My Maternity Capsule Spring

My goals: 

  • Pieces that will layer easily and can be worn in multiple seasons
  • Pieces that will last until the end of pregnancy
  • Pieces that can be worn for work and weekend
  • Pieces that I am comfortable and confident in (so important during pregnancy)
  • Pieces that are cohesive and mix and match easily

The Process:

I started by searching out inspiration on pinterest and making note of the items that kept catching my eye.  I definitely noticed a lot of similarities in the styles I found on pinterest and this maternity capsule inspiration, so I built a list of items I wanted.

For maternity wear, I really prefer a fitted style, so most of my items have the ruched sides that I find flattering for my pregnant shape.  I love with the tees from A Pea in the Pod, so I stalked those until I found a buy 2, get 1 free on clearance items at the end of the winter season. There are now new and brighter colors out for spring and summer.

What I Bought

For this capsule I knew I would have to purchase all pieces since I had no maternity clothes.

For the most part, I stuck to the list I created and checked things off as I found them on sale or on discount shopping sites.  I was still able to get the “thrill” of the hunt by searching out these specific items and waiting to get great deals. A few exceptions are the black print long sleeve shirt from A Pea in the Pod (clearance impulse buy) and the hot pink skinny jeans (thrift store find) which falls back into my old shopping ways and interestingly – those are the pieces I reach for the least.

My Version of a Capsule Wardrobe

There are a variation of “rules” to the capsule wardrobe (see what Caroline of Unfancy suggests), but I’m just loosely following them as I find what works for me.

This is not truly a capsule wardrobe, as I have items for different seasons mixed in (March is a crazy month in Colorado!). Typically this would be two capsules, but for this case I’m just showing it all. As temps get consistently warmer I’ll swap some of the long-sleeve winter pieces for some summer tops.  I am supplementing this wardrobe with a few non-maternity pieces that will fit for a short time longer, as well as cardigans, blazers, jackets, and vests to add some interest and warmth and I did not count those pieces in my total. Also, I am not limiting the number of shoes or accessories at this point. Remember, this is my baby step into the capsule wardrobe world, so I don’t want to go too crazy!

I think my non-maternity capsule would look similar – classic layering pieces, plain dresses, a few standout pieces that use print or texture to add interest.  I do think it would be harder to narrow it down since there are so many more non-maternity clothing options out there.  Maternity is a perfect capsule wardrobe transition because there are already limitations.

maternity tees

Tanks: Pink(here) / Polka dot (Old Navy via ebay) / Striped (here)  Tees: White, Gray, Striped, Black (similar here) / Striped Sleeve(zulily old) / Black(here)

maternity topsdresses

Long-sleeved: Black print(A Pea in the Pod old)/ Striped #1(here) / Black Lace (thredup) / Striped #2(Walmart old) / Chambray(LOFT via ebay) / Navy & Green Striped (GAP via poshmark) / Cream with Lace shoulders (Old Navy(old)) /  Dresses: Navy Stripe/Navy (here)/Gray (Old Navy via poshmark)/Black (old from Old Navy)

maternity bottoms

Shorts: Blue Stripe (here) / Denim cutoffs(Target via ebay, then self distressed) / Denim bermudas(here)  Pants: Boyfriend jeans(Old Navy via thredup) / White Denim(Target via thredup) / Light distressed skinnies (here) / Dark wash skinnies (here) / Black skinnies(LOFT old) / Pink skinnies(Motherhood Maternity thrifted) / Red skinnies(H&M via poshmark) / Burgundy skinnies (Motherhood Maternity via ebay) / Black crops(Target old)

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