Indecisiveness (Gray Tulip Cut Sweater & Drapey Pants)

Something you may not know about me…I am quite possibly the most indecisive person on the planet. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about what’s for dinner, what movie to watch, what color phone case to buy, or what to name my children (hello bringing baby home with no name)…I can’t decide. Seriously.

I’ve been starting to brainstorm what I am going to include in my winter capsule (which I’ll begin in December) and talk about indecisive!! I’ve done a few major closet cleanouts, so I really like most of what I have for winter and a lot of pieces from fall will be repeated, so I don’t need to buy much (which is part of my capsule plan – to wear what I already own). Since I was pregnant last winter I didn’t buy any sweaters, so a lot of mine were a handful of years old and were in bad shape, so I donated them.

I hadn’t realized how the shopping break I took the past 2 months has simplified my life. Now that I’m starting to shop around I’m having major issues choosing colors. For example, I ordered this cardigan online in the black. But, I’m second-guessing and thinking I should exchange it for the olive green. But is that the most versatile? Which color goes with the most items in my wardrobe? Is this even the cardigan I want? How many cardigans should I include? Is a black blazer similar enough to the black cardigan that I can get the different color? And it snowballs until I’m making this little decision into the Biggest. Deal. Ever.

I know I’m not going to be shopping throughout the season, so that takes my indecisiveness to a new level. I know there’s no such thing as a perfect capsule, but I want to get it right. Not because I’m worried about wearing those clothes for the 3 month window, but because I want to be sure I really love it. I don’t want to decide in a month or so that I don’t love the black cardigan and it sits in the back of my closet never getting worn, except occasionally out of guilt.

In the past, if I liked it, or if it was a great deal, or if I saw it on someone else I just bought it. And I ended up with way too much. That’s the cycle that I’m trying to break, so I’m putting much more thought into each purchase and that kicks my indecisiveness into high gear!

I love shopping and it’s been fun thinking about getting a few new things, but I never realized how much time I spent browsing, re-browsing, buying, second-guessing, and returning until now. I think this capsule thing is so great for me – it’s really opening my eyes to how much effort I put into shopping when I already had a full closet.

Now, onto today’s outfit – we have parent-teacher conferences tonight, so one this I could decide on is wanting to wear comfy clothes. This sweater was one of my new additions this fall and I haven’t even worn it yet, but I do love it! I think the tulip cut detail in the back is a great addition to a simple sweater in a neutral color. I haven’t been wearing many of my big statement necklaces lately (in fact, I donated most of them), but this was always a favorite, so I decided to switch it up a bit today.

So tell me, is anyone out there as indecisive as me? Do you make the biggest deal out of the smallest decisions?



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    1. Can you see me waving my hand? YES, I suffer from the same thing. And then I second-guess my choices all the time. It’s exhausting!

      1. Have you found it’s better or worse since starting the capsule wardrobes? I think now that I know I’m more committed to the items, it’s harder to decide!!

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