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One of my favorite things to do over summer break is little projects around the house. Every since I discovered Pinterest a number of years ago, it’s been a summer joke that it’s time for my “Pinterest Projects”. My hubby usually shakes his head as I gather spray paint and Mod Podge and make a million runs to Hobby Lobby, then goes on his way (usually keeping the kids from “helping”) and lets me do my thing.

I wanted to share some of my past favorite Pinterest Project before and afters:

Spray Painted Door Handles

Our house has 19 doors on the 2 main levels and all had brass knobs and hinges. I started looking at replacing the knobs and holy expensive!! That was not happening. So, I took to some serious research on pinterest and found that you can spray paint them. So, three years ago, that’s what I did. This was by far my biggest pinterest project, but I also think it made a huge impact. One by one I took off the knobs, sanded them, washed them, and spray painted them with Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze that I got at Walmart for just over $3/can. Then, I had to undo the hinges, repeat the process, and get the doors back on. Hubby wasn’t happy with all the help I needed for that, but he survived 😉

Three years later and I think they still look pretty dang good. There are a couple high-traffic doors (like bathrooms) that have chipped on the side part that moves in and out when you turn the knob, but nothing noticeable to anyone but me.

IKEA Billy Bookshelf Hack: Built-Ins

Ok, I didn’t actually do the labor on this one, but I probably could have if I didn’t have a handy brother-in-law that made it so easy on me! Our family room was too dark. And as the amount of “stuff” that needed to find a place grew with each kid that was born our lack of storage seriously drove me crazy. Pinterest research time. I loved the look of built-ins around a fireplace, but not the cost.

So….I found the Billy bookcase hack and started designing my own. I knew I wanted to add a fireplace and mantle also. I sketched up a plan and my brother-in-law did the work. He repainted our wainscoting white to use as a background for the shelves, then built us a mantle to insert the electric fireplace into. He added some wood trim to make the shelves look built-in and mounted the TV and tada…it’s like a whole new space!!

Liv’s Nursery

When I had the boys Pinterest wasn’t around, or if it was I hadn’t discovered it. Planning my wedding would have been so much more fun. And decorating the house the first time too. My first chance to do a full Pinterest-researched (that’s a thing) room was Liv’s nursery. I had the hardest time getting started because I just am not a huge pink person, so it was hard to find prints and colors that I loved. Then, pinterest saved me. I found a coral and mint pin here and that was it – let the projects begin!

One of the first things I did was repaint this old dresser that had been my grandmother’s based on the inspiration from this pin. My mom and dad also repurposed another of my grandma’s dressers as shelves for the room.

Most of the ideas are from pinterest: initial in the IKEA frame, paper flowers, painted mason jars, scrap paper embroidery loops, stenciled lamp shade…

Striped Accent Wall

Last summer I painted our living room (see below) and decided that while all the  painting stuff was out and dirty that I should spice up our accent wall. Stripes naturally go with the leopard rug 😉 so it was an easy decision. I did my research on pinterest, started measuring and taping my stripes, and within 30 minutes had a striped wall!

Homework Station

We have never used our formal living and dining room as that. It has always been a more casual sitting area and our office. I love red. And I love(d) red rooms, so when we moved in 9 years ago one of the first things we did was paint this room a deep red. Which I really liked for a while. Then I got kind of sick of it and realized how hard it is to change up the look of a room when the walls are the standout color. So, I knew I wanted something more neutral and last summer my mom and I got to work early one morning.

I also knew that our office area was more of a cluttered mess and we don’t really need a home “office”. Somehow on pinterest I discovered the idea of a homework or homeschooling desk and kept on digging. With 3 kids (we didn’t know about #4) yet, it seemed like a perfect solution for the craft stuff, and future homework stuff. So, another trip to IKEA and we had all of our homework station supplies. Since then, we have added one extra small side desk with our family computer. Each kiddo has a set of drawers with their pencils, crayons, and activity books. I also use the bottom 2 drawers for their school papers and sometime this summer I’ll sort through them to find the keepers to file.

Oh, and the idea of displaying the kid’s artwork in mismatched frames? And the gold spray painted alphabet magnets? Both pinterest!

Pinterest Parties

It’s been a while, but another thing I used to love was getting together with friends for “Pinterest Parties”. We would each decide on a project we had pinned, gathered our own supplies, and got together to chat and do our crafting. We would also each bring a pinterest recipe to share with the group! I’ve made scarves and wreaths and jewelry using these few hours we would carve out every so often. I really need to schedule one of these…

So, these are my favorite, favorite projects I’ve completed over the years, but there are tons more. I could show you at least one thing in each room of my house that was an idea I found on pinterest.

  • Huge ruler to mark our kid’s heights on
  • Classroom decor including contact paper covered file cabinets
  • File boxes with folders for each year of their school career for storing papers and memorabilia
  • Bunches of spray painted knick-knacks
  • Birthday cake designs
  • Closet/pantry organization
  • Jewelry
  • Wreaths

People always say I’m so crafty, but I’m not. I tell them that I’m just really good at following directions 😉

What inspiration do you get from pinterest? Do you do pinterest projects too?

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