Fall Capsule: Week 8 Outfits

Hello, strangers! It’s only been a week since I last posted, but it feels like forever. I’ve been a little out of sorts between extra busy weekends and feeling oh-so-ready for a break at school. Any teachers out there know what I mean?!

My kids’ fall sports seasons all wrap up this weekend and Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner, so I’m hoping life slows down a bit and I can catch my breath. The extra hour of time (I don’t dare say sleep because….kids) this weekend won’t hurt.

Here’s a look at some outfits from the past week. I’m already repeating some outfits from earlier in the fall, but am also wearing some items that I haven’t worn since last winter.


style notes //

I took the day off of work today to paint our living room. It was a big undertaking, but I wanted to get it done before the holiday season hits and my motivation (and opportunity) to accomplish big tasks disappears.

In the evening we headed to the kids’ school for a Trunk or Treat. It was chilly, so I wore my Vetta Sweater as a turtleneck (there are small buttons inside the collar to detach the turtleneck). I added my wool coat and was plenty warm enough for the hour we were out there.

the items // 

Sweater (c/o Vetta Capsule): Size small, turtleneck is removable and buttons up back can be turned around to make a cardigan. Get 10% off at Vetta with code STYLETHISLIFE

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark): Size 28, fits true to size

Boots (Sam Edelman)

Bag (old from Old Navy). I want this ethical option once mine gets the most of it’s life

grade // 9 

I think the bulk and length of this sweater would look better balanced out with skinnier bottoms. It’s not horrible, but I feel like my legs look a little stumpy here.


style notes //

After a full day of bundling up for soccer and football games I came home and changed into my football Saturday uniform. I found this ethically made college sweatshirt on Amazon to replace my ratty old one. It’s slightly thinner than a typical sweatshirt and is very soft, but it does run super small.

the items //

College Sweatshirt (made ethically): Size Large, runs very small

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark): Size 28, fits true to size

Slippers (c/o Haflinger)

grade // 5 

not stylish, but it’s what I wore 🙂


style notes //

This is such a simple outfit to throw on for weekends. It’s not fussy, doesn’t require much ‘styling’, and is comfortable which are all essentials for me on weekends (well…most days really). I spent the morning watching Max at soccer camp, then spending a couple of hours killing time at IKEA before going back to his second camp (that wasn’t happening #momfail). We stopped home for a quick few minutes before heading back out to one of his friend’s birthday party.

the items //

T Top (c/o Jamie and the Jones): Size small

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark): Size 28, fits true to size


grade // 10


style notes //

As I was putting away my clothes from Sunday I decided I liked them so much I’d just repeat the look for Monday. It was much colder, so I added my T Top as a warm layer. It took a little effort to get the T Top to fit nicely under the T Sweater, but with some adjustments it worked. I have the T Top in a small and the sweater in a medium, so not as much of the umber layer showed as I had hoped. I think this outfit was so much cuter than I managed to capture in photos.

I added this new necklace from Natalie Borton’s shop and I love the wood texture against the nubby sweater.

the items //

Heavyweight T Sweater (Jamie and the Jones): Size medium

T Top (c/o Jamie and the Jones): Size small

Jeans (Madewell via Poshmark): Size 28, fits true to size

Boots (Sam Edelman)

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton): Use code PAIGE10 for 10% off your order

grade // 9.5 

The layers were a little fussy to get right at first, but it wasn’t something I had to keep adjusting all day.


style notes //

I had originally planned to wear a different sweater, but it had a longer length that didn’t work well with the midi skirt. For my height and shape it seems to work best when I wear this skirt with cropped length tops to draw attention to my waist and not my hips.

