Fall Capsule: Week 4 Work Outfits

We were thrown into the cold end of fall this past weekend. The gray, dreary weather hung around all week, which is rare for Colorado. It was honestly kind of hard to transition from still working with my summer wardrobe to feel I was in the depths of our colder months. There wasn’t much of a transition in terms of slowly adding layers or longer sleeves. I think that weather is coming back to us next week. So, let’s take a look.


style notes //

First, this oversized sweater that I got from Vetta Capsule is just. so. cool. It can we worn at least three ways. There is a detachable piece that turns it into a turtleneck, and it has buttons all the way up the back, so it can be turned around and worn as a cardigan. There are still a few of these sweaters in stock. Check out the rest of the new Minimal Capsule (and use code stylethislife for a 10% discount).

Being short, I typically pair oversized tops with skinnier bottoms to avoid feeling like I’m being overwhelmed. These ponte pants, which are also from Vetta, were perfect. These are supposed to be cropped length, but they work out to be ankle length on me (I’m 5’2″).

I was torn on if I even needed a necklace because the sweater almost makes enough of a statement. In the end, I decided that I will typically wear this sweater un-accessorized on weekends, so for work I added the necklace. And, of course, brown shoes because I don’t like black shoes.

grade // 10/10

Totally effortless, comfortable, but I felt so styled thanks to the great details of the sweater

the items // 

Oversized sweater (size small) and ponte pants (size medium) both gifted from Vetta Capsule / Nisolo d’Orsay oxfords / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)

#momstyle // 

It was gray and cool today, so the cozy sweater was perfect. The ponte pants were just as comfortable as leggings, but they are dry clean only, so decided to change. I threw on jeans and slippers for an afternoon around the house.


style notes //

This outfit has really thrown me for a loop this week. I was feeling so good about pairing a more fitted, cropped length jacket to balance the proportions of the wide leg pants. I liked that the jacket gave me a little coverage for my high-waisted, tucked-in pooch. And it mixes my favorite colors.

Anyhow, I posted to Instagram, like I always do. And nothing. This photo was the least ‘liked’ outfit post I’ve had in years!! Years.

So, I ask, what am I missing? Is there something about this outfit that isn’t working that my eye is missing? I’d love to hear.

grade // 5/10

Doing a little math to get the average of the 9/10 from wearing it and the 1/10 feeling of having a major outfit flop on IG. And, I know I totally shouldn’t care, but of course I do.

the items //

Everlane wide leg crops / white tee c/o Tapered Collection / old Gap jacket / old Target shoes

near miss // 

My big struggle this morning was which shoes to wear.

  1. Leopard oxfords: I thought the print and the style would add some fun to the outfit, but I didn’t think it was flattering that none of my ankle/foot showed since the pants are longer on me.
  2. Leopard flats: Kept with the leopard theme, but changed the style. The more yellow background color didn’t work well with the jacket, but I thought the style was better.
  3. Clogs: My go to. I felt that the color was a little to matchy-matchy with the jacket and make the outfit feel segmented (if that makes sense).
  4. d’Orsay flats: I was surprised to find that I liked how the more delicate shoe looked with the oversized pants. Thank goodness because I was about out of options.

#momstyle // 

My husband told me I look like a prisoner in this outfit. 🙂 I’m blaming it on the black Birk’s. I chose black because we were just hanging around the house and doing a soccer drop off and I’m still handling my taupe Birkenstock’s with kid gloves. I think the lighter color sandals or some cute sneakers would add some dimension and make this a great weekend outfit.


style notes //

This outfit is my style jam. I have totally fallen in love with the way the Jamie + the Jones T Tops take a basic look and elevate it just enough that I feel like a million bucks. The texture, the cut, and the drape are so effortlessly styled.

