Fall Capsule: Week 3 Weekend Outfits

This weekend’s outfits range from a repeat of one of my favorite summer outfits to my typical winter weekend uniform. The cold weekend seemed like a signal that it was okay to pack up the last remnants of my summer wardrobe. I always struggle with the in-between season when I’m juggling two wardrobes. It feels good to be settled into my fall wardrobe and I’m ready to dig in and start creating new outfits. I’m sure we still have a few warm days in store, but I have plenty of dresses and short-sleeve tops to get through.


style notes // The longline cardigan over a summer dress makes the outfit more work appropriate and more fall-ish. The weather forecast showed that today was the last warm day for at least the next week. Even though I’m craving my fall clothes, I decided to get one last wear out of this dress and cardigan before I pack it up until spring. Simple jewelry and comfortable shoes are always a must for Fridays.

the items // dress c/o Everlane / Gap sweater is old, similar / Birkenstock’s


style notes // We had a huge weather shift overnight and the 80 degree temperatures dropped into the 40s. It was a cold, damp day. We had one football game, a birthday party drop off, and two soccer games despite the weather. Leggings seemed like the best option because the thought of sitting in the rain in jeans was just too uncomfortable.

I love wearing sweatshirts and this slim-fitting silhouette makes it feel more styled than an oversized hoodie. I opted for my Adidas since it was slightly damp and the leather keeps my feet more dry. For the late afternoon game, full on rain boots would have been better, but I wasn’t prepared for the heavier rain that started to come down as we pulled into the fields. Lesson learned, from now on we are bringing the full range of layers and protection on any day that threatens to be wet.

the items // Girlfriend Collective leggings / Old Navy sweatshirt, ethically made option / Adidas sneakers via Poshmark / Old Navy rain jacket / beanie c/o Love Your Melon


style notes // The chilly, wet weather continued and besides picking up my groceries (Walmart Grocery Pickup is AMAZING), I had no plans to leave the house. I made Pork Green Chili, did mountains of laundry, and focused on slowing down and enjoying mom duty.

I don’t always chose jeans for around the house, but I am working on breaking in these jeans I found on Poshmark, so I’m wearing them often. A soft, striped tee and cardigan feels like I put in a little more effort, but is just as comfy as sweats.

the items // American Eagle striped tee (old), $25 ethical option / Express cardigan (old) / Madewell jeans via Poshmark / slippers c/o Haflinger

How is the weather where you are?

Are you itching for fall or clinging to the last days of summer?

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    1. Omg, I think I would seriously die if it got into the 40s this time of the year. It doesn’t even get into the 40s here (San Francisco Bay Area) until maybe December and that’s probably the coldest it gets.

      I love your olive green cozy looking cardigan in the first picture. I love all of your outfits actually. I feel that’s how I dress half of the week…

    1. I am envious of your long sleeves and pants! We’re having a 14 day long stretch of h-o-t weather ( after having packed away summer clothes). Very odd for this area of Ontario and tricky dressing for more formal work days.
      Also it was sweet to see some near-misses in previous weeks!
      Take care.

      1. Hi Andrea,
        There’s something about 90+ degree weather in September that just gets old, am I right?! I hope after your hot streak a nice fall cooldown blows in. I would totally not be surprised if we get at least one more hot streak here too. And thank you, I will definitely be putting more near misses in future posts, especially as I start trying new combinations after I’ve been through the more obvious ones from my fall wardrobe.
        Have a great week!

    1. I love those Adidas! They make me feel nostalgic for my childhood soccer seasons, which I always feel when fall starts anyway. The texture on that green cardigan is so good!

      1. Lo,
        That is so awesome! I have a similar feeling with my Birks, they remind me of my summer lifeguarding jobs when I wore them so often (and to a pool) and they were so broken in and worn down, but I couldn’t part with them. One of the only things I want chunky is the texture of my cardigans 😉

    1. Hi Paige! I started reading your blog over a year ago while I was pregnant (my son was born late last August!) and looking for outfit inspiration. I really enjoy seeing your style evolution and choices. Wondering if you have any advice for me: I’m now over a year postpartum, still breastfeeding and still 10 lbs. from my target weight. My closet is full of clothes that I’m not sure about because they don’t fit right (mainly in the boob area, ha). At this point, would you just start over? Put everything that doesn’t fit in a storage box for now? I’m hesitant to invest in a new wardrobe of quality pieces when I’m not sure what my body will look like in six months. I’ve bought a few things (ponte pants, button-up shirts, long sweater, etc.) that I hope will transition as my body changes, but getting dressed is a struggle and most days I end up feeling frumpy because I don’t have the right combination of pieces. Where would you start?

      Perhaps more concrete questions: I have a conference to attend in three weeks and am willing to invest in a couple of pieces now–most likely a simple black dress and a simple black top. I love the silhouette of your Everlane back-zip tee. Do you think that’s a piece that would look good with a larger bust, and that could be bought to fit now and still fit well as my body (hopefully) shrinks a bit? Do you have any suggestions on where to buy a simple black dress (preferably with short/elbow-length sleeves)? I like the Brass A-line but am fairly set on a black dress, which isn’t currently a color option.

      Thanks for any advice you can offer!

      P.S. That top photo is wonderful–perfectly styled.

      1. Hi Stephanie!
        Nice to ‘meet’ you! Oh gosh, that lovely postpartum phase where nothing fits right and you feel stuck in a wardrobe limbo. I honestly would try to get away with buying as little as possible. I always seemed to drop those last 10 pounds as soon as I stopped nursing, so around 15-16 months usually. With my 4th, I bought a lot of secondhand items to get me through (via Poshmark and Thred Up mostly). I had more luck finding tops that I was able to still wear after finally dropping the weight, but a lot of my pants I had to buy new. At that point I was totally ok with it though and I just sold my bigger items.

        I do think the Everlane could look ok with a bigger bust. Do you have other tops that are flowy like that? Or do you typically prefer more fitted looks to give more shape around the waist? The back zip is totally functional from the top and bottom, so that gives you a little flexibility with sizing. As for dresses, I’m going to keep my eye open and think more this weekend, but off the top of my head I know Tapered Collection has a black dress in their sale collection, though sizes are limited. It looks so cute though! I have heard great things about the Brass Work Dress too. I also think the Everlane A-line dress in the Japanese GoWeave could be cute for a looser fit. The GoWeave fabric is seriously my favorite ever!

        So, back to postpartum. Since it’s cooling down, I may try to find a few great cardigans/jacket type items that are a little easier to work with different sizes. I also love the ponte pants with oversized sweaters and I think my love of that silhouette came from my postpartum survival. Dresses are also great, but so annoying for nursing/pumping. It is so hard, I feel for you, momma. But I would try to hold off on any crazy wardrobe purchases until you wean and see where your body settles.

        I hope some of that is helpful! Please let me know if you have other questions!

        Happy Friday,

        1. Thanks, Paige! This is super helpful. I think for now I’ll try to live with what I have and continue to pin items/looks I like as inspiration and an eventual treat to myself once my body resets.

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