Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Self Control

This has been a post I’ve gone back and forth about publishing. On one hand, my goal for the blog is to shows how much can be done with a smaller closet and doesn’t emphasize adding more and more and more. On the other hand, there are some great deals to be found and Nordstrom carries a lot American-made brands (this link will take you directly to the Made in USA Anniversary Sale items), so I wanted to show that it is possible to shop some bigger stores and find options if you’re trying to be a more mindful consumer.

For me, sales are an enabler. They convince me to allow things into my closet that I don’t love. If the price is right or the discount steep enough, it somehow makes it ‘OK’ to buy even if the item isn’t perfect for me. And I would imagine a lot of people fall into the same trap and that’s how we all end up with a closet full of clothing and nothing to wear. I know I’ve been guilty of buying something more for the rush of scoring an amazing deal, without giving much thought to if I needed the item, felt great wearing it, or how it fit into my style goals and the rest of my wardrobe.

Am I alone, or does anyone else fall into the same trap?

Mindless shopping was a hard habit to break. For me, slowing down and really processing each purchase makes all of the difference. During my capsule wardrobe experience I have put so much thought into selecting the right items. More than anything, the limitations on the number of pieces I had in my closet forced me to think more about my purchases so I didn’t ‘waste’ a spot on something that wasn’t worthy. This has really brought a lot of awareness to my shopping habits, which in turn helps me reign in the impulse to buy all the things (because they’re on sale and everyone else is doing it).

As I look through the sale items I’m going to stick with my new criteria for adding into my closet (now that I’m loosening up the capsule rules with my Core Wardrobe).

  • Is it a multi-tasker?
  • Do I LOVE it?
  • Can I describe it as effortless, stylish, and classic?

At this time, the only thing I’m considering buying is the Striped Ruffle Hem Shirt (though it seems to be sold out, so I’ll watch for a restock). I purged a few blouses because they felt too boring, and I like the extra detail of the ruffle hem for work, but it will easily fit into my weekend wardrobe too. This Eileen Fisher dress also keeps catching my eye…it’s so simple, yet chic.

Ok, enough talk, let’s take a look at some of the ‘better’ options from the #nsale. I’ll keep a Nordstrom Sale Page going under the Shop menu up top with updated picks. Another FYI – until Friday when the sale is open to everyone (right now it’s early access for cardholders), the prices when you hover over an item will be the original price, not sale price. You can preview the sale price on the Nordstrom site or when you click on an item. There are a few items that aren’t part of the sale, but are pieces I love.

Under $50

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Investment Pieces

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Are you a sale shopper? Have you found anything at the Nordstrom Sale that is a must-have for your wardrobe? 

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    1. I Love that eileen fischer dress as well! I’m going to buy some black Franco Sarto booties because I love my grey/beige booties and feel i would get a ton of use from them. I love your picks!

      1. Patty, That dress just keeps catching my eye. I get a ton of use out of my booties too and they seem to have a lot of staying power style-wise!

      1. Cee,
        Yes, I did notice that on almost all of the items. I would be interested to know how many brands that manufacture in the US are also able to get fabrics in the US as well. Thanks for reading!

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