I could have chosen any of the pants from my closet to go with this outfit. I picked the jeans purely because I had already worn black pants twice this week. Without fail, I added some touches of cognac brown to warm up the outfit.

grade // 10/10

I said on Instagram that this is the outfit I would pick if I woke up late and had 10 minutes to get out the door. No thought, no fuss required.

the items //

Jamie + the Jones T Top / Madewell jeans via Poshmark / Lotta From Stockholm clogs / watch c/o JORD / necklace c/o Natalie Borton (get 10% off with code PAIGE10)

near miss // 

This Brass High Low sweater (size large) was so perfect for the cool, drizzly day. I was all set to go, but remembered that the heat in my classroom has been running way hot, so I decided to go with a top that is a little cooler (and that worked with the pants, shoes, and necklace I already had on). A quick FYI, this sweater is on sale for $58 in both black and gray. Size up unless you’re looking for a snug fit.



style notes //

My entire goal when choosing an outfit today was to wear layers. The heat in my room has been crazy warm all week, so I wasn’t sure if it had been fixed. Turns out it was better, but still warmer than normal, so I wore just the tee all day. When we left for school it was raining just enough that I didn’t want to wear my clogs. I’ve had these boots for 3 or 4 years, so they’re very broken in and I don’t stress about a few raindrops (or snowflakes).

When Mott and Bow asked if they could send a pair of jeans for me to try out (and wear and share only if I wanted), I was flattered, but also a little hesitant. I haven’t entirely been feeling the skinny jeans lately, and that’s a majority of what they carry. I thought maybe a well-made pair with an updated high waist could change my mind. Since I already have a few pairs of black pants I chose the dark gray. They feel more dressed up for work than blue jeans, but have a more casual vibe than my black ponte pants. I tend to wear a lot of oversized tops and boots, so I think the skinny jeans will work well to balance those two aspects of my fall/winter outfits. I did have to size up to a 30 (from my normal 28) in the jeans.

grade // 9/10

I really thought I’d wear my cardigan most of the day, so I didn’t wear a necklace. Everything else was great. I love this color palette, the jeans were comfortable, and I’m still obsessed with this top.

the items //

Two Fold Clothing raw silk tee (bought from Garmentory, $20 off first purchase here) / skinny jeans (c/o) Mott and Bow / Sam Edelman boots

#momstyle // 

I totally spaced my mom style pic today. It was much cooler outside, so I threw on a sweatshirt and my slippers and we hung around the house.

So, tell me (honestly), what are your thoughts on this week’s outfits, particularly Tuesday? I know I have learned so much about my style and what works for my body since I’ve started taking outfit pics to share on the blog. Often times I look back and realize something just was not working. But I’m just not seeing it as clearly this week, so I need your help 🙂

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    1. I think all the outfits look great! (even the instagram fail) Excited to see the Vetta sweater as I also picked it up in the grey. Was a bit disappointed in the short arm length since it looked longer online…at least its short on me (5’6). Thanks for the code…justified going back and getting the striped shirtdress! I like that your outfits aren’t overstyled…sort of the simple inspiration I like to see…reminder that you can still look great keeping it simple and rewearing items. Working on thinning my closet…all the while adding more Vetta…oops! A work in progress. thanks for the inspiration!!

      1. Lisa,
        You have to stop back in the let me know how the shirtdress is, I’m so drawn to it! I happen to be pleased with the short sleeve length, but I think because I’m short my sweater sleeves are almost always too long. It’s refreshing not to have to roll them up! Maybe on colder days a snug fitting long sleeve tee could layer under it to add length and detail at the sleeves?

        Thanks so much for your kind words. I used to go all out with colors, patterns, accessories, etc. Luckily at some point I realized it just wasn’t me – I much prefer a toned down style.

        And yay for thinning down your wardrobe! At least the Vetta item are so versatile you can purge a few in their place 🙂

        Have a great weekend,

    1. For Tuesday I think maybe the white tee throws it off, like that’s what draws the eye. Maybe a different color would work? Or add a heel to elevate the leg? I’m not a fan the pant, but that’s me, not a reflection on how they look on you. Otherwise I’m not sure! It’s not the best outfit of the week, but I don’t think it’s terrible either!

      1. Andrea,
        That makes a lot of sense. Maybe it’s too harsh of a color contrast in addition to the boxier cut of the jacket and pants? I think I’m learning that the combination of the jacket and pants were too boxy and I need to stick with a leaner silhouette up top to balance the wide legs.

        Thanks so much for the feedback! I truly appreciate it.

        Happy weekend,

    1. I didn’t click like on Tuesday’s outfit because I think it looks chopped up – all I see are squares, especially around the hips! The colors end up in blocks and the very hard line from the jacket looks jarring with the very hard line from the pants’ waistline. I love the shoes you picked & I also wonder if it was just the photo that gave that square effect. Or maybe an untucked shirt with more drape would balance the other pieces?

