Fall Capsule: Week 9 Weekend Outfits

It was a perfectly balanced weekend. The extra day off gave us plenty of time to play with the kids, go on some fun outings, get errands done, and also get work done around the house. It always amazes me how much more relaxed everything seems to be during a long weekend.

I did some serious outfit repeating the past few days, but I thought I’d go ahead and share anyway.


style notes //

I was tempted to hang out in my grubby sweats all day Friday, but I knew if I showered and got dressed I’d be more motivated to suggest doing something away from home with the family. I kept it simple with jeans, a tee, and boots. One thing I love about these tees from Tapered Collection is how the small detailing makes a huge impact on the overall look. The henley neckline is just different enough to take it a step up from another black tee.

I’m still working on breaking in these boots, so I figured I’d wear them for our few short outings (and wore my slippers around the house).

the items //

Tee (c/o Tapered Collection) / size small / last day to snag a tee at 20% off. Use code FALLFRIEND. Read my full review here (spoiler alert: I LOVE these tees).

Jeans (Madewell bought secondhand at Poshmark) / size 28

Boots (Nisolo) / length runs true to size, but are snug width-wise. Still working on breaking them in, they seem to be getting better / get $25 off your first order here

grade // 9


style notes //

The jeans and tee I wore yesterday were the first thing I reached for Saturday morning when I got dressed to head out for errands. I added the cardigan so I wouldn’t have to wear a jacket.

Pushed up my sleeves and a ‘sloppy’ roll at the cuff, plus a bit of the long sleeve tee underneath peeking out is a quick styling trick. Although it seems minor, I think these small touches make a difference in the overall look of the outfit.

the items //

Tee, jeans, and boots / same as above

Cardigan (Old Navy) / size medium

grade // 10


style notes //

After an early morning workout and grocery run, I spend the afternoon as a soccer mom. I kept things super casual and comfy for my hour and a half in a folding chair where I’m writing this blog post and watching Max’s soccer camp. I chose sweats in case I decided to get out for a quick walk while he practiced.

A couple of weeks ago I paired these joggers with a sweater and it has become my weekend uniform. It feels just slightly more stylish than a full on sweatsuit, but is just as comfy. No real styling here, but for a chill Sunday I’d say that seems like the way it should be.

the items //

Tee (c/o Tapered Collection) / size small / last day to snag a tee at 20% off. Use code FALLFRIEND. Read my full review here (spoiler alert: I LOVE these tees).

Joggers (old from Walmart) / similar

Cardigan (Old Navy) / size medium

grade // 9

How does your weekend style look? Are you one to get ‘dressed’ or do you take the weekend to hang out in loungewear?

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    1. I have two different sized feet so I know what it is to try to break in a tight shoe. Try wearing a thick sock…like a gym sock… while wearing the shoe. It won’t feel too great, and I suggest that you wear this only around the house so you can remove it if it gets too uncomfortable. But it will help stretch the shoe faster.

      1. Kathy,
        It seems I rarely have shoes that feel just right on both feet, there’s always a pinch or rub on one that doesn’t happen on the other. I know these are going to be amazing once they shape to my foot, so I’m sticking it out.

        Thanks for the tip – I should definitely spend a little time each day in them after work. I will give that a go this week!

    1. Paige-I just did a post on how to condition boots to help them loosen up (and what products I use)–my blog isn’t sponsored or anything (it comes from 30 years of working with horses…and leather!) I thought you might find it helpful! It’s on the Top 10 American Made Items list!

      I definitely don’t “get dressed” on the weekends…sweats and leisure duds for me (unless I’m in riding clothes and on horse or go out with the hubby on a date). I’m dressed for work (teaching) 5 days a week, so I take it easy on the weekends! I’m IMPRESSED that you dress up on weekends!!!

        1. Ophelia!!!

          I LOVE your site. LOVE! What a great concept and your thorough reviews and advice on care are amazing. I look forward to reading as you add more.

      1. Ophelia,
        I am going to read your post now! Do you know if the products are safe on nubuck leather? Thanks so much for thinking of me and passing along the info.

        I do a lot of leisure wear too, but have recently been trying to ‘step up my game’ a little bit on weekends and at least wear cute leisure wear 🙂 As our kids get older and they (therefore we) have more and more events on weekends I’m finding I have to ‘get dressed’ more than ever!!

        Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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