Five Days in Day Heels: An Everlane Review

This week Everlane released a new version of their ever popular Day Heels in velvet. Just in time for the holidays, these shoes are begging to be worn to all your gatherings and parties this season. Or…just with your typical Monday through Friday outfits for the foreseeable future.

Everlane  was kind enough to send me a pair of Day Heels in Crimson Velvet and I wanted to put them to the ultimate test by wearing them every single day for a full week. My goal was to see if they were really comfortable enough to wear all damn day, but I also  how practical this seasonal pair of heels is with everyday styling.

Day 1: Monday

style notes //

These wide leg pants have proven to be a great, yet challenging, wardrobe addition. I love the stand-out silhouette. However, being short I have found that if I don’t get the rest of the outfit just right I tend to look stumpy. Most recently, I have felt that adding some height with heels and lengthening my legs by tucking in tops makes a big difference. Naturally, I had to try the wide leg pants with my Day Heels and I loved the combination. I kept my accessories to a minimum to avoid the outfit getting to ‘cluttered’.

comfort // 

For the first few hours the heels felt amazing. The first thing I noticed is that they didn’t slip off my heel when walking down our stairs in the morning. It’s the little things that make all the difference sometimes.

As the day wore on they did start to feel a little more snug in the front of my foot. My classroom was really warm and I did notice my feet felt hot, like the shoes weren’t breathing much. Paired with a full day standing and teaching, my feet started to get a little puffy, which made the shoes less comfortable.

I didn’t get any blisters or concentrated spots of rubbing, just tired feed and a general tight feeling in the front part of my foot.

the items //

  • Wide leg crop pants (Everlane) / size 6 / run slightly big as they stretch with wear
  • Striped tee (c/o Tapered Collection) / no longer available in stripes, only solid colors / size small

Day 2: Tuesday

style notes //

I decided to dress my Day Heels down today jeans and a sweater. Or….as an Instagram follower pointed out, dress up my jeans. Pairing heels with jeans isn’t a look I gravitate toward, it just feels like a little ‘too much’. I can’t quite describe it, but it’s never been a combination I’m comfortable in. But this outfit feels so much different. The block heels and square-ish toe don’t feel quite as severe as some more traditional pumps, so I found this was a natural match with a pair of straight leg jeans.

comfort //

Honestly, when I put these on first thing in the morning I was a little ‘ugh’ about it. I kept them off until the last minute we had to walk out of the house. Once I got to work and my day got started I didn’t notice the shoes much, which is a good sign. As the day wore on I did get that familiar snug feeling in the toes that crept in the first afternoon. However, it wasn’t as bothersome and I wasn’t as anxious to take off my shoes when I got home as I was after Monday.

the items //

Day 3: Wednesday

style notes //

This outfit feels very business casual to me. My school and district is super casual, but if I worked somewhere with a more strict dress code I would wear outfits like this a lot. I tried the heels on with my ponte pants, but it wasn’t a look I loved. Just like with denim, the straight leg cut of these pants makes all the difference in how comfortable I am with the outfit. I had originally put on a black sweater and was drawn to the all black with a pop of color, but I decided to hold off because it seemed like a perfect holiday outfit. Instead, I opted for a warm toned cashmere sweater which felt more like fall than winter.

I kept my jewelry to a minimum since I had a mix of textures with the donegal cashmere and velvet and I wanted those to be the focus of the outfit. I did remember I had a burgundy watch band for my interchangeable Wristology watch and it was a perfect accent to tie the outfit together.

comfort //

This morning I had no bad attitude about putting on my Day Heels. They slipped right into place and off I went. Even through a couple of brisk 5 minute walks with my students to get them out of their desks the shoes didn’t slip off the back of my heels, which is typically my biggest issue. The afternoon was also much more comfortable, though I did give a test in my last class, so it may have helped that I got to sit for part of the day.

the items //

  • Sweater (secondhand Everlane, similar) / size medium
  • Pants (old Gap secondhand via Poshmark)
  • Watch (c/o Wristology Watches) / easy to swap interchangeable bands / get 10% off with code PAIGE10

Day 4: Thursday

style notes //

I could easily add these heels to my typical pants and sweater outfits every day without effort. To create a different look, I mixed in a dress and some color today. Solo, the fitted dress and heels felt too ‘formal’ for teaching, but would be a perfect holiday party outfit. To add a casual element and some contrast I layered my umber T Top over the dress. The looser top makes it easier to pull off (and be comfortable in) this dress.