      1. Anna,
        That is a perfect way to explain it. I didn’t see it before, but now that you say that I completely see what you mean. Thanks so much for the insight!

        Have a great weekend,

    1. Thursday’s outfit is my favorite! Do you mind if I ask if you would purchase the Mott & Bow’s out of pocket?

      Tuesday’s outfit wasn’t my favorite (one outfit has to be the least-favorite, right?), and I think it’s the silhouette. Wide pants are hard to pull off, and I feel like they need a really slim top to balance out. To me, the coat kind of boxes off this look.

      That being said – I don’t think you should let your confidence or style rely on how many Instagram likes an outfit gets! I’m still pretty new to all of this, so maybe it’s easier to separate myself from my blog/social media and let it not affect me (if I did, I would never leave my house!)? But I think it’s really important to dress how you’d like, not how you think others will like!

      1. Krystal,
        I agree 100% that the jacket made the outfit too boxy. I’m not sure why I didn’t see it, but it’s totally clear now. You’re spot on!

        I also agree that the number of likes shouldn’t dictate much of anything (especially since who knows who’s is seeing what anymore). As with many things, easier said than done. But at the end of the day, I’m pretty good about separating myself from the numbers game there. It’s just a hobby after all 🙂

        As for the jeans…they are a thinner material than the 100% cotton I’ve been into lately, but that and the stretch is pretty much essential for skinnies. I don’t know that I love them enough to buy them, mainly because I’m not 100% sure how long I’ll be into skinnies. I hope they come out with more styles soon. Let me know if you have any other questions.

        Have a great weekend,

    1. I actually love the Tuesday outfit! Before I read the text that accompanied it, I thought it looked really put together and lovely. I didn’t like it on IG because I’m taking a little break from shopping, and IG is my temptress! Love all the outfits, and thanks for the continued inspiration! 🙂

      1. Laura,
        Thanks so much! And I agree that IG is the worst shopping temptation ever. One of the reasons I started my capsule was because my closet/shopping got so out of control after I joined IG!

        Have a great weekend,

    1. I love Monday and particularly Wednesday’s outfit–you almost have me convinced that I could pull off that Jamie & the Jones top! On the question of Tuesday–I’m still a little skeptical of wide-leg pant outfits. I think in order to look current, they have to be styled really simply to just let the silhouette shine. Pairing the jacket with it feels a bit much and makes it look dated somehow?

      But I’m so glad you share all of this, because it’s so interesting to think these things through! Also, as much fun as it is to over-analyze, I’m sure the outfit looked great in real life, which of course is what really matters.

      1. Abbey,
        That totally makes sense about the jacket looking dated. I think wide leg pants are hard to pull off and some days I just say screw it and embrace my shortness and other days I struggle with it. I do think I should stick with more fitted tops and tuck them in when possible to elongate the look.

        Thanks so much for the input – you’re spot on!!

    1. Since I’m the same size (incl. height) as you, I love seeing how things look on you to determine how they’d look on me. As for Tuesday’s outfit…for me, I think it’s the wide leg. I’m always so hesitant to wear wide legs because of being so short. Like maybe if they were slightly more cropped, and you wore heels? If we short girls can show out ankles I think that makes a world of difference. And as someone else mentioned, the jacket negates the slimness of the top so that it doesn’t look slim on bottom/wide on top, but more like wide everywhere. When we are short and not stick thin, we need something to help define our curves instead of hide them. I hope this isn’t coming across as rude or offensive! PS I LOVE that Vetta sweater! And I totally should’ve sized up to the large in the Brass sweater. C’est la vie.

      1. Taylor,
        That is definitely one thing I struggle with when wearing the wide leg pants. Thinking back, I got this outfit inspiration from another blogger, but I didn’t consider the difference that she’s at least 7″ taller than me! I need to be more careful with my proportions when wearing these pants. It’s very similar to a few weeks ago when I left a top untucked and my legs looked even shorter/boxer.

        And no way…not rude at all! I love the honest input, especially in the form of being helpful 🙂

        Does the sweater stretch at all with wear? I haven’t had a chance to wear it for a full day yet. I love the feel and weight of it though.

