Fall Capsule: Week 7 Work Outfits

And…we’re back to the full wardrobe! And a break from the pumpkin/umber/burnt orange color that I’ve been bombarding you with the past two weeks. 🙂

In all honesty, Sunday night when I started trying to roughly plan out what I wanted to wear this week I was totally overwhelmed. So many choices! I realized that with the beginning of sweater weather I look at my stacks of sweaters and felt like I wanted/needed to wear them all right now. It was hard to choose which to pick first. This is the longest ‘wardrobe’ season I have as I typically merge fall/winter, so a reminder that I have months and months and plenty of chances to wear my favorite items helped me talk myself down.

Alrighty, here’s look at what I wore this week.


style notes //

This outfit has been on my brainstorm list since school started, but haven’t had an opportunity to wear it between weather, spirit week, and the 10×10. I had a serious case of the Mondays, so a fun tee and different style than I normally wear seemed perfect.

I tucked the tee and added a belt to add more shape to the outfit. My first choice was my flat Chelsea boots, but ultimately I felt that boots with a heel was a more flattering choice.

It surprised me how much I loved this outfit. For me, the fitted tee worked well with the wide leg pants and I was much more comfortable with this pairing than I am when I wear it with typical jeans and worry about my muffin top.

the items //

Print Liberation graphic tee (size L, runs very small)

Everlane pants (size 6, run a bit big after streching from wear)

Gap belt

Forever 21 boots (ethical option)

grade // 10


style notes //

A super simple outfit was perfect for a day of work followed by visiting our kid’s teachers for conferences. I love this (not so) basic white top. It has a zipper detail in the back, which always draws a lot of compliments.

I did worry a bit that the longer length of the top, paired with the Chelsea boots cuts off the jeans at both ends and makes my legs look short. Though, that isn’t something that caught my eye in the mirror or in photos, so maybe it works for some reason in this outfit?

the items // 

Everlane top (size 8, purchased when I still had some postpartum weight, but still works)

Madewell jeans via Poshmark (size 28, fits TTS)

Nisolo Chelsea Boots (size 8.5. run a bit narrow, hoping they’ll stretch  // $25 referral credit for your first purchase here)

Natalie Borton necklace (gifted, use code PAIGE10 for 10% off)

grade // 10


style notes //

We had an unseasonable warm day, so I decided to take advantage and wear a dress. I love changing up the look of my dressed by adding this cardigan. It didn’t last long because it got warm early in the day, but I’ll keep it in mind for another day. I did notice how much less nervous I was about wearing the white dress with the ‘protective’ layer added!

I loved the coordinating necklace with the clogs and the depth the third color of the cardigan added to the look.

the items //

Brass A-line Dress (size M, new colors released this week!)

Lotta From Stockholm clogs (size 39, I am an 8.5 and they’re slightly big)

Old Navy cardigan (this is old, but similar version still available)

Natalie Borton necklace (gifted, use code PAIGE10 for 10% off)

grade // 10

near miss //

My original outfit included this Corinne dress (from IMBY) paired with the cardigan, but I felt a little frumpy. I didn’t even bother to add shoes to see if that helped. What do you think…are the double long layers a no go?


style notes //

Easiest outfit of the week. One of my favorite silhouettes is a boxy cut top paired with the skinnier bottoms. I love the easy cut of the T Sweater and these pants never fail to make me feel like a million bucks. As always, I added a touch of brown to warm up the black and white. It was probably around a year ago that I came to the realization that I need that bit of brown in almost every outfit. For me, it suddenly made styling all my neutrals (especially black) click.

I was so humbled (and insanely excited) that Jamie and the Jones was kind enough to send me this sweater as a ‘thank you’ for hostessing the Heavyweight T Sweater giveaway and for continuing to share my love of their products. About a year ago, I bought my T Sweater and have been a major fan girl ever since. I am particular to the T Top/Sweater cut, probably because it hides most of my problem areas and is so easy to throw on and go.  A

I wanted to share that J+J has a discount code (FALLINGFORCOLOR) good for 15% on their fall hued raw silk (olive, umber, sand, garnet, and ink). The code is only good through Friday, October 27 at 6 pm eastern. 

the items //

Jamie and the Jones Checkered T Sweater (gifted, size M, currently available for limited preorder)

Brass Ponte Pants (size S)

Nisolo oxfords (size 8.5)

grade // 10

Wow, a week of all 10’s! I have been feeling a bit ‘blah’ this week, so I think I went into my style comfort zone to make that piece feel easier. 
Do you have a style comfort zone?


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    1. I’m hemming and hawing on ordering something from Jamie + the Jones, especially since they added emerald and black to the discount code, but it’s totally not in the budget right now. I’ve been really slowly adding to my wardrobe (one item OR $100 spend per paycheck – already bought something this time around!), and these flash sales are killing me! I’ve loved watching how you’ve styled your J+J items and think one or two of their items would be a really versatile addition to a travel wardrobe. Decisions, decisions!

    1. The elevated simplicity of all of these looks is so stellar! With the double long layers I wonder about belting- just the dress or going all the way with dress and cardigan- and a heeled boot or clog. I think you could rock it!

    1. Such great outfits, Paige!! And YAY!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for including sizes!!! It’s sooo helpful.
      I’m really liking how you style the long cardigans – which inspires me to want to try one (can’t believe I’ve never had one in my wardrobe). The gray one over the crisp white dress looks very chic. I even like the double long layers together in the picture with the IMBY dress and olive long cardigan. I kinda know what you’re talking about when you say you think the double long layers together might be a bit much, only because I have trouble picturing what shoe would go best with them that way. I think perhaps the dress might look better with a cute cropped moto or denim style layer, or even one your t tops over it. (Still, it looks awfully cute with you just standing there in your bare feet, lol). And that new J&TJ sweater is stunning! I’m so glad they gifted it to you – you deserve it, so wear it in the best of health. BTW, you’re looking really toned and slender! — like you’ve lost several more pounds! Are you still following the fitness routine you profiled a while back? It’s really working.
      Have a fantastic weekend.

    1. All cute outfits! I’m not sure about the long dress and long cardigan but I like the idea of belting and maybe adding the heeled clogs or boots. Interesting thought as I don’t own any long dresses at the moment but am considering purchasing a midi from Everlane. I’m also one that loves to add a taupe or brown to black outfits. In fact, most of my shoes are brown, lol. I was also very tempted with the J&TJ sale this week but I have a couple of other big purchases coming and couldn’t justify the expense.

      1. Hi Dawn,
        I am thinking maybe belting just the gray dress would add shape without looking to 90’s?! I have gotten rid of all but my black sneakers, because I just never wore them. It was so eye opening to finally figure out why and just roll with it! Which Everlane dress are you considering…I think the cashmere midi dress is SO cute and would be so cozy with tights for winter.


    1. Hi Paige, always inspired by your post. Was trying to use your nisolo referral link and it is not working unfortunately. It goes to some referral website but not nisolo. Just wanted to mention this.

      1. Hi Megan,
        Thank you so much!! And I appreciate the heads up on the link. I just changed it, so I hope it works now.
        Have a great weekend!

    1. P.S. Can’t get over how perfectly the black and white T-top pattern echoes that of the square bench in your room! Looks awesome. 🙂

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