This combination feels like Thanksgiving Dinner to me. The warm pumpkin is a perfect compliment to the deep burgundy.

comfort //

Another class testing this morning gave me a little time at my desk, which may have factored into today’s comfort level. But honestly, I didn’t even notice the heels today, which is always the ultimate comfort test in footwear. I have definitely noticed that the balls of my feet don’t get that tired, sore feeling after a day in these shoes like they tend to with other heels.

the items //

Day 5: Friday

style notes //

Talk about a mixed dressed-up/down vibe going on here. This isn’t a combination I would typically choose, but it’s a fun finish to the week. I would definitely feel more at home wearing a sweater rather than than the sweatshirt. However, one of my goals was to test how versatile these heels are and what better way but to push outside of my normal style comfort zone?

I’d love your take on this outfit. Do the heels belong with a gray sweatshirt or is that too much of stretch for the dressy-casual feel?

comfort //

I still can’t say with 100% certainty if the heels are breaking in and shaping to my foot. They feel more comfortable each day but I have so many variables, like time on my feet and how hot my classroom gets, that I’m not positive what has the biggest impact on that.

the items //

Overall Comfort and Fit

If I had to grade these heels I’d give them a 89.5%. For heels, they are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. My absolute favorite detail is the elastic back that makes all the difference in keeping them securely on my feet, even when going down stairs and power-walking with my classes. It seems if most heels fit length-wise they start to slip off my heels as my foot slides down into the front of the shoe. Or, if they fit securely they feel very tight. Another common issue I have with heels is that the balls of my feet get so sore and tired that I cannot wait to kick them off at the end of the day. Besides the very first day (when they felt more tight than sore) I haven’t had that rush-home-and-take-these-off feeling.

I did have a few afternoons where they got snug toward the end of the day, but I know that my feet tend to get swollen, especially on days when I didn’t get to sit down. If I had a job where I had more time at a desk these would be a dream. In the future I may not choose to wear them on my longer days at school when I know I’ll be up and moving constantly, but I won’t shy away from wearing them regularly.

I ordered my true size 8.5, but am curious how sizing up would change the fit, as some of the reviews suggested doing so. The shoes are just slightly narrow, so keep that in mind if you have a wide foot. As I continue wearing them, I will be interested to see if they start to give a little bit with more wear. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Wear and Tear

I tend to be pretty hard on my shoes and one of my concerns with the velvet was that they would show scrapes or scratches, especially on the heel. After a full week of wear, the look great. They do seem to attract dust, so after every couple of days a quick “brush” brightened them right back up. We did have rain one day, so I wore different shoes into work because I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up to water.

Ease of Styling

The casual shape and heel style of the Day Heels made them much easier to wear daily than typical pumps. I didn’t get that ‘I’m trying too hard’ concern I often feel when I wear high heels, but instead an easy up-styling option. They are versatile enough to pair with everything from fitted pencil dresses to jeans and a sweatshirt. I also got a TON of compliments on these, which never hurts!


I’d consider these an investment piece at the $150-ish range. They are available in so many colors it’s easy to find something neutral that you could wear with anything or go for a more standout color to add that little extra something to your wardrobe. The easy styling and high quality makes them a closet staple, so they could be worn multiple times a week to bring the cost per wear down quickly. I am considering buying the Cognac Suede pair as a year-round option, since the red velvet feels seasonal to me (though I will be challenging myself to continue wearing these even after Christmas has come and gone). In fact, I know these will work well enough in both work and social situations that I purged two other pairs of heels that were ridiculously ill-fitting and uncomfortable, but that I held on to ‘just in case’.

Now, two questions for you…

  1. Which was your favorite look of the week?
  2. Have you tried the Day Heels? Do you have any additional fit or styling advice for those following along?

Everlane did gift me these heels to style and review for this post. The thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

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    1. I bought these in the oxblood leather this fall & I love them except that they DO slip off my heels! I don’t know if it’s the shoe or my foot but I cannot take ten steps without having to tug them back on (thank goodness for the little pull tab on the back!)
      I ordered my usual size & cannot imagine sizing down because they’re snug in the toe & fit lengthwise, but it’s frustrating & impossible to wear them if I know I have to do any amount of walking other than just walking around my office.

      1. Jenn,
        That is so interesting! Have they slipped off from the start or do you think they leather/elastic stretched over time. That’s one thing I’ve been curious about, how the leather or suede may be different and break in differently from the velvet.

        The reviews on the Everlane site are mostly positive, then there are some that say what you’re saying, so it’s hard to gauge.

        I’m sorry that they don’t work well for you, they’re so gorgeous and that’s frustrating when you’ve invested in them.

