JORD Watches + Mother’s Day Giveaway

When JORD Watches recently gave me the opportunity to wear and review one of their watches to share it with you, I was pretty darn excited. As I was exploring their website, this quote really struck a chord with me.

The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.

As a mother, it can be so easy to get caught up in what happened last week, yesterday, or even this morning. Or, even more common, we start looking too far into the future (sometimes as a way to survive whatever stage we’re in that is wearing us down). As I try to slow down and live more in the moment, I’ve realized just how difficult that is to do.

Just as I have to make a conscious effort to keep my wardrobe small and easy to manage, I have to make even more of an effort to keep myself in the moment. Not only is it a gift to myself, but a gift to my family to be present with them and enjoying the moments instead of stressing about what’s next.

I am so glad JORD reminded me of this as we approach Mother’s Day and summer break when I have an opportunity to live in the moment. Now each time I look at my watch, I hope to remember that it’s telling me more than time.

Now, onto the watch. Stay tuned…there’s a giveaway where everyone wins (link below)!

JORD Zebrawood and Champagne

I received this Zebrawood and Champagne wood watch because I knew the warm wood tones would fit in perfectly with my black, cream, and cognac color palette I’ve been obsessed with recently, but I also think the Koa & Ash and Dark Sandalwood & Smoke are just so cool (see the full collection of women’s watches).

I have been wearing my watch constantly since receiving it. The wood is very lightweight and easier to wear than I expected. Plus, you can send your wrist measurement, so it arrives ready to wear. The watch arrives wrapped around a burlap pillow in a gorgeous wood box. There is a cleansing cloth included as well.

The unique styling and face colors of these watches is a great way to complete a simple outfit. I have gotten compliments on my new watch every time I’ve worn it. I have had a few days lately where all I could muster up was a basic jeans and tee, but adding this watch effortlessly pulled the look together, especially because the sandalwood color matches some of my favorite shoes and necklaces to complete the outfit.

JORD Zebrawood and Champagne

One reason I love JORD is their commitment to sustainability and fair wages, but also to using natural wood treatment on their product. Many of the watches are made from old furniture pieces that JORD is saving from the landfill and the Koa wood watches are made from damaged trees.

JORD Zebrawood and Champagne

I am so excited to be able to host a Giveaway with JORD just in time for Mother’s Day

(or you can check out the men’s collection since Father’s Day is just around the corner)

JORD Watch Giveaway

  • Winner will receive a $100 e-gift card to JORD.
  • All other entries receive a $50 e-gift card.
  • Giveaway ends Friday (5/12)  at midnight and the winner will be contacted Monday morning.
  • E-gift cards expired 7/31/17
  • Click here to enter (and receive your $50 code)

JORD Zebrawood and Champagne
JORD Zebrawood and Champagne

I would like to thank JORD for the gorgeous watch. I hope one of you treats yourself (or a loved one) to a JORD of your own.
Luxury Wooden Watch

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    1. Oh, that watch is beautiful! Do the links ever catch and pull on your arm hair (on your wrist)? Sorry if that’s personal, but linked watches seem to grab my fine little arm hairs! ouch!!!

      1. Holly,
        I haven’t noticed that, but I also don’t have much hair on my arms, so it hasn’t been a problem with any watch. I do feel that the links seem to have more ‘give’ to them than my metal watch band. Sorry I can’t be more help!

    1. It really is beautiful Paige! I am quite smitten with it–I went on their website and wowsa!

      Teaching has been ROUGH this week–so on my off hours, I’m trying to celebrate how meaningful it’s been to switch to ethical clothing choices–for me, that’s mostly choosing second hand items, but I’ve made three “new” ethical splurges this year…this watch is tempting me toward a 4th. (I can’t believe I’ve only bought 3 new items this year!) I feel good I was able to support those brands that believe in something greater than money…

      1. Holly,
        It really is a beauty and has made it so easy to feel like I’ve pulled the look together just by putting on a watch. I think it’s in the unique detail. I’m sorry you had a rough week – it’s just that time of year, isn’t it? I’m totally feeling you.

        And that is a HUGE celebration to have only purchased 3 new pieces this year. I used to be so into quantity over quality and I just didn’t get those who said otherwise. But, those investment pieces that I feel good about buying also make me feel good about wearing them. Like they’re a special treat. It’s interesting how our perspective can change so drastically.

        Well, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you win the $100 and can treat yourself to a new watch!! 🙂

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