        Have a great weekend,

        1. just re-read my comment and I’m glad you could tell what I meant even with all the typos! the Brass sweater has held its shape well for me. I do love it. the medium is just slightly more fitted than what I prefer in a sweater, so I try to wear it with not-too-fitted bottoms. although, for a weekend look, I love pairing it with my girlfriend leggings and high top vans (yours would be a similar look if you wore your Adidas…I promise I don’t stalk you! I just like those shoes!) as an alternative to full-on athletic wear

          1. Taylor,
            I am so excited to get wearing that sweater. I love the casual weekend idea! The black is a bit tempting now that they’re on sale. Hmmm….

            Thanks again!

    1. I love your looks! Especially the Tuesday look, it’s modern. You are an inspiration to me, I’m also also 5’2″! I think you are correct about Tuesday’s look, not the right shoes. It’s a tricky pants length for us shorties. Maybe a natural colored shoe with a heel, and maybe shorten pants to change the illusion…

      1. Gena,
        I have considered shortening the pants. Maybe I should give it a go with hem tape that isn’t a permanent change? I appreciate your suggestions and your kind words.

        Thank you,

    1. Hi Paige,
      I love all your outfits for the week except Tuesday. I wonder if the pants are the wrong length? They seem too short to be full length and not short enough to be cropped. Its so hard to pull this style off. Just my thoughts Paige. Thanks for sharing your fantastic styling.
      Best wishes,

    1. Paige,
      I’m not a big fan of the wide leg pants trend personally but thought I’d throw out a couple things that occurred to me. Take them with a grain of salt ;). My first thought was that the pants are a bit too long and might created a longer leg if they were hemmed so a bit of ankle shows? Not sure but thought I’d throw it out there. I like the flats you chose with them, again because it creates a longer leg silhouette. The other thing is I agree with the previous poster about the white shirt. I think it would look nice if you wore a black shirt, again creating that longer silhouette. I totally feel ya on the length of pants too, I’m 5’3″ and everything is way too long.
      I have been eyeing that Vetta sweater since it came out. Would love to see how it looks on you with the turtleneck attached! Thanks so much for the code if I decide to go for it. I’m loving that shirtdress as well. Actually I just wanted the whole capsule but I’m trying to be good!
      Love your weekly posts! I’m up in FC so I relate so much to your weather issues!

    1. That is so interesting!! (less likes for Tuesday’s outfit) After staring at it for a few minutes I think it’s because it’s hiding your waist- it would look really cute with a cropped jacket that hit higher. I tried taking photos of myself to help figure out what I should wear but it quickly came to an end when I realized my kids didn’t care. It’s very interesting watching others with a similar build do it though! I learn lots! Love your blog and style:)

    1. In Tuesday’s photo, I don’t know if it maybe looks better in person but the jacket looks wrinkled to me, and not in a chic, linen wrinkled way. And with the wide pants, I think either a longer or shorter jacket would be better to highlight your waist. If you had a cropped jacket or a longer jacket with a cinch waist , it would give the outfit more shape. I also wonder if the contrast with the white top is too much with the black and cognac colors and if the top was a different color or you had a necklace or scarf to break up that contrast.

      But really, don’t listen to instagram likes because if you felt good in it, that’s the most important thing, and I’m certain that the fabric on that jacket would look better in person and it’s just reflecting the light in a weird way in the picture.

    1. I love the Krissy tee on you! And it’s almost persuading me to get one. The photos on their website with really pale, waifish models are not flattering. But it looks really easy and flattering on you. How have you found the durability? I have a six month old so I’m a little wary of buying silk, but the raw silk seems much more durable.

      1. Joy,
        I really love the tee. I also was hesitant to purchase it because I didn’t like the look of the neckline in a few of the product photos. As soon as I received it and tried it on, it was love 🙂

        I did see that the tee is now on sale in the Spring/Summer collection on Two Fold’s site. I like that the raw silk can be washed and so far mine has held up wonderfully. The texture also helps to conceal little smudges I get throughout the day. It’s also cool and drapes so beautifully. I highly recommend it!

        Keep me posted!

    1. Tuesday’s outfit is my favourite!!! Classy and put together!

      1. Thank you, Lara! It’s so interesting how our preferences and styles are so individually unique. I suppose that’s what makes it so fun!

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