Kid Photoshoot

Two words that elicit dread in every parent – photo shoot.

The vision: If you’re like me you always imagine the family photo shoot with well-coordinated outfits, shots that look casual and unplanned (I cannot for the life of me think of the word I want to use here) where everyone’s laughing and maybe a few are looking at the camera or lovingly at one another. The photography goes perfectly – lighting is spot on and subject are perfectly focused and background is beautifully blurred.

The reality: If your kids are like mine, someone gets grumpy right before the shoot and won’t participate, they all want to wear their regular clothes, no one will sit still, smiles are”cheese”y looking, and I end up stressed and annoyed.

I do love getting professional photos done, but because of cost I usually try to do them on my own and we splurge every so often on the “real” deal. Last week I decided to attempt to get some updated pictures of the kids with Brynn included. I also wanted a photo of her for our birth announcement.

For the first time, the kids were cooperative about wearing what I asked them to. Probably thanks to promises of 10 minutes only and ice cream. They had the most fun doing this picture where they stacked up. They cracked up the whole time!kids stacked

Here the boys look a bit Justin Bieber-ish, but I just love seeing the size difference of all four of lounging

I mean, who can resist little toes. I love how the youngest 3 all have the same left foot semi-crossed over the right feet

When Brynn gets a big older (and will look more substantial in photos) we’ll splurge on a “real” shoot. But I do love these sweet faces and there’s something that’s extra special about a casual shot done at home. Call it memories made?
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    1. This looks like it was fun for them, and it’s so adorable! The pictures look great, and it just goes to show we don’t have to spend a fortune to capture sweet memories : )

      1. Thanks, Lacy! They were much more cooperative than usual – maybe it’s just their ages? I do love getting great professional photos, but I also like to take them more frequently, so mom-photographer it is. 🙂

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