My Fall Wardrobe Updates

More than any other season change, transitioning into fall gets me in the mood to update my wardrobe. It may be the old habit of ‘back-to-school’ shopping, or the drastic difference between summer and fall style? Whatever it is really tempts me to shop and add new items to my wardrobe.

This fall I have un-capsuled my wardrobe (a process that led me to purge 52 more items, most that I had in storage ‘just in case’!) and I’m left with around 60 of my favorite things to wear year-round. I knew I wanted to add a couple of new things to ‘freshen’ up my wardrobe and fill in a few holes that were created when I got rid of items that were no longer working for me. So, I created a wishlist and over the past month or so I’ve been selecting the items.

Here’s a look at what I’ve added, what I’m keeping, and what’s going back.

Adidas Superstar sneakers (found mine on Poshmark, available here)

Shoes are one of the best ways to change the feel of an outfit, so adding a trendy pair of sneakers seemed like an easy way to make some old outfits feel fresh and new. Since I’ve been making more of an effort to be a conscious consumer, I knew I’d need to hunt down a pair secondhand since Adidas does not meet ethical manufacturing standards. I got lucky and didn’t have to search too hard (or be too patient) because I found a gently used pair in my size on Poshmark for $58 one of the first days I looked. Even better, I had credits from items I’d sold, so the cost to me was $0. I’ll be wearing these on casual Fridays, but also with dresses and pants (like I did last week).

adidas superstar

Navy V-Neck Sweater (c/o Baukjen)

One lesson I learned last winter is that although I love the look of chunky, oversized knit sweaters, I do not like the way they look on me. I purged a few, which left me with holes in my wardrobe. This timeless navy sweater in my favorite v-neckline is an easy, versatile addition (I ordered it in a large for a baggier fit). I checked in with Baukjen to ask about they’re manufacturing facilities and was so excited to hear that they really value creating safe and fair working conditions and regularly visit the facilities.
baukjen navy sweater 2

Striped T-Shirt Dress (Brass Clothing):

Now that I am not pumping at work I am psyched to be wearing more dresses. When Brass Clothing introduced their first print (stripes!!) in their T-Shirt dress I knew it would go a long way in my closet. I originally ordered the large after reading some reviews about it being too fitted in the hips, but I decided that made it look too frumpy up top, so I sent it back in exchange for a medium (I’ll keep you posted on the fit).  The fabric feels like a very lightweight sweatshirt and is so soft. I love that it’s thick enough that I don’t have to worry about my undies or bra showing through the white. It’s an easy piece to wear on a warmer day, but the layering options for fall and winter are endless.
brass striped tee dress 2

White A-Line Dress (Brass Clothing)

This dress caught my eye from the moment I laid eye on it a year ago. I ordered it right away when Brass restocked it in an updated design (after listening to customer reviews they changed the material, altered the cut slightly, and added a lining). The fabric is a dream – it’s very substantial, has some stretch, and the quality is amazing. It has two small pockets and I love the detail of the slightly longer, wider sleeve. I hemmed and hawed at if I should keep this dress and send about a billion texts to Andrea (Seasons and Salt) about it. In the end, I decided for fall my money would be better spent on a different item, but this white a-line is still on my long term wish list. I ordered a medium and it fit great up top, though it did pull just ever so slightly across my hips, so it didn’t skim my body like a true a-line cut.brass white a line dress 2

White Top (Everlane)

My first Everlane purchase  and it’s a dream! I added this to replace a few blouses I didn’t feel good wearing, but also my white tees that don’t look great on me. It’s cool (literally and figuratively), makes a subtle statement (which is one of my wardrobe goals), and goes with almost everything in my closet. At $88, it’s a definite splurge, but I decided to treat myself and my wardrobe to something that I love.
everlane japanese go weave top 1

Olive green chinos (Thred Up, inspired by these)

One area my wardrobe falls short is pants for work. I’m not a huge fan of wearing slacks, but I also get sick of wearing black or gray skinny jeans as my ‘dress up’ pants. I decided a pair of chinos was a great middle-of-the-road option for work. I tried the girlfriend chinos from the Gap and loved the fit and color, but again decided to search secondhand as a more sustainable option. I found this older pair of Gap skinny boyfriend chinos on Poshmark for $15 ($0 with credits). The color is a bit darker than the inspiration, but close enough for me.
green chino pants

Clogs (Moheda Betty Clogs, via Ebay)

I’ve been seeing clogs show up more and more, so I decided if I was going to invest in some new shoes, I wanted to be at the start of the trend so I can get the most out of them. My concern was that the wood soles would be too stiff and uncomfortable when I’m on my feet all day at work, but (happily) I was wrong. I was honestly surprised at how ready-to-wear these Moheda clogs were right out of the box. The leather upper is exceptionally soft and the wood sole is easy to walk in. I had no issues wearing them to teach all day. Just like the Adidas, I love that they’re a standout shoe, so they will give some of my past looks an updated feel
moheda betty clogs 3

Now the trick is to reign it in. Personally, once I start browsing, purchasing, and trying out my new pieces I slip right back into the habit. Now that I’m settled on these 6 new pieces (since I returned one dress) it’s time to stop browsing to reduce the temptation. Instead, I’m going to look for fun new ways to mix-and-match the pieces from my core wardrobe.