        Thanks for the input,

    1. Great, helpful post, Paige! I LOVE the sumptuous color and texture of those heels — I’ve been eying the day pump for a while, but never felt impelled to pull the trigger — you’ve really made me want to give them a try. My favorite day by far is Wednesday. The cropped cigarette look with the sweater and pumps is so chic and French! Both that outfit and the silhouette on Friday with the sweatshirt and jeans are super flattering. And You look SO skinny! If I may ask a very tacky, invasive question, (lol) how much do you weigh? You look like you’ve dropped a lot of weight, and I ask so I can calculate how much more I’d have to lose to look half as good as you do in those outfits. 😉 I also like the looks on the other days, with their juxtaposition of tight and loose pieces. It’s interesting how you’ve managed to make the pumps work with ALL of them. Hope you have a great weekend! xoxox

      1. Holly,
        Thanks so much! I hadn’t thought of the French-inspired style, but you’re so right. I totally think the heels create that look. I have really been impressed with the heels. I mean, they’ll never be as comfortable as my Birkenstocks or super worn in boots, but they’re so much better than my other heels!

        And thank you for the compliment. I am 5’2″ and weigh around 137 plus or minus a couple of pounds. I have recently lost a little bit (3-5 pounds). I always tend to put on a few pounds over summer with more parties and casual get-togethers (and cold beers), so once I get back to work those tend to come off. I appreciate your kind words, that means a lot to know that my early morning workouts and saying no to extra treats are paying off 🙂

        Have a great weekend,

        1. ! I did not realize I am the same weight and height as you! Now I have to take all your clothing recommendations much more seriously! 😇

    1. I love all these looks, even the sweatshirt one. I think the fact that it’s a neutral, classic sweatshirt makes it polished enough to play as a sweater would. Tuesday is my favorite!

      1. Lo,
        Thanks for the input! My school is super casual everyday, but Friday tends to be a school spirit sweatshirt or tee and sneakers, so I felt a little out of place in my heels. I think that may have been my biggest hesitation with the outfit. You’re thumbs up will give my the confidence to give it a try again…just maybe not on Friday! 🙂

    1. I got rid of all my dressy shoes. I do have a pair of 3″ dansko clogs (Thea studded) that are sort-of-heels and my Red Wing boots (Harriets–Made in the USA) have a 2″ block heel, but my shoes are all A Plus comfortable (otherwise, I send them packing). I do not own stilettos. I never will.

      They really dress up your skirt and cigarette pants–yes, they look very french! It looks great! Isn’t it fun to have a few looks that can transition into a whole new style. Sometimes, I need a style switch up for a week or so–and having a different kind of shoe can really do that without having to do much other shopping!

      1. Ophelia,
        I hear you on the A+ comfort. I find my clogs and boots to be my most worn items because they are the most comfortable I own. Anything above 3″ (but lower is better) will never happen 🙂

        I hadn’t even realized the French-inspired styling these heels create, but I LOVE it! You’re so right. Through all my capsule-ing, I have never limited footwear because it truly is the easiest way to change the feeling of an outfit, which is wonderful when I’m trying to maintain a smaller number of items, but still want to branch out and experiment with different styles.

        Have a wonderful weekend! Are you on a break for Thanksgiving yet or do you have a few days of school next week?


    1. This extended review is so so helpful! I wear heels quite a bit, but they’re almost exclusively clogs or heeled booties for the comfort factor. I’ve been looking for a more classic looking pair for weddings/events, but I’ve hesitated on trying these because I was afraid they wouldn’t live up to the hype! Might need to give them a shot.

      1. Bev,
        Thanks so much! I don’t think a pair of heels will ever be able to beat out my clogs and boots for all-day comfort, but I found that for heels…these were great! I agree that they’re a very classic shape that is easy to dress up or throw on with something more casual for a fun twist on an everyday look. The hard part is choosing a color 🙂

        Have a wonderful weekend,

    1. I love all of your looks – Tuesday’s my favorite because it’s bright, but I’m surprised how much I love the umber color with the burgundy. I’ve been torn about the toe shape on these shoes (it definitely looks better on the heels than the flats), but you’ve just about convinced me!

      1. Krystal,
        Thank you so much! I think Tuesday was my favorite too and the one I’m definitely planning to repeat. I agree that I think the heels work better with the rounded-square toes. For me, the pointier toed heels always feel a little severe and too ‘noticeable’, so I love this more casual/muted shape.

        Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    1. I have been drooling over these shoes for some time now and wondered if they were worth the investment, so thank you for this post! One thing about red being seasonal though, Paige, red goes from Christmas, through Valentines Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc. If you look, red carries through so much of the year! I will certainly consider a purchase. Thank you for your wonderful blog, and for sharing your capsule journey. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and just love your style.

      1. Dawn,
        You are so right about the red! It’s also my favorite color, so there’s that 🙂

        I appreciate your kind words, it truly means a lot that you took the time to comment.


    1. I have found I don’t like to wear the day heels all day (black leather) and I’m too scared to wear them on my 1 mile walking commute. They are so $$$ I don’t want to ruin my appreciation of them with blister trauma.

      1. Have you found that they aren’t comfortable for all day? While mine did feel a little snug at the end of the day, I was so glad not to get any blisters!

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