Fall Capsule: Week 2 Work Outfits

A few weeks ago I asked for input on what you’d like to see more of here and received some thoughtful and exciting suggestions. The weekly outfit posts get pretty lengthy and with some of the new ideas including #momstyle (what I wear after work) and ‘near misses‘ (outfits I tried in the morning but didn’t wear) they’d be even longer. I’m going to try splitting my posts and share twice each week. On Fridays I’ll share my work week outfits from Monday through Thursday. Then, on Mondays I’ll share my more casual weekend outfits from Friday through Sunday.

I also loved when Andrea gave her outfits a grade on how effortless they were. I decided to go back to my Define Your Style workbook I got from Lee and grade my outfits based on my three style goals.

Long ago I landed on the words effortless, styled, and classic as ‘style goals’ for my wardrobe. As I considered buying new pieces I wanted to be sure they fit into the vision I had for my personal style. These words still resonate with me, though I have found I tend to shop for elevated basics, simple pieces with unique details that make a statement, over classic styles. I also know I am drawn to outfits with a cool and casual feel, but I’m not always sure how that translates to work. Maybe that falls under the effortless category?

Here’s a look at what I wore this week. The temps were high, so I relied on some of my summer staples to keep cool.


style notes // I think the volume of this top works best with more fitted bottoms. Today I skipped over the ponte pants I included in my capsule because they felt too skinny and went to my black jeans. When I wear skinny jeans I always feel self-conscious in heels, so I chose my flat sandals, which also add a bit of color and print to my all black outfit. A simple necklace would have been nice, but I didn’t have one on in my first version of this outfit (see below).

grades //

  • Effortless: 7/10 due to the having to change how I wore the shirt
  • Styled: 8/10 knocked down due to lack of jewelry

the items //  wrap top c/o Vetta Capsule // jeans are old from Old Navy, but I’m considering updating to these // shoes are old from Sam Edelman

near miss // I originally started with the wrap to the back, which I love the look of (though, this pic isn’t great). Unfortunately, the back snap kept popping open when I bent to pick up kids or did breakfast dishes or buckled my shoes. I kept thinking it would’t be a big deal when I got to work. At the last minute, it unbuttoned as I climbed into the car, so I quickly turned it around. I decided not to risk my top popping open in front of my class. I love the v in the back, but I think I’ll have to save it for a night out.

#momstyle // Monday the new Madewell jeans I bought on Poshmark arrived and (darn it!) they’re just a bit too tight. So, I wore them for most of the evening to try to stretch them out some. Since the Broncos were playing and one of my former students sang the National Anthem at the game (check her out here), I decided to show a little spirit.


style notes //  I got my new Krissy Tee on Monday in the mail and it was total love at first sight. I am so glad I went with my last minute impulse to add this tee to my Fall Capsule. The color and raw silk texture is gorgeous and I love the simple cut of the top. I know I’ll be reaching for this top weekly, so I decided to keep my styling simple to start. I toyed with a front tuck, which looked great, but I’ll save that for another day.

The close, rounded neckline of the top is perfect for this shorter beaded necklace and the colors worked perfectly together. My clogs dressed the jeans up just enough to make them more work appropriate.

grades // 

  • Effortless: 10/10 Not an ounce of fussiness here.
  • Styled: 10/10 I love the addition of the clogs and necklace. The texture and cut of this top makes it so much more than a simple jeans and tee outfit          

the items // Two Fold Krissy Tee (size M) from Garmentory using the $20 off my first order offer / secondhand Madewell jeans via Poshmark / Moheda clogs from Lotta From Stockholm / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)

#momstyle // Oh my gosh it was so hot. I just could not wait to get home and get my work clothes off. I’ve packed up most of my tank tops, but I always keep these basic ones out for layering under sweaters.


style notes // I totally had to break out of my fall capsule today for another day of 90º+ temperatures. I wore this outfit over the summer to a baby shower and loved the look. The skirt definitely feels dressy to me because of the volume, so I chose a more casual tee and clogs to bring it down a notch. I also skipped a necklace today to avoid the outfit becoming to ‘cluttered’.

