Maternity Style Recap

It is so hard to believe that I won’t be posting pics with my big ‘ole baby bump anymore! I know I’ll miss it, but I am so glad I had my crazy #ootd and then blog posts to document my pregnancy this time. I know it will always be fun to look back at these pics and see how my belly changed.

I wanted to go back and share some of my favorite looks from each trimester and throw in some tips for dressing throughout pregnancy.

First trimester

First trimester is business as usual for a while, then one day your pants won’t button as easily 🙂 I was lucky that my first trimester fell during the winter months, so I was able to use bulky sweaters and layers to cover the little pooch that looked more like too much Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas cookies than a baby. I never had much luck getting a belly band to work for me, so to stay in my regular jeans I always used the “rubber band trick” (using a rubber band between your button and button hole when your pants won’t button any more!) starting around 8 weeks. I also wore a lot of leggings and long sweaters when I was in between regular and maternity clothes.
1st tri 1

1st tri 2

1st tri 3

Second Trimester

Knowing I would definitely be starting to need maternity clothes by the second trimester I bought some basic pants (black skinny jeans were my favorite, jeans, leggings) since most of my regular shirts would still work. Style-wise, my plan was to use jackets, blazer, and cardigans to switch up the look as my number of options decreased.

2nd tri 1


2nd tri 2

2nd tri 3

As I got about halfway through the second trimester and my bump really became a bump I started wearing more bump-revealing clothes like these dresses – I knew I’d love them in summer, I just layered them up for early spring.

2nd tri 4

Third Trimester

Third trimester was the 3 months of the maternity dress! I bought 3 tshirt type dress (gray, navy, navy stipe), 1 black maxi dress, 1 striped tank dress and these were my go-to item as my belly grew. It was also getting warmer, so the dresses were much more comfortable. I used a lot of layering to try to switch up the looks and to make them wearable throughout spring and summer.

maternity style

maternity dress and cozy cardigan

lace tee

striped dress

tee and sweater 24th of July 2

For a look at my complete maternity capsules (wardrobe) click here and here. I know this was my last pregnancy, so I bought what I felt was essential for pregnancy. I didn’t want to buy pieces I only wore once or twice and I didn’t want to spend tons of money.

These were my absolute favorite looks I put together from the pieces. I’ve been pregnant the entire life of the blog, so I look forward to moving into the challenge of creating (and following) the true capsule wardrobe with the soon-approaching fall season!

Until then…it’s postpartum wardrobe survival mode. If it fits and can stand up to spitup it’s a go! 😉 Thanks for following along on my maternity style journey and I hope you’ll stick around!









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