 10/10 I feel so at ease in this outfit.
  • styled: 8/10 But this is another weekend go-to for me.

the items //  Madewell jeans via Poshmark (size 29) / black tee c/o Tapered Collection / Birkenstocks / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)

How did you all spend your weekend? What was the highlight?

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    1. I love your weekend wear! I think you look incredibly put-together and also super comfortable. My weekend wear also leans heavily toward the tee-and-jeans combo, though I threw on a couple of dresses this past weekend since the weather is still in the nineties. My favorite thing I wore this weekend was a raw silk top I sewed last week (my first!) when the internet was still down after Irma along with distressed jeans. I like that fancy/worn juxtaposition.

      1. Krystal,
        I am so impressed that you sewed your own raw silk top. I keep thinking I should get adventurous and give it a try, but I chicken out. Tell me more! I don’t typically go for jeans, but I’m trying to get away from always wearing workout-type gear on weekends since that’s the norm around here. It does help having jeans that fit baggier and are therefore more comfortable.
        Have a great week,

        1. I was definitely a little nervous, since I spent about $30 on the fabric from Etsy and I’d never sewn one before. I based it off of a similar shirt I own and followed the tutorial below, which seemed easier than following an *actual* pattern. It took about three hours, but I think it wouldn’t take as long the next time. Let me know if you give it a shot! http://sustainablefashionchat.com/discussion/17/how-to-sew-a-linen-top-with-no-pattern-tutorial-easy-drapey-and-beautiful

    1. We had a very busy weekend. My mil was visiting so we took her to lots of new places this time. A co-worker of my husbands organized a trip to a wallaby farm (yes a wallaby farm outside Seattle) which was pretty cool since we could pet them. Less cool when one bit me on the hand though! Afterwards we went hiking which was spectacular and a great way to squeeze in another day before the now-until-May rains start. Post hike we hit the local brewery for drinks and snacks. Sunday it rained so it was football (all. day.) but my daughter and I snuck off upstairs to watch Ramona & Beezus. I didn’t wear anything special. Just comfy clothes and layers for the cooler weather.

      1. Andrea,
        That sounds like the most fun (and most exhausting weekend)! It’s always fun to have guests visit to force us to go out and be tourists in our own towns. A hike and a beer sounds amazing right now 🙂

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