What to Pack: A Weekend Family Trip (Updated to Add What I Really Wore)

This weekend we’re heading up to the mountains for a weekend with the kids, including a lot of husband’s side of the family. It never ceases to amaze me at how much preparation and ‘stuff’ comes along with traveling with kids, so I have a lot to get ready in the next couple days before we go. One thing I have learned from experience is that as long as I load up on enough snacks to feed about 100 children we just might survive the car ride. 🙂

To keep things simple (at least for myself) I created a mini travel capsule from my summer wardrobe. These 9 items will be more than enough to get me through the weekend.

I probably won’t need all of these outfits, because I imagine at least one full day will be spent at the huge outdoor hot springs pool. But, I figure when traveling with kids a backup outfit or two is a good idea if (more like, when) I have a run in with spilled food, spit up, or grubby hands.

My Outfits:

simple packing list for family weekend tripWhat I’m Packing (and why):

The maxi dress is an easy option for day or evening in the summer – it can stand alone or be layered with a tank or chambray to create a different look. The two tanks are comfortable and cool and mix and match with both of the bottoms. The linen pants are super comfortable for a travel day, but also cool enough to give me another option besides shorts. They also travel well since I don’t have to worry about wrinkles. The denim shorts made the cut more because they’re best for traveling and doing kid-friendly activities on the trip. If it were an adult only trip I would swap these out for my cream lace shorts. The chambray is a super versatile option for layering if the hotel or any restaurants are cool. I went with two options for sandals because each brings a different vibe to an outfit. And finally the fedora for practical purposes, but also to add some up-styling to these simple pieces.

I selected a neutral color palette with solid prints, but I could easily add in a fun print pair of shorts and swap one of the tanks for a brighter color and have a completely different looking travel capsule.

Updated: What I Really Wore

Friday and Monday Travel Days:

I wore the linen pants, striped tank, and Birkenstocks for our drive both out and back. I don’t like to wear shorts on long car rides (hello, legs sticking to leather seats), so this was comfortable, easy, and warm enough in the A/C.

travel capsule linen pants and tank

Friday Out to Dinner:

I wore the maxi dress with the striped tank layered over it to create a different look. The width of the shoulders of the dress was wider than I had expected compared to the tank, but I went with it anyway. I tied up the tank to give the outfit more shape.

travel capsule dress and tank tank layered over maxi dress travel capsule travel capsule knotted tank layer

Saturday Breakfast and Monday Early Morning Walk:

I didn’t wear this outfit for a long time either day, it was more just something I threw on quickly in the morning as we were heading out of the hotel to eat before going to the pool for the day. Each morning, Brynn woke up super early, so on Monday it was my turn to take her out for an early morning walk around town so everyone else could sleep.

travel capsule cutoffs and tank

Saturday Family BBQ:

It was crazy hot, so I decided to pair this tank (which I LOVE) with shorts instead of the linen pants like I’d planned. Some our extended family rented a house rather than a hotel, so it was a great dinner option to go over to their place and BBQ.

travel capsule tank and cutoffs

Sunday Day:

Swimsuit ALL day! 🙂

Sunday Dinner:

Sunday the entire crew headed out for dinner. I went back to the maxi dress because it’s so easy and cool, but this time tied a chambray shirt around the waist to create some interest and make the look a bit more casual. A

travel capsule maxi dress and chambray

Maxi Dress (c/o Cole Hands) / Striped Tank (H&M Conscious, similar)  / Fedora (old from Target)

Blush Tank (H&M,similar, or a more feminine version) / Linen Pants (old from Old Navy) / Strappy Sandals (old from Target)

 Birkenstocks  / Chambray (old from Old Navy, sleeveless version) / Denim cutoffs (old from Old Navy, obsessed with this made in USA option)

What are you summer travel plans? And is it just me or is a vacation with kids just not a vacation…it’s a trip?!

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    1. I needed this the other day! Pinning for the future
      Quick question- will you wear the tank over the maxi dress? I want to see that look on when you do it. I am interested

      1. Chrysta,
        Oh good! Yes, I’m planning to layer the tank over the dress, so I’ll be sure to share a photo 🙂

    1. I love this!!! You are so clever. I am a terrible over-packer, STILL!! You would think I would be better at it by now…

      1. Thanks, girlie! This may be the first time I don’t totally overpack, but I doubt I’ll need all of these outfits. But you know…kids = unexpected messes, so it’s best to expect some spills! Now I just need to stick to the list and not add in extra items at the last minute 🙂

    1. Such a cute idea. I should do this more often to avoid over-packing. I adopted a semi-minimal approach to my most recent trip, and sometimes I just end up wearing PJs in the morning! Ha, definitely need to keep this in mind as I move my blog to a more minimal theme.

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