I also try not to cut my head off of photos, but I have no explanation for what was happening with my hair by the end of Wednesday and since this is published on the internet I had to do myself a favor 🙂

grades // 

  • Effortless: 9/10 The outfit was a easy to wear, but I did feel slightly self-conscious that I looked overdressed for work.    
  • Styled: 9/10 I relied on the clothing pieces to make the style statement here, which works with such bold colors and print.       

the items // striped tank c/o Tapered Collection (size up) / skirt is an old giveaway prize from Leanne Barlow, but here’s a similar from EverlaneMoheda clogs from Lotta From Stockholm

#momstyle // Notice the progression of trying to finish the decor in our bedroom? Last weekend I added the wall light then this week we had a table and today a rug delivered. I’m still testing different layouts and accessories, and boy, interior design just doesn’t come easily to me. Anyhow, on to the outfit. This morning I turned off my alarm and fell back asleep, therefore missing my workout. I knew the kids would be outside playing this afternoon, so I put on my workout clothes and squeezed in 15 minutes of jumprope while they played.


style notes // Welcome back, ponte pants! I forgot how much I love these Brass Clothing pants until I pulled them on today. They hold everything in and are oh so flattering. I do typically pair them with a looser top like I did today to balance the super slim fit. As long as temperatures are still warm I’m staying away from my close-toed shoes, so I went with the clogs yet again.

I rely on this brown bead necklace quite a bit when I wear black. It warms up the palette and also ties in with my watch and shoes to complete the look.

grades // 

  • Effortless:  10/10 Absolutely. This outfit is a perfect grab and go option.   
  • Styled: 10/10 The cognac accessories really makes this outfit for me and the back zipper detail and drape of the top takes it up a notch.       

the items // white top from Everlane / ponte pants from Brass ClothingMoheda clogs from Lotta From Stockholm / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)

near miss // I got my new Birkenstocks yesterday and was tempted to wear them. I love the mix of dressier clothes and casual Birkenstocks on others and I’ve seen a ton of great inspiration on IG and Pinterest, but I’m not totally sure about it on myself.

#momstyle // This evening we had a Back To School Night Spaghetti Dinner at Brynn’s daycare, so the whole fam went to that. I wasn’t in the mood for shorts, so I threw on a dress since it was still pretty hot outside. The straight dress and Birks felt a little frumpy, so I added a chambray shirt tied around my waist to bring some shape to the dress.

I’m so excited to be adding some new elements to my weekly outfit posts all thanks to your amazing ideas! What do you think? Is there anything else you’d like to see in these posts? 
Have a great weekend!

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    1. My Vetta top keeps unsnapping too (and that’s after they replaced it!). I’m considering taking it to a tailor to have an inward-facing button put in to replace the snap, which hopefully will be more secure, and possibly less noticeable. Unless I am intentionally wearing it unsnapped, I always wear a black cami underneath, just in case!

      1. Krystal,
        Oh man…the new version wasn’t any better?! I have no troubles with it open to the front, but I’m very small chested, which may help. I love the idea of a button on the inside though, especially since I don’t forsee wearing it unsnapped anyway. I may just copy that idea for the extra ‘security’.

        Have a great weekend!

    1. The new birks look great! What is your sense of how durable they will be (e.g. dirt magnets, easy to clean, keep looking good)? I’ve wanted a pair of the two-strap kind but the black or brown leather ones look so big and almost too harsh on my size 39 feet – if that makes sense! I think this colour/softer leather might just do the trick but worry about them not holding up to lots of regular wear.

      1. Hi Amanda!
        Thank you. I agree with the brown and black leather Birks. I really like my black, but with shorts or dresses they always feel a bit ‘heavy’. I think they’ll hold up just as well as the leather Birks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they get dirtier. Though, the texture of the suede can be pretty forgiving with spots and I know there are ways to clean them and brush them out. I am going to try to avoid wearing them in wet/muddy situations (like my kids’ sporting events), but I think for day to day they’ll be great! Also, remember when you buy to pay close attention to the regular/narrow fit. I have totally normal width feet, but I always go with narrow Birks.

        Have a great weekend!

        1. Thanks for the insight! They are officially going on my wish list for next year (we will be out of birks season in a couple of weeks… hello rainy season!).

    1. I’m so glad you’ll be posting twice a week, and I really like the new features you’ve added! And I’m LOVEing that blush colored silk top with the necklace and jeans – so pretty and pulled-together. Btw, what size are your Madewell jeans? I really want to try a pair, but the 100% cotton ones are not available in stores and I have a feeling that the stretch ones they’re carrying right now won’t give a good indication of the size I’d take in the all cotton. How do they compare with your usual size in jeans?

