February Favorites

That was a quick month! I don’t get to post here as often as I’d like, but I know that’s the best thing in terms of maintaining my sanity and keeping things as simple as possible. However, I do miss sharing outfits and getting more in depth with the styling and why I did or didn’t like them. I have been feeling more confident in my style choices recently than I have in a long time and I want to dig into that a little further. We’re approaching my least favorite style seasons (I’m just not great at warm weather dressing), so I’d love to carry forward some of my fall/winter discoveries. Since I can’t post daily or weekly anymore, I figure the least I can do it is a monthly highlight reel starting with my February favorites.

Looks I loved

Pants and sweater (Brass Clothing) / shoes (old Merona found on Poshmark similar) / Necklace (Natalie Borton 10% off here)

Sweater (GAP – no longer available) / Top (Dress from Imby) / Pants (Brass Clothing) / Boots (Sam Edelman) / Necklace (Natalie Borton 10% off here)

Jumpsuit (LOFT via Thred Up, similar, Love this one too)  / Sweater (Jamie + the Jones) / Boots (Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse)

Jeans (old from Old Navy) / Top (Everlane) / Sweater (old Express) / Boots (Sam Edelman) / Necklace (Natalie Borton 10% off here)

Dress (Boden from Thred Up) / Sweater (Jamie + the Jones) / Necklace (Natalie Borton 10% off here)

What’s Working

What I love about looking at my favorites as a whole is identifying themes or patterns. This month, more than ever it feels so clear.

  • Black and cognac. I have always shied away from black pants and all black outfits because they felt too ‘harsh’. In fact, I still don’t wear black shoes. Now that I am comfortable mixing cognac brown (and I’ve found a few accessories that I rely on to pull it together), I love it! Classic, easy, and sleek yet not harsh.
  • Simple yet statement jewelry. Do you think I like my Natalie Borton jewelry much?! I love the longer length, neutral colors, and mixed materials for an easy piece I can throw on with any outfit. Plus, each piece is handmade in limited quantities, so they feel more special. I also love this brown leather wrap bracelet I created from an old, old broken wrap watch. I took of the watch face and have a new bracelet that works with my favorite shoes/boots. If you don’t have one lying around, check out these from another fave small shop of mine, Nickel and Suede.
  • Neutral colors with details from texture or shapes. It’s no secret that I’ve pretty much purged all color from my wardrobe (except the red dress, which I love to mix in). I have been replacing the plain tees, sweaters, and skinny jeans with pieces that add more subtle detail. The amazing texture of the Jamie and the Jones sweater, the wide leg pants on the jumpsuit, and the silky drape and back zipper of the Everlane top are all small details that I have realized make a big difference in making an outfit feel more styled. These details can stand alone when paired with a more basic piece, or they can be partnered together for a real statement.
  • Repeating items shamelessly. Since January I have added a few new pieces (see some of my favorites in this Brass review  and even more in my Winter 10×10) and they are items that I LOVE and am just dying to wear over and over. In the past, I have felt that was a style taboo, so I have put items I want to wear on the back burner so that I could make my way through my wardrobe and wear less loved items. Shortly after Christmas I did another pretty decent sized purge out of my already lean wardrobe and I have been loving the freedom that gives me to repeat my favorite items. Sometimes I wonder if I should try to space them out more (I’ve already worn the Jamie and the Jones sweater 9 times in 2 months!), but why? So, in 2017 I’m embracing the shameless repeat 🙂

What’s next

While I’m excited for spring, a part of me is sad that this winter style season will (slowly) be coming to an end. Starting with the Winter 10×10 and carrying the style lessons from that  forward, this has been my favorite style season ever. Over the next month or so as I think about shopping and adding new items to complete my spring wardrobe, I am going to be very conscientious to apply these same discoveries.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re struggling to hone in on your personal style, I highly suggest taking daily outfit pics and looking back each month to pick out your favorites. Make a collage on your phone and keep those in a separate Gallery folder to refer back to. Look for characteristics, colors, items, fit of clothing that those favorite outfits have in common. I have found it makes it so much easier for me to purge, but also to shop with awareness of what items I’ll really love wearing.

Are you an outfit evaluator? Have you discovered any trends in your favorites that surprised you?

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    1. Wow Paige, your style (and body!) has evolved so much over the last few months. It’s been so fun to see you hone in on what you love. And you wear it SO well. I will be curious to see how this plays out over the summer months.

      And it looks like I copied you with the black pants and T sweater. 😉

    1. I agree! You’re looking super chic and sophisticated! Great job!

      I feel so awkward taking photos of myself! Embarrassed even! But I did it for a few weeks and found that I tend to buy collared shirts that look ok in the mirror but look WAAAY too small in photos. I’ve rehomed those items and thrifted some larger sized collared shirts…I’m much more comfortable with a little extra room!

      I should probably return to taking quick snaps of my outfits…it was really enlightening.

      1. Holly,
        Thank you so much! And I definitely have some items that I think look ok, but in pictures…not so much! It does help me see what styles maybe aren’t the best for me. You should totally take up outfit pics again – I think it’s a great check-in every so often.

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