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In the past six months or so I have found myself focusing more on self-care and putting in more effort to feeling (and let’s be honest, looking) my best.

It’s not that I ever fully put myself on the backburner, even through raising four babies over the course of the last nine years, but I also didn’t necessarily make self-care a priority. I would workout in spurts when I could squeeze in the time, treat myself to new clothes (sometimes too often…clears throat…enter capsule wardrobe), and try to keep up on hair and style trends, but I never really saw the value in investing in myself.

But recently something clicked, when I really take care of myself I can feel it. I’ve made working out a priority, have started investing in better skin care products, and have put the time and money into building a wardrobe I feel great wearing.

One of my biggest insecurities is my smile. I seem to have a genetic disposition to slightly yellow teeth, but I also drink coffee daily and red sangria on occasion, which contributes to the problem. In the spirit of self-care, I finally am doing something about it.

I am so excited to share my collaboration with Smile Brilliant and show you what a huge difference it’s made in the brightness of my smile (and in the confidence I feel showing it)

And stay tuned…there’s a giveaway at the bottom, and a couple of discount codes!

Here’s how it works

First, a DIY impression kit arrived along with my whitening and desensitizing gels. I followed the step-by-step instructions (which I’ll admit I was nervous about, but it couldn’t have been easier) and created an impression for my top and bottom teeth. I left them overnight to dry completely and the next morning put them in the included mailer and dropped them in my mailbox.

I received an email when my impressions arrived at Smile Brilliant and another when my custom trays were en route back to me. It took about 10 days total from when I sent the impressions to when my trays were returned and I started whitening that day.

The process can last anywhere from just over an hour to a maximum of three hours depending on how long you leave the whitening gel on, which must be followed by a desensitizing gel. The trays are a perfect fit and super comfortable, so it’s not a huge bother to wear them for longer periods, which I worked up to over the course of a couple of weeks. I have very little sensitivity in my teeth, so I ordered the regular system, but they do have an alternative for sensitive teeth as well.

It is encouraged to do the whitening before bed so you don’t risk restaining teeth by eating immediately after. That’s one way to curb bedtime snacking 🙂

Due to some time constraints on certain nights, I whitened two or three days in a row and then would have to take a day off (which also helped reduce sensitivity of my teeth and gums). I was able to get about four applications from each tube of gel (the kit came with four tubes). It is recommended to complete seven to ten consecutive treatments for optimal results before going to maintenance (one to two treatments every two to three months). I have used two tubes in the past couple of weeks, so I should have plenty to maintain for the next several months. And now that I have the trays I can purchase more treatment syringes at a very reasonable cost ($74 for 6 more syringes of both gels, which is 18 – 24 more treatments).

I have tried several over-the-counter teeth whiteners and have never reached this level of whiteness, plus the others were so darn uncomfortable. And I always felt that within a few weeks I needed to do another round of whitening.

It is so exciting to feel more confident in my smile and feel the reward of a little self-care.

Would I Buy This Whitening Kit?

Absolutely! For between $130 – $160 you can get a complete at home whitening set with customized trays, which is a significant discount from what my dentist offers. Plus, the refills are so affordable and once you have the trays you’re set for life maintenance. I think I would be hesitant to spend the money up front, but now that I’ve been able to try them, I can totally see that the system works and is totally worth the long-term investment. You can also read other reviews here.


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If you’re interested in seeing more, here is a You Tube video review.

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