      I know what you mean about Birks, but I think your rock them really well, especially the black ones. And I like the softness of the taupe ones — they’re a great alternative to your Rainbow flip flops when it’s not so summery. I have a pair of Arizona’s in silver lizard print (it was a Birkenstock/Nordstrom exclusive, I think) that I got 2 years ago and wear with practically everything; skirts, leggings, jeans, all colors. They’re so comfy and versatile, and they’ve become rather ubiquitously classic and fashionable , so I don’t think you can go wrong.

      Also, I’m thinking of replacing my Dansko maryjane clogs which are pretty trashed. Are the Mohedas comfortable to walk in? What size are yours – i.e. how do their sizes run?

      Happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

      1. Hi Holly,
        First off, thank you! I am so excited about the Two Cloth top. It was an impulse purchase mainly to add some color, but I am totally obsessed with it!

        I have the Madewell jeans in a 29 and a 27. I am probably right in between. The 29 are more of a relaxed, boyfriend fit, which is why I tried sizing down. The 27s look great on, but because of the 100% cotton they don’t give much and are hard to squat down. Though, I’m going to try to break them in a bit. I think a 28 (which is my normal size) would be just right. A little Goldilocks situation here 🙂 I’m trying to find this specific color which is no longer in stores, so I’ll need to patiently wait for some secondhand (which is where I got my other 2).

        That’s exactly why I went for the taupe Birks….as soon as we started school, my flip flops that I lived in felt too summery and my black Birks often feel too dark or heavy for my outfits. Love that you have a pair you can wear with everything and is 2 years old and going strong.

        I don’t have a problem with the Mohedas all day. I wear them multiple times a week and never have tired or sore feet, so it may be worth a shot?!

        Have a great weekend,

      1. Holly,
        First off, thank you so much! And I’m really excited about the blush top too. I knew I’d really like it, but I LOVE it, which is a great feeling.

        As for the Madewell jeans, I have a 27 and a 29. I am typically a 28 (maybe toward 29 now after all the summer socials). The 29s are more of a relaxed, boyfriend feel. I loved them so much I started hunting for a smaller size and based on measurements got the 27. I can get the 27s on and I love the way they fit, but because of the 100% cotton they’re a little hard to bend all the way down in. They don’t feel as broken in as the 29s, so I’m going to try to wear them as much as I can and see if they give any. Honestly, the 28 would probably be perfect. I’ll also be keeping my eye open for those secondhand since this color I like is no longer sold.

        That’s so awesome that you found a pair of Birks that goes with everything and is 2 years old and going strong! That’s exactly why I ended up getting the taupe…as soon as we started school my flip flops felt too summery.

        I have had no trouble wearing the clogs all day. I wear them multiple times a week and never come home with sore feet. I have 39s in both the Moheda and the Lotta brand (close-toed). I wear a 38N in Birks for reference. I think the Moheda fits true to size, while the Lotta brand seems to run a size big. I love them, so I’d say give them a try, though clogs are such an interesting shoe style with the wood bottom I could understand if it wasn’t for everyone.

        Have a great weekend!

      1. Thank you, Heidi! It took a long time, but I’m finally at a place where I can say I do too 🙂

    1. Happy weekend!
      Love how you’re doing your week and weekend, that will be fun. Plus, from a reader standpoint at least 2 blog posts a week are nice.
      Now that I have a 3 week old son I am truly in awe and amazed by anyone with one kid, let alone 4 and a classroom full of them that manages to get dressed, much less look as fabulous as you do! Kudos!
      Monday’s all black outfit was SO good, and so me! Your new top is a great color and fit on you, so I loved Tuesday’s too. Also, really enjoyed Thursday’s- can’t go wrong with black and white.

      Thanks for sharing! Xo!

      1. Jodie,
        Congratulations on your little bundle!! I hope you’re transition to motherhood is going smoothly…it’s a rollercoaster for sure!

        Well, the 4th baby was definitely the motivation behind getting my closet in order. I knew things were going to get crazy (or crazier than they already were), so I needed a little place of calm and order 🙂 It makes that little part of my day so much easier, which goes a long way.

        Have a great weekend and enjoy those baby snuggles.

    1. I love the day breakdown of the different outfits! I have similar lifestyle where I have work mode and mom mode so love to see how you make it all work with great style!!

      1. Jessica,
        Thank you! I sometimes fall into the habit of coming home and changing into sweats right away, so hopefully this is good motivation for me to step it up just a bit (into cute sweats) :)!

    1. Fun to see the near misses incorporated 🙂 What a beautiful red skirt!

      1. A,
        Thank you so much! A lot of times I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to wear, but there are definitely mornings when what I had in my head does not look nearly as good in reality 🙂

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