Fall Capsule: Week 8 Weekend Outfits

Last night my oldest asked why the weekends go by so fast. I don’t know bubba, I don’t know. Even with an extra hour this weekend, it began and just like that, it’s over.

We started with a chill family night of pizza, sangria, and a kids’ movie night. Saturday was the last of our fall sports season, which is bittersweet. And Sunday, our neglected house got some TLC, then we had time to play and enjoy family time before an early (thanks daylight savings) bedtime.

Here’s a look at my more casual, mom duty outfits from the weekend.


style notes //

I typically would have paired this with a pair of sneakers, but my clogs caught my eye this morning. I love that a simple change in footwear took the basic jeans and tee up a big style notch. I have been lusting after this lower heel, more casual pair of clogs. This pair has the slightly higher heel, so between that and the ankle strap they feel a little too dressy for running errands and chasing kids on weekends. I’m trying to decide if I can make these work in those scenarios or if I should just treat myself to a new pair knowing I’ll wear them for years to come?

the items //

Top (old, Gap)

Jeans (Madewell Cruiser via Poshmark), size 28, fit true to size

Clogs (Lotta From Stockholm), run slightly big

grade // 8

This color wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s our school color and we are encouraged to wear it on Fridays. But, I do love wearing just about anything with my clogs.


style notes //

Everlane was kind enough to send me this cashmere version of their sweatshirt to try out and share with you all. I have been wanting a basic black sweater, but one that had a little something extra. I considered going with a class black cashmere crew neck, but then the interesting detail of this one caught my eye. I love the longer ribbed cuffs and hem (just like a regular sweatshirt) and v-stitch detail at the neck. The hemline is more fitted, so it keeps the sweater in place and adds some shape.

For our final soccer games of the season and a team BBQ this sweater was warm enough for cool November temperatures, but wasn’t overwhelming when that Colorado sun warmed things up. A super simple look for a busy day, but I look forward to dressing this look up for work.

the items //

Cashmere Sweatshirt (c/o Everlane), size medium // Here’s a great slim fit traditional sweatshirt option too – I love the burgundy and bone colors

Jeans (Madewell Cruiser via Poshmark), size 28, fit true to size


grade // 9

If I could have worn this top and jeans with my clogs from yesterday it would have been a 10. I chose these sneakers because the soccer fields are often damp and that’s where we were spending our day. Loved everything else.


style notes //

I spend the morning in my workout gear doing a much-needed cleaning and organizing around the house. Once the chores were done I knew I wasn’t leaving the house, but I did want to change into some fresh clothes. I loved the jogger and sweater combo I wore a couple times after work last week and repeated it again today. This time with a cozy cashmere turtleneck. There was a definite winter-y chill in the air and I was craving something soft and comfy.

the items //

Cashmere turtleneck (old, similar)

Joggers (old, similar from H&M Conscious)

Slippers (c/o Haflinger)

grade // 5

The off-white cashmere sweater was super soft and cozy for relaxing at home for the afternoon, but it wasn’t practical for being around kids eating Halloween candy, doing dishes, and making dinner. I was super paranoid about getting something on it and then having to decide if I take it to the dry cleaner or try to clean at home. I also didn’t think this combo was as cute as some others I could have put together, but that also wasn’t my primary goal getting dressed.

I’d love to hear a highlight of your weekend and get to know you all better. Tell me, how do you spend your weekends?

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    1. Love Sunday’s outfit, especially those joggers for a comfy look!



      1. Thanks so much, Liv! I have re-discovered my love for the joggers and new ways to make them look a little less sweatpant-ish!

    1. Comfort is what it was all about this weekend as we had #snowville all day Sunday (which for Seattle is a rare thing!). Friday my daughter and I did girls night (eating Chinese food, watching a documentary on a ballet school in LA, and watching the Sound of Music for the 1006th time), since the boys went to a concert. Saturday the husband and I spent the majority of Saturday at a car dealership buying me a new car (which takes ages, even though I didn’t need to test drive it since we’d already done that previously and we didn’t even negotiate since we got what we wanted from the start). Afterwards we took down Halloween decor as the snow started. Sunday was football and errands in the Seattle version of a blizzard 😉

      1. Andrea,
        Your girls’ day sounds SO fun! It’s pretty cool when your kids get a little older and you can bond in different ways doing things you both enjoy. I also love when a snowy day forces us to slow down and just relax and hang out as a family.

        And, yes, car-buying takes forever. I remember that from the last time we bought a car – we were there so much longer than expected and had the kids. It was a mess 🙂

        Thanks so much for sharing,

    1. We try to have a nice mix of adventure and downtime on the weekends. Living here in Colorado means there is always something to climb, hike or bike. But as fun as that is, I’ve noticed that since our little guy started 1st grade this fall, he really needs some time to just chill on the weekends. And being an introvert, I’m happy to oblige.
      BTW, I love your look on Saturday. Your blog is having a seriously positive impact on my closet and wallet, so thank you!

      1. Mariah,
        That sounds like a wonderful weekend mix. Now that the kids’ fall sports have wrapped up the older 3 start skiing with my husband, so we will usually spend the other day just chilling out around the house. School and sports can be so exhausting, so I try to remember not to overschedule them (or us).

        I’m so glad you’re finding some inspiration here, that means so so much to me!

        Where in Colorado are you? We’re in between Denver and Boulder.

        Hope your week is going well,

        1. Ski season is big at our house too! Unfortunately, our 6 year old is already surpassing my meager slope skills so it may become something for just him and dad as well. : )

          I think I found your blog through a mention on Un-fancy? We live in Louisville, so as much as I love following Caroline, it’s great to get a local twist on building an ethical, minimal wardrobe.

          Hope you have a great week as well! Mariah

    1. The weekends are usually all about trying to keep our heads above water with a 22 month old and a 4 month old! (Please tell me it gets better!!) This Saturday I was on solo duty while my husband went on an overnight trip so I don’t think I even got dressed. But on Sunday as payback he watched the kids while I went to a local vintage flea market. So fun!

      I’m loving all the cashmere everyone’s wearing now. The Everlane cashmere sweatshirt looks super comfy. But it’s still too warm here in San Diego to think about sweaters, and with a 4 month old spitting up on me 10x per day, I probably won’t be able to wear one anytime in the near future 🙁

      1. Cassi,
        Haha, yes (parts of) it gets easier! Our problems was that every time we got to an easier stage we had another baby LOL!

        I’m so glad you survived solo parenting duty, which is the most exhausting thing and got to enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time.

        The Everlane sweatshirt is so comfy, but I know I’ll wear it more for work than weekend. It’s too risky for a day involving kids and any sort of meal 🙂

        I hope your current weekend is going well,

    1. I saw the cashmere sweats at Everlane last weekend in NYC, and they felt amazing. Like, I wanted to buy the top and bottom but I knew if I did, I would never change out of them!

      1. Krystal,
        The sweatpants would be a dream! Can you imagine how comfy?! I wonder if they’d get all worn and pilled though?
        I hope you’re having a great weekend,

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