I went through a few shoe options, including booties and flats. I eventually chose my oxfords because they didn’t chop up the look (and my legs) as much as the booties did.

the items //

Sweater (Brass Clothing, only available in Navy on sale): Size medium, runs small

Skirt (old from Old Navy, ethical option): Size small

Shoes (Nisolo): runs true to size. Get $25 off your first order here 

Necklace (c/o Natalie Borton): Use code PAIGE10 for 10% off your order

grade // 8.5 

I didn’t dislike the outfit and I did get a lot of compliments from students today, but I just didn’t love it either.

mom style // 

I kept the same sweater and threw on my joggers and Birks. I love this outfit for hanging around the house and being comfy, but still feeling pulled together. The joggers are a few years old from Walmart.


style notes //

This is another repeat outfit from earlier in the fall. I love the longer tunic length top with the super fitted ponte pants. This time I decided to wear my Vetta ponte pants instead of my Brass version. The Vetta pants do not have back pockets and don’t have quite the ‘hold-everything-in’ factor as the Brass pair, so I’m most comfortable wearing them with longer tops. They are made from a really soft, smooth ponte knit and the comfort can’t be beat. The Brass pair feel more structured, which on bloated tummy days can feel constricting, which can be considered good or bad. The more sturdy knit stays rolled under better to adjust the length for different shoes. It’s hard to say which I like better since they both have pros and cons.

the items //

Shirt (Everlane, similar style, another option): Size medium

Pants (c/o Vetta Capsule): Size medium, the small fit very tight, but I have lost a bit of weight and I think they would be more comfortable now. The medium is slightly too big now, so they start to slip down a bit and need to be pulled up throughout the day. Cropped length is full length on me (I’m 5’2″). Use code STYLETHISLIFE for 10% off

Boots (Nisolo): I got my usual size 8.5 and they are fitting narrow through the toes. My other pair (and a pair my husband owns) stretched and formed to my foot over time, so I’m hoping these do the same. Get $25 off your first order here 

grade // 7.5 

Lowered primarily for comfort. I had to pull the legs of my pants up a few times, re-adjust the hem, and my boots are still being broken in, so are snug.

mom style //

I liked the joggers paired with the sweater so much yesterday that I went with the same look this afternoon.

I’m two months into my fall capsule and I’m noticing a few items that I either haven’t worn or have only worn once. It’s always hard to decide if that’s a sure sign that I no longer need to hold on to those items or if they just earn a less prominent place in my wardrobe?
What is your criteria for purging? Are you quick to let things go or do you hang on to them ‘just in case’?

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    1. Love this post, Paige! Even though you don’t think it’s stylish, your Saturday outfit is sooo cute, lol! And again, it is really great and helpful that you post sizes, so thanks for that.
      As to the purging question, I WISH I were better at getting rid of things, although I have to admit that I’ve improved since I started following your blog. I did one pretty successful (for me, snort 😉 purge inspired by you, but I still think I have WAY too many pieces of clothing (the worst of the culprit categories being black shirts in very size, shape and style). But I am trying to be more aware of things that don’t get worn enough and donate them. I’m guilty of keeping too many clothing “bastards” that don’t really multi-task (i.e. a drapy lilac colored linen Eileen Fisher t-shirt that I just can’t seem to let go of) because the ‘just in case’ mentality is really hard for me to negate. I’ll just have to keep trying, because I so LOVE and see the value in your stylish pared-down wardrobe and curated capsules.
      I’ve got multiple games to attend this weekend (our younger son’s basketball tournament), so I’ll be channelling your cute Saturday outfit.
      Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

      1. Holly,
        I totally know what you mean about that handful of items that you just can’t seem to let go of. I have a few that have been in perpetual wardrobe pergatory since I started really thinning out my wardrobe and I’m not quite sure why I don’t just let them go. Sometimes I think I just need to wait for the urge to really strike – if I try to force a closet cleanout when I’m not really in the mood it doesn’t seem to be as successful.
        I hope you had a fun weekend watching basketball – we had our last 2 soccer games yesterday. This week will feel so strange!


    1. 15 year veteran high school teacher here. I know EXACTLY what you mean. It’s been a LOOOONG stretch and I’m super worn out. In fact, down with a bad cold and in bed! And we have a sub shortage, so we basically can’t be out sick!

      Love the striped shirt AND that black and white shirt from last week! How long has it taken you to turn “all ethical” with your shopping? I’ve tried to do a lot more second-hand shopping off ebay, but I’ve been keeping track, and I RARELY get the fit exactly right and, as a result, rarely keep what I buy there. Even if it’s the “same size” (like in Madewell jeans)…the size and shape and material varies each year (as does my rump, apparently).

      I do visit a local second hand shop frequently…but pants are the hardest to find–and probably the item I’m most picky about fit (Being a teacher means I HAVE to be comfy ALL THE TIME!), especially on the “skinny” silhouette.

