Introducing…Brynn Eloise

Our fourth child, a sweet baby girl, arrived July 15, 2015 at 2:55 pm via repeat c-section. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz, which is the biggest of our 4 babies and was 19 inches long. Read more about my pregnancy here.
We arrived for our 10:00 c-section at 8:00 after getting the other 3 kids squared away with family and friends for the day. When we got into our room we were told there was a twin birth happening on the floor, so we would be delayed, so we settled in and just waited for the morning.

As more and more laboring moms arrived we were pushed back further and further, but that was fine with me. We had a healthy baby, healthy mom, so we were at the back of the line which is a good place to be in that circumstance.

Finally, around 2 they came to get me and walked me into the O.R. (that always feels so weird to walk into the surgery). Prep was quick and easy, unlike what I remembered from having Liv. My husband came in and it was time to get started.

Since this was our first time not finding out the gender ahead of time there was an added level of anticipation, which I loved. My husband also looked over the curtain as the baby was pulled out for the first time in any of our 4 c-sections. He wanted to be the one to tell me the gender. All along I had pictured a sister for Liv, but I also figured that meant it would be a boy since my intuition is rarely right! I knew either way it would be a surprise.

Right away I got a quick peek at her before they took her over to tie her cord and clear her lungs and do the basic screening. Then, instead of my husband and the baby leaving for the nursery to be checked out like they had with my other 3, they brought her to me for skin to skin contact as they wrapped up my surgery (this is a new hospital practice as of the last few months). One of my biggest disappointments with having all c-section births was missing out on the precious immediate skin to skin contact on my babies, so getting a chance to experience that this final time was an amazing experience.



Shortly after we got settled into our postpartum room the kids arrived to meet their new sister.







This photo perfectly sums up their reactions. Max is in love with his baby sister and always wants to hold her and help out. Miles is kind of neutral about the whole thing, he’ll stop and say “hi” or “how cute” sometimes, but is still mostly into his world. Liv can’t sit still long enough to be bothered much with Brynn yet.brynn2
On Friday, when baby girl was two days old we left the hospital still nameless. We were welcomed home by the sweetest little “party” put together by the grandmas and kids.

brynn12Since then we’ve been obsessing with her millions of faces, tiny little body parts, and how easily she fits into our family of six.brynn15


brynnfeetAs for choosing a name…on Sunday morning after “practicing” calling her a few other names we narrowed it down to two. Georgia Mae or Brynn Eloise. Brynn has been on our girl list for as long as I remember and Georgia was never even mentioned until we were in the hospital this time and I saw Georgia on ESPN and I thought it just fit her. We (really I) was having a hard time committing one way or the other, so we did it fair and square. We wrote each name on a piece of paper, folded it up, and put it in a hat. Then, Liv chose a piece of paper, passed it to Miles who opened it up, who passed it to Max to read. It said….Georgia Mae. We had it all on the cutest video, including the ‘meh’ reactions from the kids. So, Brynn Eloise it became, which fits her and our family just right! 🙂


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