A Little History…

I have been up in the air about starting a blog for over a year now. There are days it seems like the best idea and days it seems like the worst.  I recently have been putting a lot of thought into my closet and style and am feeling a little bit lost and, at the same time, a lot inspired.

Starting now seems like a perfect time to document my path to finding my own style and sharing it with you.

First, a little history….

I am a bargain hunter – that’s my favorite hobby and I get a huge amount of excitement out of scoring a great deal. I always joke that I really have a hard time spending “double digits” on an item and I will stalk something I want until I see that glorious orange clearance sticker drop low enough. Between this pastime and spending a year and a half on Instagram posting #ootds and getting huge amounts of inspiration from other women my closet has gotten out of control.

I purchase pieces I see on other people (scouring thrift shops, ebay, and clearance racks until I found look-alikes cheap enough). I have a closet full of great pieces to mix and match and layer and style, but I now find it overwhelming. I am wearing pieces only once or twice per season and some of my favorites are getting neglected because I feel pressure to wear everything I buy. I mean, that’s the point, right?!

I have a huge running list of outfit ideas on a notepad app on my phone to make sure every piece gets worn and I don’t go back and re-wear items until I’ve gotten through the list. It’s taken a bit of the fun and creativity out of posting my outfits. And although I score items at huge discounts, I feel guilty about not wearing everything more – even my $2 thrifted shirts.

I have collected items that are cute, but maybe not totally my style. There are items that I love on other people and don’t mind on myself, but I’m in love with.

I sometimes look at my old posts on Instagram and can’t believe I wore some of those things. They just aren’t really “me” or at least they’re not “me” right now. I started my Instagram in Fall 2013 to motivate myself to put a bit more effort into my outfits. I love some of the elements I’ve added into my style and confidence I have gained, and I’m ready to use that now to work with fewer items.

A few months ago a couple of photos came into my pinterest feed about the Capsule Wardrobe – I’d never heard of it, but the pins really caught my eye. I was drawn to the simplicity of these posts. I started reading more on blogs like Unfancy and Project333 and I fell in like (not fully committing to love yet) with the idea.

I still had some hesitation though. Can I really not shop for three months, I mean, it’s my hobby? What else will I do with my “me” time? How else will I get that rush of finding an amazing deal? Will I really be able to come up with enough different outfits with limited number of clothing items? Will my instagram posts feel stale and redundant if I just keep re-wearing the same items?

Then, I found out I was pregnant. A perfect opportunity to try a capsule wardrobe! We hadn’t expected to have another baby (that’s a story for another post), so I had no maternity wardrobe to speak of and have no plans to need it again after this. I decided to build a maternity capsule. I jumped on pinterest and found this post that was perfect inspiration. I made a list of what I wanted to buy and got hunting. I loved this method of organized bargain hunting. Instead of randomly searching, I knew what I was shopping for and I was able to find items on ebay, poshmark, thredup, thrift stores, and clearance racks to build my capsule.

I’ll be still posting my daily #ootds to show you how I mix and match these items and change up the looks with accessories, as well as using the blog to go into further detail about this process. Stay tuned…

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    1. Love this Paige! I’m so guilty of doing the same thing. I’m ready for simplicity. I’m considering doing this!

      1. So far, I am loving the simplicity. My closet looks so neat and organized (where before it was jammed full) and my clothes really “go” together. I am interested to see if I end up feeling bored or if it just brings me some relief and calm (where the rest of my life is nuts)! 🙂

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