      Got any tips for better pants shopping online? Tips for staying away from Madewell and Loft? haha….Have you gone unethical cold turkey?

      1. Ophelia,
        Yes!!! The fall is always the longest and it seems once mid-October hits everyone’s start-of-year energy is depleted and it’s just time for a break. We get the whole week of Thanksgiving off (Parent-Teacher Conference exchange days), so that will be awesome!

        I sort of gradually transitioned (and still am) into my ethical wardrobe. First, I just tried to be very intentional with what I bought and stop the impulse clearance rack purchases. I also focused on being content with what I had and tried to wear items over and over and create new outfits with them. For new purchases, I do a lot of secondhand shopping for budget purposes and to be a more conscious consumer. I try to buy higher quality brands that I know will have a lot of life left in them, even secondhand. Plus, those brands resell well, so if something doesn’t work I know I can usually re-list it. I have also slowly started buying from ethical brands, I like Brass and Everlane because they’re a little easier on the budget, but I have splurged on items from Jamie and the Jones too (last year I just called the T Sweater my Christmas gift from my hubby).

        Pants are definitely the hardest, I totally agree! I would say if you know a certain ‘non-ethical’ brand works for you and is comfortable, buy it knowing you can wear them for years and years and that is a very important part of slow fashion. In fact, I just bought an Old Navy sweater last month because I knew I’d wear it a ton…the key is that I stopped at one sweater and bought something I knew I wouldn’t wear once and then be sick of. Also, Thred Up accepts returns, so if I’m shopping for pants I usually look there first since I can order a few options and send back what I don’t want. Check their policy, but I think you can return free if you accept store credit, or you can pay shipping if you want your money back.

        So, I would say I didn’t necessarily go cold turkey, I just started being a much more mindful shopper and really slowed down how much I was buying and tried to focus on working with what I had first.

        I hope that helps!
        Have a great Sunday,

    1. I love the Nisolo shoes. I’ve had my eyes on those for a while, but I have enough shoes for fall and I’m shopping only second hand until the end of the year. It’s almost over, but until then, I have what I have.

      Also love that burnt orange colored cardigan. So nice…

      1. Shelbi,
        Way to go committing to secondhand shopping only! How long have you been doing that? I am feeling pretty good about my fall/winter wardrobe, so really trying to avoid temptations, especially with all the holiday sales approaching. Though, more and more I find that it’s all so overwhelming that it’s kind of a turnoff.

        I hope you’re having a great week!

    1. Hi Paige – Chiming in to say that I love all of the looks this week (even the Saturday and mom-style outfits)! I feel inspired to try new things and not just succumb to “frumpy mom” style.

      I commented a few weeks ago about post-pregnancy style/clothes investment, and you advised me to wait to buy new clothes. I didn’t completely follow your advice, and I’m not going the ethically-made route yet, but I ended up buying a pair of gray jeans from Old Navy (discounted to $20) and a basic black top from Ann Taylor (40% off + my $15 off birthday coupon). Small investment, but amazing how adding two basic pieces gave me so many more outfit options and make me feel better about my body and my clothes.

      All of the 10×10 posts have inspired me to begin purging my wardrobe: I’m realizing that if a shirt was never quite right pre-pregnancy, it’s likely that I still won’t like it if I lose X pounds, or it will feel dated by then, so let it go now! Going through all of my clothes will take time, but I’m now approaching it with a sense of excitement and possibility rather than a sense of dread or responsibility.

      1. Stephanie,
        I totally agree that adding a few items that fit now can really make a huge difference, so yay! During postpartum I stuck to less expensive and secondhand items knowing/hoping that once my body recovered and ‘settled’ in I would be a different size. Once I felt I had landed at my final postpartum shape is when I started spending and investing a little more into pieces. You’re approach is exactly what I did!!

        And thank you so much, now that I feel my closet is in a good place I’m trying to motivate myself more on weekends to step it up a bit!

        Thanks so much for taking the time to follow along and comment,

    1. Michigan sweatshirts are always stylish! Love the ethical purse idea.

      1. Jennifer,
        Yes!! Great outlook 🙂

        That purse has been on my wishlist forever, but I just can’t justify it when I have one that is perfectly functional. Someday….

        Have a great week,

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