Postpartum Body: Week 2 Progress

Another week down with stats to report.  See my starting point and week 1 stats.

I am still following the Well Belly 28 Day Real Food Jumpstart Plan and Active with D’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Stretching Guide. Both of these ladies know their stuff and have awesome blogs to follow as well. This week I also added a couple of workouts from Popsugar. They have tons of videos to choose from and most are 10-15 minutes, so I squeezed a few in while Brynn napped.


  • Sunday: perfect diet (that just means no cheats, nothing off plan), no workout
  • Monday: perfect diet, 25 minute walk, bits of stretching guide for sore back
  • Tuesday: Starbucks “cheat”, 15 minute whole body and 15 minute yoga videos
  • Wednesday: perfect diet, 2 ten-minute walks, stretching guide for lower body
  • Thursday: perfect diet, no workout
  • Friday: 2 beers, 10 minute Crossfit video
  • Saturday: Cheat Meal of pizza and beer and dessert, no workout

    Updated Stats

    • Prepregnancy weight: 130 lbs
    • Birth Day weight: 162 lbs
    • One month postpartum (start of plan): 147 lbs
    • Week 1 weight: 144 lbs
    • Week 2 weight: 144 lbs   🙁
    • Pounds lost: 3
    • Pounds left to lose: 14

It’s a bit of a bummer to not see the scale move this week, but I know there’s so many factors that could be coming into play. I’m trying to focus on how much better I feel moving my body and eating right. I can honestly say I don’t remember the weight loss journey with my other kids, so I’m not sure what did and didn’t work during breastfeeding. I just need to be patient – Brynn is only 6.5 weeks old and I need to trust that my body will recover and drop weight as it’s ready. The point of the diet and exercise isn’t to get back to “normal” immediately, but to know that I’m being healthy and any extra weight I carry is what’s right for my body at this time (and not because of too much junk).

Does that sound convincing?! That’s the rational me talking the vain me out of being too disappointed. 🙂

No progress pics – I think I’ll wait until I’m 4 weeks out to post a before and after and hope that there’s something to see.

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    1. You’ve got this!! Your pep talk is spot on in regards to eating well and your current body state. Plus when you do lose the weight you will be “fit-thin” not “flabby-thin.” Try not to focus on the numbers too much! My pregnancy gains were very similar to your (a bit more actually) x3. It seems that each time the weight came off a bit slower but it always did! Breast feeding really is amazing in that regard. Plus you are just six weeks out! Your skin is still recovering. Keep up the good work! ?

      1. Thanks, Andrea! I wouldn’t be surprised if the weight takes a little longer – as my hubby likes to remind me – I’m 8 years older than the first time I did this! 😉 I think I’m a bit more anxious to lose it because I don’t have the variety of clothing sizes in my closet anymore. Once we thought we were done with kids (after #3) I got rid of all of my in-between sizes. So, it’s either maternity or pre-pregnancy!! The pre-pregnancy is a bit more appealing 🙂 Thanks for the pep talk! Mwah, mwah.

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