Outerwear: Wool Coat from Style We

Let’s talk outerwear for a bit. Coats are one thing I tend to buy out of necessity and not put a whole lot of focus on. I have the basics – a vest, a wool peacoat in a fun color, a longer wool coat in camel, and a rain jacket. All of these are more than a few years old – in fact, I think my camel coat is about 12 years old?!

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with different companies and one new site I recently discovered and want to share with you is Style We. It is a shopping site that features pieces from independent, upcoming fashion designers around the world. I love their mission of connecting new designers with consumers.

I would definitely recommend Style We, especially if you are looking for something unique and different than the mainstream stores sell. Allow yourself some time, because there are pages and pages of beautiful clothing you’ll want to browse. And wow…the variety, the designs, the details, and fabrics available are truly stunning.

Being the indecisive person I am, it took me a while to shop the site and make a selection, but I finally decided on this classic and sleek gray wool blend coat. With my purposeful closet in mind, I knew I wanted something that would stand the fashion test of time and I think a great mid-length wool coat will always work, though it was very tempting to get a fun new dress. 🙂

I noticed myself leaning toward a lighter color palette with my spring capsule, so this light gray color will mix in perfectly. To preview spring, I thought I’d give the monochromatic look a try, so I paired my new coat with a similar color sweater and a subtle print shirt. This look is so simple, yet it feels so elegant and polished.
style we wool coat 2 style we wool coat 3
style we wool coat 5 style we wool coat 6

I wish I could put into words the unique and eclectic styles that are featured on Style We, but I think it would be best if you check it out for yourself. I couldn’t help but keep browsing, so if I were going on a shopping spree, here are some other items I fell in love with:

A note about my collaborations: I want you all to know that I feel so grateful to be offered the opportunities to do these collaborations, but I also try to be very selective about the companies I work with. In an effort to reduce my “consumerism” I do not want to just take any free handouts I can get, but rather items I know I will be able to use regularly that add something to my wardrobe. I also try to share companies with you that may have something you’d like too! I want to always be completely open and honest about my collaborations and motives for sharing.

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    1. Gorgeous coat, Paige. Really loving your shirt and jumper together too. Super ensemble! Xx

      1. Heidi,
        Thank you so much! I don’t put much thought into my outerwear, but it’s find to add it as part of an outfit.

    1. Paige you styled this perfectly! See, you DO love neutrals! 😉

      As a reader I thank you for your transparency!

      1. Thank you, my sweet friend! I think I need to fully embrace my love of neutrals and start adding some cool pieces. 🙂

    1. I really, really like the lines of this jacket with your sweater and collared shirt – it’s very menswear and sharp looking! I also think it’s great that you are very selective about whom you work with, I have no problems with bloggers who work with brands that suit them. (or have posts about tampons, beer or other weird things that don’t really go with a “style” blog, ugh!).

      1. Thanks so much, Katie! It can be hard to say no to “freebies”, but I also want to maintain the integrity of the blog and not have every post read as an advertisement. And I love how the gray on gray turned out – I originally thought it would look bland, but I’m glad I tried it.

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