Fall Capsule: Week 4 Weekend Outfits

I hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to thank everyone for their honest and thoughtful responses to Friday’s post. You are awesome!! I learned so much and I love that everyone was so helpful and offered constructive criticism.

Here’s how our weekend went: Soccer, pizza, sleep, soccer, football, soccer, Target, sleep, workout, grocery, laundry, food prep, football, sleep. With lots of food and momming mixed in.


style notes //

I love the pale neutral palette created by the gray sweatshirt and taupe sandals. This more fitted sweatshirt looks styled compared to oversized options. The tone of the bag warms up the cool outfit, which is my favorite styling tool.

the items //

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark) / Birkenstock’s / Old Navy sweatshirt (ethical option) / old Old Navy bag (this crossbody is on my wishlist, backpack style)

grade //

10/10 This is always my favorite casual combo. I love the fitted sweatshirt, easy fitting jeans and Birks. Plus, I always feel like my bag adds just enough to make this basic outfit a little less boring.


style notes //

I repeated the same basic pieces from Friday, but wore sneakers to keep my feet dry at the wet fields. The three-quarter sleeve shirt also was a warm layer when it was cooler in the morning, but solo it was an option for our afternoon games when the sun was out.

the items //

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark) / black tee c/o Tapered CollectionAdidas

grade //

see above.


style notes //

I almost always roll my sleeves up one or two turns. Usually a kind of ‘sloppy’ fold to give it a chill, “I didn’t try too hard to look cool” vibe. I also folded up my jeans once to show more ankle and make the baggy fit feel more feminine. This was an effortless weekend outfit with no fuss.

I’ve had this shirt for a year and a half or so and I really like it. However, I don’t seem to wear it as much as I expected, so I didn’t include it in my Core Capsule-ish Wardrobe. It does make a great weekend option though.

the items //

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark, 1 size up from Saturay’s outfit for baggier fit) / H&M Striped top (ethical option) / Birkenstock’s

grade //

10/10 Soft, loose, comfy. What else do you need for Sunday football watching and taco eating?

near miss //

I started the day in more fitted jeans and a Broncos tee since we have some family over to watch the game. About 30 minutes of wearing that outfit was plenty. It just wasn’t comfortable today. The tighter jeans were bugging me, and I kept feeling like I was pulling at the tee. Little miss liked her outfit though 🙂

This week is Homecoming Week at our school, so I’ll be dressing in all my Western, Rock, and Disco glory! However, I’ll still be posting on Friday to share the items I’ve selected for the Fall 10×10.
If you haven’t done/seen the 10×10, the idea is to select 10 items and create 10 outfits. Caroline (of Un-fancy) and Lee (of Style Bee) are hosting again this season, and there are TONS of women who join in and share their outfits on their blogs and Instagram. 

Are any of you going to join in? Any questions I can answer beforehand? I’ll be sharing my items Friday and starting with my 10 outfits on Monday the 9th. I’ve been brainstorming and I’m so excited!




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    1. I think I’m going to take the plunge and do the 10×10 this time! I actually surprised myself by coming up with more outfits than ten, so that is exciting. Mine might feel more like a Spring or Summer 10×10 due to the weather (highs in the mid-eighties), and I’m missing any fun layering opportunities as a result, but that’s okay.

      I’m just wondering if anyone has ever noticed that you’re wearing the same pieces within a short amount of time? Growing up in the South, there was always this (sometimes spoken) rule that “you never wear the same piece within one week.” I don’t mind re-wearing pieces, and I do it all the time when we travel, but there still feels like a stigma around it here.

      1. Try it! I’ve done the 10×10 a few times now, and I’ve never gotten a second glance about repeating an item at my office. (I think most people are so focused on themselves to notice things in such detail). But you could always pick more “classic” pieces, like black pants, jeans, etc., that function as a uniform outfit that won’t stick out as much in people’s minds. You could also spread it out over more than 10 days–I think the whole point it just to have fun and see what combos you can come up with.

        1. Lo,
          That is so, so true! No one has ever said a thing about noticing that I’m repeating items. I do try to strategically plan my outfits to space things out a bit when I’m going to work. It definitely is a great reminder that no one is paying as much attention as we think they are. And even if they did notice, what’s the shame in wearing the same top twice in a week?!

          I look forward to seeing your 10×10!

      1. Krystal,
        Yes!! Please join in. I also brainstormed a list of outfits and am at 16, so it’s nice to have options depending on my mood and weather. I think warm weather 10x10s always seem a bit harder because that layering element isn’t there, but still totally possible.

        So far, no one has ever said anything to me about wearing the same items, but I have also played it pretty ‘safe’ with a neutral color palette. This time I’m thinking of incorporating some rust/umber colors, which will be trickier to hide the repeat factor. I think I’m just going to embrace it and try to remember that really most people are worried about themselves. If it feels to redundant I may do some weekend outfits so I’m not seeing the same people. It definitely makes me realize first, how much I worry about if other people notice I’m repeating. And two, how little it actually matters, even if they did 🙂

        I look forward to seeing your 10 items!

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