Wardrobe Addition: Levi’s Wedgie Jeans

I have been putting the finishing touches in my Spring Wardrobe (which I plan to share more of next week). It’s kind of a capsule, kind of not, which I’ll explain more about in that post. I recently shared two of my spring updates and I have since added two more. One of my wishlist items was a pair of every day jeans. Something for work and weekend that was just the right color, just the right fit (slim, but not skinny), had a high waist, and felt more like real denim (basically, no stretch). I ended up with the Levi’s Wedgie Jeans, and I wanted to share more.


I found these at Anthropologie (which was perfect because I had a gift card from a past birthday), but here’s the selection of colors at Levi’s.


I am 5’2″ and 135 pounds – a pretty comfortable size 6 in most brands. I tried the 28’s on in store and could not even button them. The 30’s gave more of a boyfriends style fit, so I sized up to the 29’s. They are snug right out of the wash, but the 99% cotton does give some as they are broken in.

The 28″ inseam fell right at my ankles, so I cut a couple of inches off because I wanted a cropped style that I didn’t have to roll. The come with an unfinished inseam, so this was no problem.

Style Notes

I am making it a goal to wear this regularly to keep working on breaking them in. I have been brainstorming some fun new ways to style denim thanks to the higher waist.

  • With a cropped sweater (like this one I have from Brass Clothing)
  • With a boxy tee
  • With a graphic tee tucked in (like I did here)

What I like

These feel like the type of jeans I could own for years that will become more and more mine with every wear, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I think overall, this has been my goal with my recent purchases – I’m really wanting to find items that will stand the test of time and become part of my story.

The high waist feels so good after years of low waist bottoms. I love the coverage and not having to keep pulling my pants up (also thanks to a slightly looser fit and no stretch)

The fit is great. I haven’t washed these yet and they still are fitting perfectly in the rear – no saggy butt, which I consider a major victory. And I don’t know exactly what they did to give the ‘wedgie‘ effect, but it totally works (otherwise I’d never share a rearview photo like this online)!levi's wedgie jeans

What I’m on the fence about

I’m not 100% sold on the unfinished inseam, but I liked the fit and style enough to let it go. My worry is that eventually that will be a trend that is no longer around, and I’ll be stuck with jeans that have become ‘dated’ by that. I’m not sure that will actually happen, just something that crossed my mind as I was looking for jeans that I can keep for the long haul.

The knees do get bagged out with wear, which I don’t love. I hope as the denim gets more broken in they will soften up and hang a little looser from the knees down.

I love the cropped length with sandals and flats, but something feels off when I wear them with booties. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so used to having to roll my pants that it will just take some getting used to or if the length I chose is just ever so slightly too short. Coming up on spring I’m not too worried about this one, but something I’ll re-evaluate how to make work in the fall.

First of all, what do you think of the name Wedgie Jeans? Second, I’d love to hear what spring additions you’re making to you wardrobes (but don’t make it too good…I’m working on being content with my wardrobe as-is 😉 )!


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    1. I just bought the 501ct and I was super happy with them when I tried them on. I had to order them because they didn’t have the color I wanted at the store. But they are also a thicker denim.

      On the unfinished hem, you could’ve taken them to a tailor and they could’ve used that extra you cut off to make it finished. I’m still not on the unfinished hem train. Probably because I’m on the tall side and back in the day the only way I could get jeans long enough was to take out the hem.

      1. Savanna,
        That’s a great suggestion with the hem – thank you! I had a pair of the 501 CT’s last year and I really loved them. I ended up passing them along when they didn’t fit any longer, but I loved the thicker denim, which is how I knew I wanted something similar. Did you get any distressing on yours? I would love to get another pair someday as a boyfriend jean.

    1. They look great on you! I love the higher rise, too. It’s so nice to never have to think about yanking your pants up when you move around.

      1. Lo,
        Why, thank you! I totally agree about the pant yanking. I don’t think I even realized how often I did it until I didn’t have to anymore. I don’t think I could ever go back!

    1. I’ve been quiet lately on social media (because of being busy and trying to do less). But wanted to say I’m still following and very much look forward to your posts!