What is on your fall wish list?

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    1. These are perfect additions! I really like the navy sweater, and of course the white top. I can’t wait to see how you mix and match!

    1. I’m lusting after a tweed blazer, though I have 3 blazers – one linen, one nautical looking blue, and one black and white stripe – I never wear. I was proud of myself though, I had a 20% coupon from J Crew usable on the blazer which was already half price – and I walked away. That’s my willpower gone for the month!
      I’m hunting for a good pair of loafers. I love the Everlane loafers but they don’t ship to the UK. I’m very picky about shoes so I’ll probably keep waiting. I also love the ridiculously trendy Marcie bag from Chloe but the only way I’ll ever own that is if I win the lottery. I have bought two sweater vests for fall, not my usual but I tried one on and just fell in love with it.

    1. I love all of these additions but am so glad that you included the striped tee dress from Brass! I’ve wanted a well designed striped tee dress and have been trying to pin one down since my youngest was born (i.e. 18 months!) I’ve been eyeing this one from Brass since they released it but have never ordered anything from there before so wasn’t totally sure it’d be different than anything else I’ve tried. It looks fantastic on you Paige! I think I’ll be adding this to my spring/summer wish list for next year 😉 Can’t wait to share all my fall picks later this week! 🙂

    1. I got the striped tee from Brass, too, and I love the look, but find that the collar is a bit tight on my neck. It’s such a weird issue – I don’t have a big neck by any means. Have you noticed that it sometimes feels like you’re wearing a choker?

      I appreciate your comment at the end about the browsing and shopping quickly bringing you back to bad habits. It’s been really hard the last few weeks to remind myself to take my time in building my Fall wardrobe.

      1. Heather,
        I did notice that it was tighter on my neck than a lot of dresses. I ordered the medium and the shoulders and torso are fit better, but I felt it was too tight on my hips, so I’m going to have to send it back too. I’m so bummed, because I love the feel of it. I do see some new Brass items coming out soon, so I may get a new sweater instead!

        It’s interesting how I feel like I have to get all of my new stuff at once (maybe a carry over from the capsule mentality?). Even funnier because it’s still so warm here I’m not even wearing my fall clothes yet!! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you posted about the clogs! I’ve got those on my wishlist, but I wondered how comfortable they would be for teaching. Do you find they are super loud walking down the hallway? I’m always self-conscious about that.

      1. Ali,
        I was totally worried about the same thing! I have had no trouble wearing them all day and they aren’t so loud in the halls that I feel weird wearing them. I had imagined myself clopping around the halls, which is why I held off buying them. They are teacher approved though! 🙂

    1. Hello there! I’ve come acrossed your IG feed and love your style. I appreciate your casual/cool vibe on a real woman’s body. I too have a couple Brass Clothing pieces and love them. I’m curious about the fit of both the stripped dress and the black shirt dress. I’m 5’4, size 6/8, 43″ hips. As a stay at home mom of three, I want to be sure I can dress both down to be more casual for grocery store runs and errands around town. I hope you’ve been able to ease back into a school routine fairly quickly. 🙂 Keep up the great style!

      1. Hi Michelle!
        Thanks for reading and commenting. It sounds like we’re similar sizes. I’m 5’2″ and size 6/8. The shirt dress in Medium is a perfect fit for me. I struggled some with the striped dress – the large felt a little too roomy in the shoulders and torso, but the medium felt too snug on my booty. Ultimately I returned both and may hold off until spring to try again. I think I’d go with the large and have the top altered a bit (did you know Brass will give you a $15 shop credit if you have an item altered?).

        Keep me posted which you get!!

    1. I’m still trying to figure out everlane sizing and am curious what size you got the white top in? I really love it!

      1. Andrea,
        I got a medium and I feel it’s fits perfectly. I am 5’2″ and about 135-140, size 6ish. I like that the shoulders fit well and I can change how much I unzip the back to create a more or less fitted look. I hope that helps! And for what it’s worth, I LOVE the top 🙂

        1. Thanks! I guess I must be confused about which top it is, I thought it was the Go-Weave Back-Zip Tee but that only comes in numbered sizes. I find that a lot harder to decide on than S/M/L.

          1. Oh gosh, you’re right – I’m sorry. I have an 8. I was thinking of a dress I had recently told someone else the size on. I could have probably gotten a 6, but was a little bigger when I ordered it. I would say it fits very true to size. Sorry again! 🙂

    1. Hi, I just found your site — how does the Everlane GoWeave shirt wash? I’m worried it is something that won’t wash well (and I’m a sweaty person). Thanks for posting this!

      1. Hi Joy!
        I have only had to wash it once and I did a gentle cycle in the machine and hung immediately to dry and it looks and feels great. I (luckily) haven’t gotten a stain that I’ve had to deal with yet, but for regular washing I’ve had no problems. There is a slight bumpiness (not really a wrinkle) even when hung dry, so I did do a quick iron, but once that’s done it doesn’t wrinkle from wear. It’s a great fabric and it really does feel cool (like, temperature cool :)) against your skin.

        I hope that helps,

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