      I eschewed jeans for pretty much all of my 30s and have had an on-again-off-again thing with them since (now nearing 42). I love how jeans look…just not how the ones I like most look on me. Thank you, Paige, for inspiring me to look again!

      1. Hi Dana!
        First, thank you for the very kind compliment – it means so much to me! I find I’m hot and cold with jeans too. Sometimes I really embrace wearing them, and other times they just don’t feel right. I’m hoping that finding a very simple, no frills pair that I will wear them more often and stick with just this one pair that I can really break in to fit me best.

        Good luck in your search, finding perfect jeans is a tall order!

        How is your quest to do less coming along? I want so badly to live a slower life, yet I can’t seem to settle into that slower groove – am I a fast-paced person by nature? Or habit? That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.

        1. Ah, yes. For me the pursuit of slow (yeah – so get how that is strange coupling) is a work in progress.

          But today, upon turning 42, can say I’m doing far better at it than in my 30s. And WAY better than in my 20s (when I felt driven to memorize EVERYTHING…plus run many miles per day). Now, I don’t work at memorizing anything. And only run if that’s part of the warm-up at Crossfit (which, for me, is “extra” anyway, since yoga has emerged as my primary practice).

          Things change. Jeans for me? Still a maybe…

    1. These look so amazing on your, especially your tush! I’ve never tried this style on, but I need to one of these days.

      As for the boots, it could be the style of ankle boot you are pairing them with? Like maybe they need a taller or shorter shaft? Or maybe you need to give another half cuff to your jeans to make them hit right?

      1. Thanks, girl! I am definitely going to have to do some style experimenting to find what makes me most comfortable. And you know who will get all the pictures to help me decide?! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the review! I want to buy a pair of these but I can’t decide between two sizes.

      1. Kelly,
        Have you tried them on? I would probably size up – I thought they were very small. Even up 1 size was snug in the beginning, but I knew being mostly cotton they’d stretch as I wore them.
        They’re pretty awesome though!

    1. Cute jeans–but the name is really bad! Wedgie pants!? As someone with a slightly longer than avg inseam, I’m cringing…

      You cut them to the perfect length–good chop job!! Wanna come do my thrifted cut-offs (well, they are bermudas right now)–I never seem to cut in a straight line!!

      1. Holly,
        I’m not a huge fan of the name either. 🙂 Though, when I see a pic from the back, I kind of get it…but still….
        I just lay the two halves together and try to follow the original hem as closely as possible (and hope for the best)! Good luck with the cutoffs!

    1. Hi Paige — I had a question about cutting off the bottom hem to make it shorter. I like the look in the photos of the fairly clean edge of a fresh cut. How do you prevent the edges of the cut denim from fraying and looking all stringy, and a little too messy, after washing the jeans? I guess you could always trim the strings off after it’s gone through the wash, but I was wondering if there is a trick to keeping them neat? Like putting clear nail polish on the edges or something 😉

      1. Kim,
        You know…I really have no tips for you, but I checked it out online and found all sorts of advice from doing a stitch right at the bottom to stop it to something called Fray Check to ironing on fabric interfacing on the inside. They all sound like reasonable ideas to me, but I haven’t done anything. I trim the little white strings and I find that after a certain point, they don’t fray anymore. Sorry, I’m not much help!

        1. Thanks for the ideas Paige. I might give the Fray Chack a try!

    1. I love these jeans, what a perfect wash! The name is kind of strange but it’s memorable. I have my eye on a pair of white Levis shorts from Arc Apparel I don’t know if I’ve ever owned a pair o Levis in my life…. But I love their timeless feel. I chopped an old pair of jeans that I only wear in summer to make them cropped, I’m contemplating doing this with all of my spring/summer denim. I typically only wear my lighter and colored denim in the warmer months and roll them up more than half the time so it just makes sense! Love you site 🙂


      1. Erin,
        Thanks so much! I’ve definitely grown to love the sturdier ‘true’ denim feel of Levi’s. It’s quite a bit different than the thinner, stretchier fabric of so many pairs I’ve owned. I like that the raw hem is popular now because it makes it easy for me since I’m shorter. I am liking this length for spring/summer, but I may consider getting another pair and keeping them longer for winter. I hope you get to try the white denim shorts – they sound cute!

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